Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!!

I just want to wish all my friends a very Merry Christmas! I am so lucky to have you all as friends!
Have a blessed, safe and joyous holiday!


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Santa Claus is coming!

I got groomed yesterday and now I am ready for Christmas! Mom said that Santa brings extra gifts for little pups who are especially handsome. So here I am, Santa! Hehehehehe!
Like I said, yesterday we went to the groomer and it was a long, long day. Grandma and Grandpa dropped Ollie and I off at 8am and we weren’t ready to be picked up until 3:30 pm. There were three other Bearded Collies there too. I see now why Ollie likes to go so much. It’s kind of funny, but the place where we go, they raise and show Bearded Collies and Welsh Terriers. They have the same taste in doggies that my folks do! Mom says she feels really good about us going there since they really know how to do us up right and they are so nice to us. Funny thing though, when Grandma came to pick us up she asked how we were and the lady told her that Ollie bit her! Yes, Ollie! Now, Ollie is a bearded collie and all and everyone thinks he’s so sweet, but he does have a habit of biting when he is groomed and someone hits a mat or a sensitive spot on him. See! Everyone thinks I’m the biting dog! Ha, Ha! Thankfully, Ollie didn’t break her skin and she said she was okay. She also reported that I was a complete gentleman! Double Ha, Ha!
So now I’m clean and handsome and ready for Santa!

Here comes Santa Claus!
Here comes Santa Claus!
Right to Mackie’s house!
Santa’s bringing a duck and a ball
and a great big squeaky mouse!
Mommy is singing and I am springing
in fantastic wiry height.
I’ll get a ball and new teddybear,
'Cause Santa Claus comes tonight!

Monday, December 18, 2006

I've been Christmas tagged!

I've been tagged by Butchy and Snickers in a new Christmas game. Here are the rules of the game:

The player of this game starts with "3 things he/she would love to get for Christmas" and also has to list "3 things he/she definitely does not want to get for Christmas". Then he/she tags 5 friends and list their names. The ones who get tagged need to write on their blogs about their Christmas wishes, as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims. And the one who tags need to leave a comment that says "you've been Christmas tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

So here goes-
Three things I would love to get for Christmas...hmmnnn,
1. The first thing I would like to get for Christmas is the end to all puppymills.
2. The second thing I would like to get for Christmas is a warm and loving home for all doggies on Earth.
3. My final Christmas wish is for a new honking duck for me every week! hehehehe!

The three things I definitely do not want for Christmas are:
1. Another brother.
2. A diet (mom has been belly is getting kinda big lately!)
3. Any more unresponsible doggy breeding!

Okay, so now I'll tag-

Comet and Blu
Maggie the Airedale

Sunday, December 10, 2006

How The Mackie Stole Christmas

He flew down the steps and into the yard
He did it so fast, it caught them off guard.
He didn't think twice; he didn't take pause
It took just a minute, but he killed Santy Claus.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas cards and Christmas spirit

It's finally December! Almost Christmas and boy, am I getting some Christmas cards! So far, I've gotten about 20 Christmas cards from all over the world and right here close to me. I even have friends who not only live in the same sate, but right here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. That's Sue and Derby. Derby is another WFT and a really cool one at that!
I have gotten cards from Australia (including from my sweetheart, Opy!), a card from England, a card from Canada and many from here in the states. This is oh, so cool! I can't say for sure, but I think my Miss Sunshade came up with the idea....she is brilliant after all. All these Christmas cards are really making me anxious for Christmas! I can't wait to see what my mom and dad will get me and what Santa will bring me too! But, I have to say that it makes me think about all the little doggies out there without homes, without food and proper medical care. A good friend of mine just told me that at this time of the year many of the local shelters are in need of blankets to keep the doggies from lying on the cold cement. They also need canned doggie food to help the malnourished pups get some weight on. Many of us have old blankets in our closets that we could share, right? And many of us could pick up a case of canned dog food when we are at Wal-Mart or something, right? What about all those Christmas gifts? Don't you think that you could shop a little bit less and give a little bit of money to your local SPCA or Humane Society? It all counts! How about it guys? Let's plan to help the less fortunate pups this year! Whatta say?

Monday, November 27, 2006

Turkey day, come and gone...but what? I missed Miss Sunshade's Birfday????

I did the most horrific thing. I didn't even know that I had done it until today when I looked at Miss Sunshade's blog. I missed her birfday. Can you believe it? I can't! My girl, My SuperDale! She turned 7 and I missed it! Urgh. I feel awful. I feel lower than a snakes belly! Miss Sunshade, I beg your forgiveness! Mom wouldn't let me anywhere near my laptop all weekend. With Turkey day we had lots of guests. Mom said I had to stay focused on who was already at my house rather than to surf the net. She clearly doesn't understand what a responsibility I have to my blogger friends. Sheez.

We did have a nice turkey day though. My grandma and grandpa from both sides came to visit, as did my favorite person, Aunt Michelle. We had a houseful and it was fun! (all except Ollie's incessant barking that nearly made mom and grandma through a certifiable grand mal fit!).

Then mom and dad were home with us for a few days afterward. It was wonderful! I didn't know that you got presents for Turkey Day, but Mom got me this nice new Alpine sweater....don't I just look like quite the stud? (hehehehe!)
I hope all my doggie pals and their families had a wonderful holiday too!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Miss Sunshade. What a girl! Ahhhh!

I'm in love!

Yesterday was my birthday. I am now 6 years old. I have yet to convince my mommy that that means I am old enough to hop a plane for Vancover where my honey is- that's right, the one and only Miss Sunshade!

As I said, yesterday was my birthday. It was a good day, (except for the part when grandma brought home bag full of toys and I got into them and she told me I couldn't have them because it wasn't Christmas- hey!) It WAS my birthday afterall. Can't a guy catch a break around here.

Anyway, when I got home mom and dad had gotten me a nice toy (I've included a video of me playing with it). It is a little blue mouse and it squeals- not the normal sound, but it really squeals. That was pretty good and so was the special dinner and yogurt I got. BUT, nothing compared to what I got in the mail. I got a love card from Miss Sunshade. It even had her beautiful paw print on it and a kiss inside. There was also a beautiful tag for me. How sweet! How totally awesome! I swear, I think she loves me too! I could even smell your heavenly scent al over the card! How wonderful! Miss Sunshade, if you are reading this, you are just the greatest!


Monday, November 13, 2006

What a weekend!

What a weekend! Ollie and I had a great, but exhausting weekend. On Friday, Mom and Dad took off and we went to Pennsylvania to Bedford, where my mommies grandmother is from to do some Antiquing and stuff. We got to take my grandma and grandpa too. Ollie rode in the way back of the van and I sat on mom’s lap almost all the way. I got to see all kinds of things like horses and cows and lots of big trucks and some earth moving equipment on trailers. (I hate earth moving equipment!) From there, we went to Altoona and saw some huge trucks moving right behind each other on rails. Dad said those things were called trains. I didn’t like them very much since they were so loud and moved funny. After that we made the trip home. It was about 5 hours each way and I sat on mom’s lap the whole time. Mom said I gave her a headache since I’m not a very good traveler. I take offense to that! Just since I whine a lot and pace a lot and cry bloody murder if they put me in my seatbelt doesn’t mean that I’m a bad traveler. Sheezz!

Then on Saturday, Mom and Dad took us for a nice walk in town and there were lots of people around. Mom said it was because there was a festival there called the Waterfowl Festival. I don’t know what Waterfowl are or why they are celebrating them, but I thought they had a pretty day to do it! It was warm! Mom and Dad stayed home with us most of the day working in the garage so I got to chase plenty of squirrels and stay outside a lot which I love.

Then on Sunday we got back in the car and went to see my other grandma and grandpa on the farm. I love it there, but there are a lot of smells that scare me. Anyway, when I got there my Uncle LJ and Aunt Amy were there too and guess who? The baby! I love babies! I wanted to get a good peek at him, but my Uncle LJ said “no”. He somehow thinks I would hurt the baby! I would never do that, but that’s okay. He is the daddy, so it’s his job to protect him. We got to romp outside and run a bit before getting back in the car to head home.

Wow! What a weekend! I’m totally exhausted so I stayed home today instead of going to grandma and grandpa’s with Ollie and Dad this morning. Just give me my bed and my new toys and I’ll dream of next Monday when my birthday comes and I’m bound to get all the new toys I want! Hehehehehe!

Friday, November 03, 2006

The ony thing cuter than I am

On Wednesday morning I left with Dad and said good-bye to mom on the porch, just as usual. Only thing was that when I got home, mom wasn't home yet. I waited and waited and she just didn't come home. All night, no mom. The next morning I left with Dad again and came home and still no mom. I was getting worried. What could possibly have happened to my mommy? I knew she wouldn't have gone anywhere without me. Then finally late last night, mommy came home. Do you know where she was? Apparently my Uncle LJ and Aunt Amy had a baby! Mom says its the only baby in the family and the first one in 28 years. Mom says he is a little boy and she loved him as much as she loves me! Can you imagine? Well, I can. I really love little kids and I can't wait to meet my new cousin. Anyway, here is a picture of my new cousin. Isn't he the only thing you've ever seen that is more adorable than a WFT puppy? Okay, at least AS adorable as a WFT puppy? So, welcome to the family little fella! I hope you will be ready to roughhouse with me soon!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Will I stay or will I go?

So, I don't know if you all know it or not, but for two months now workers have been at my house everyday working. They have been busy making the house pretty, for what, I don't know, but that's what mom says anyway. So what that has meant to me is that I haven't been at home much. I've been going everyday with Ollie to Grandma and Grandpa's. Little did I know that all this time this is the spoiling Ollie has been getting. Mom says I've gained three pounds going there in two months. I think not; its all muscle. Anyway, the workers are just about finished on the house and now I'm starting to worry...soon Ollie will leave every morning with Dad like he always has and I'll sit at home by myself all day. I know that Ollie is grandma and Grandpa's favorite, but I don't mind playing second fiddle. I wish my other grandma lived closer, then I could go see her and Ollie could go to the other grandparents. this is very complicated and it makes me tired.
Oh, I forgot to tell you the wonderful exciting news! On Sunday I got a visit from Adrianne and her boyfriend Rob. Yes, Adrianne of Adrianne and Huckleberry fame! She came through the door saying my name in a high pitched, friendly way...I just knew she was a foxie person! She was there all the way from Washington state to see me. How wonderful is that? She gave me loads of love and was even nice to Ollie. Her boyfriend Rob was very nice too and I even sat down near his feet and chewed on my bone. That is something I never do with anyone but mommy and occasionally dad. What a wonderful day it was! Thanks for coming to visit me Adrianne! Say hi to Huckleberry for me!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Anna Banna Bo Banna

I'm sure that everyone that reads my blog wishes that they wereblessed with their very own Wire Fox Terrier! Right? Comon', RIGHT?You all know what perfect guy I am. I didn't start out like that, butwhen my mommy and I found each other, I knew I was in the right home andI began to behave. Other WFT's are not so lucky. Some, like AnnaBanana are still looking for the right place. So, Anna is this prettylittle girl who is 18 months old who needs a new home. Anna's fostermom says this about her, "Anna is a handful now but if she could justfind a home with someone who understands the breed and will spend timewith her to teach her manners and give her lots of love. She is verytrainable but would do best in an only dog home. She is living with anolder male wire right now and he is getting sick of her wanting to playall the time." So lets get this straight- there's this little baby WFT girl whoneeds a new home because someone dumped her for being TOO PLAYFUL? Eek!Didn't they know that WFT's are playful? Didn't they know whattotal clowns we are? Didn't she come with a warning? (Note from mom:Mackie, dogs don't come with warnings, silly! They come with loads oflove, tons of kisses, lots of play, the ability to forgive you forwhatever it was you said, or did, or thought, but they don't come withwarnings!) Okay, mom, I got it. But, Anna sounds so good. Anyone outthere who wants a wonderful little girl to call their own and to loveand hug? Just email her foster mommy, Julie at

Monday, October 16, 2006

Abigail the wonder dog!

I’d like to tell you about Abigail. Abigail is a beautiful little girl Wire Fox Terrier who just came into rescue, but Abby has a unique story.
Here’s her story:
“In October 2006, a number of Fox Terrier Rescue volunteers received and email pleading for help for a young female fox terrier with a broken leg. She was at a vet clinic, but needed to move on to rescue. Not wanting to put her in a shelter, (after all, who would adopt a dog with a broken leg?), or to have to amputate her leg, her family reached out for help from Fox Terrier Rescue.
Terry Cerisoles of South East Fox Terrier Rescue, and Jeanne Sanders and Cheryl Collins of Midwest Fox Terrier Rescue jumped at the challenge and began working on getting Abigail moving on to a new life.
Chuck and Patricia Bigelow, who had previously adopted 2 darling fox terriers from Cheryl Collins, were contacted and asked to help. You see, Chuck is an Airline Pilot with Delta Airlines. They live in Atlanta, and it just seemed like they would be able to help in ways no one else could!
Kathy Lauer of Midwest Fox Terrier Rescue in Minneapolis was then contacted to see if she could get her contacts at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Teaching Hospital to agree to look at Abigail. Abigail needed a good orthopedic surgeon to look at her poor leg - and Kathy knew just the guy..
On October 11th, Abigail made her way to the U of M Vet Hospital to meet with the talented Dr. Roberto E. Novo, the Medical Director and Head of the Department of Small Animal Surgery at the University of Minnesota. (You may remember him from our last special needs crew -
Rebel the Missouri puppy mill dog that needed facial reconstruction. Dr. Novo and senior vet student Nate Rose gave Abigail a physical and looked over the numerous x-rays to determine the best course of action for Abby. All the while, Kathy crossed her fingers that they could save the leg.
Good news came when Dr. Novo decided that the best course of action was insert more stabilizing screws into the rod in Abby's leg, brace it, get her to use it more to promote bone and muscle growth, and wait for a full recovery. And so, on October 12, 2006, Abigail underwent surgery to stabilize her leg, and came through with flying colors.
On Saturday, Kathy and her good friend Diane went to the University, loaded with clippers and scissors to get Abigail cleaned up. If she has to live in a cage for the next few weeks, the less hair to collect dirt and smell, the better. She was matted to the skin in most places, so they had to cut her hair short. Abby was not very happy with the hair cut idea, but she put up with it like a trooper. She is so thin that clipping her became an interesting endeavor because the clipper couldn't really "glide" as there is no fat between her skin and her bones.
Kathy reported "We got to talk to 'Abby's vet student', Nate, and when she saw him, her tail about wagged off! She seems to be a favorite there - she's got a sparkle in her eye and is a doll. Seeing the hardware on on the outside of the leg with the screws going into her leg was a little shocking at first, but by the end of the 3 hour haircut event (we had to take a lot of breaks!), I hardly noticed it anymore."
She will stay at the U of M for a few more days, then move back to Compassionate Care Animal Hospital for a week. And then it's off to her new foster home with Cheryl Collins in Iowa.”

Abby is a mere 10 lbs. Poor little girl, but thankfully she is in good hands now and will be well cared for. If you are able to help Abby, either though a small donation toward her medical care, or if you would like to adopt her, please contact American Fox Terrier Rescue.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I got gypped.

I got gypped. Everyone knew about the big dog show and get together in Pennsylvania on Sunday- that is everyone, but me. I got gypped. Mom and Dad came home clearly smelling like other dogs and with these silly grins on their faces from seeing “the best show on earth”. Um, hello? Did anyone every think that I may want to go too? Mom and Dad kept talking of how they met all these wonderful WFT’s and so many people who just love WFT’s too. Can you imagine all the love I could have gotten on that day? (Somehow I think it would have been a love fest similar to the one Ollie gets everyday at grandma’s). Mom says that most of the dogs were there to work and that most of the people were there to work too and that she didn’t want for me to distract anyone. I guess she thought if I were there in all my studliness that the judges would have had a difficult time paying attention to the dogs in the ring. On the other had, think of all the pretty girls! Although I know none could be as pretty as Miss Sunshade and Opy.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The ice cream man cometh....

Yesterday mom was home with some sinus infection so that meant that grandma and grandpa brought Ollie and I back home when they went off to shop. I thought that was pretty good deal since I got to lay around with mom. The workers were there so it was a little noisy (how was mom ever supposed to get any sleep to get better with them banging on the house?) but I got to be with mom anyway, so it wasn’t all bad. Mom was worried once though because she went to the basement to do some laundry and then she couldn’t find Ollie. She went upstairs, then to the basement, into the kitchen, both bathrooms, “Ollie?”, “Ollie where are you”? (You may think that is a silly question to ask a dog, but Ollie has been trained by dad to speak if you ask him where he is…pretty good, eh?) Still nothing. Mom was worried sick. She said she thought one of the workers had opened the door and let him out, but just about then dad came home and out Ollie came. He wasn’t lost..he was just fooling mom. I don’t think that was a funny game at all. Here’s poor mom already home not feeling well and silly Ollie pulled a prank on her. Geez. I would never do that. However, while I was at home the ice cream man came through our neighborhood and did not stop at my house. Do you believe it? Have I ever told you how much I love ice cream? It is my favorite thing. Well, next to mom and dad, and Sunshade and Opy that is. It is my favorite food and I get very upset when the ice cream man just drives by. Check out my video…mom says it is hilarious. So, off mom and dad went at dinner time and brought me and Ollie back some Mickey D’s ice cream for dinner. Ollie got some too, even after that stunt he pulled on mom. Has anyone noticed what a perfect boy I am? Geez.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Noise is a good thing...

There have been people at our house lately and they sure have made a mess and made loads of noise. Mom says we are getting "remodeled", what ever that means. As a result, my dad has been taking me with he and Ollie in the morning to go to grandma and grandpa’s house. So this is what Ollie has been doing all these years? I’ve been gypped! I’ve really loved this. I get to go with Dad for a short drive every morning and stand at the helm (is there a helm in a car?) right there on the center arm rest and tell dad where to go. Then grandpa gives me treats for absolutely no reason at all! I get to go outside many times a dad and then I get to come home with dad and do the helm things all over again. I get home just in time for mom to get there. What a coup! Mom has been telling dad that I’m going to have behavior issues when this stops- hey, why does it have to stop? I’m a good boy! Besides, I don’t stink like Ollie does! Ollie has butt issues! He just got a bath two days ago and he stinks again….hehehehe! I’m a handsome, clean smelling gentleman. That’s what mom always says, and grandma says I’m so handsome that she can’t take her eyes off of me. Hehehe! See, Sunshade- you got a winner!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

True doggie friends!

Sorry I've been away from the computer lately. My mom has been really busy and she hasn't let me have my time on the laptop. Selfish, I tell you. I haven't even been able to communicate with my beautiful girlfriend Sunshade. I told mom that I'd had enough and that I needed to get online before Miss Sunshade gives up on me and finds another hunk to call her beau. I think mom really has just been sad about giving Ajax away and that's been her problem. I even heard my dad tell her that she gave away his dog but then mom said she got a nice email from the wonderful people who adopted Aax and they said he is doing really well. They said that Ajax and his new brother really like each other and have even been playing tug-o-war with their toys.
Anyway, I see that I've been tagged and the topic is "What makes for a true doggie friend", so here goes.
5. True doggie friends will play chase with me in the back yard. I'm it and then you're it.
4. True doggie friends share their nylabones.
3. True doggie friends will join in with me to hunt and chase the squirrels. You go to one side of the tree and I'll go to the other. (Ollie is finallly getting the hang of it!)
2. True doggie friends wouldn't even think of jumping into my mom's lap. She's mine, get that straight.
1. The best thing that makes a true doggie friend is a doggie friend who selfishly helps other dogs even though they could have had unlimited treats for themselves. (I'm thinking about Dean-O! here!)

Now I'm off to see who I can tag...I'm so late I bet everyone has already been tagged!!
P.S. - Christine sent this wonderful picture and note about the Petster prize from Dean-O to the American Fox Terrier Rescue group. She says, "Jean & Jake stood in for us at Petster in Seattle toaccept the $1000 cheque for Fox Terrier Rescue. Congrats to everyone who worked so hard to get the votes in for Dean-O!" Way to go everyone and specail thanks to Dean-O! and his mom Christine for their generosity!

Friday, September 15, 2006

...and then there were two....

Last night mom and dad left with Ajax and came home without him. I thought maybe mom’s mind is slipping and they accidentally left him somewhere, but mom says they did it on purpose. What? Why would they do such a thing? Ajax was a great little boy and I was really growing to love the little fella. Mom said they found a new home for him and that he was my foster brother which meant he was only here temporarily. Mom and Dad said that Ajax went to a home with really great people who seemed to love him already. Mom said the daddy; a man named Warner had grown up with Wire Fox Terriers and that he and his wife, Sharon had rescued a couple of WFT’s themselves. Apparently he and Sharon had recently lost one of their boys and the other dog there Toby was lonely so they adopted Ajax. Dad said that Toby and Ajax ran and ran in the backyard like they were old pals. I can see that since Ajax was such a nice little guy and really fun he will do well in his new home.
Even though mom and dad said that they were really happy that Ajax went to such a wonderful family, I could still tell that they were sad about him being gone. I think we all miss him already. Crazy, eh? Anyway, Ajax, buddy, we love you little fella.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

WiReD FoR AjAx!!!

I’d just like to report that things are going well with my little brother, Ajax. I’ve decided he’s pretty cool. He’s just a little tike at about 15 lbs and is a puppy, maybe 1 year old. Mom and Dad really love him already and I wasn’t sure how I felt about that, but I think he’s just a nice little guy, so I will be nice to him. Mom laughs at me a little because I get up while we are sleeping to check on him to make sure he is okay. I also lay near him sometimes, I think this makes him feel more secure, so I do my part. Mom laughed because she has caught us playing and romping in the back yard a few times. I have to say though, that I think Ollie has been mean to him. Not at home or anything, but Ajax told me that mom and dad took him to pick up Ollie at Grandma and Grandpa’s last week and Ollie was jealous and attacked him. See! It hasn’t been me starting all those fight! It’s been Ollie…mean old Ollie. Anyway, thankfully Ollie wasn’t out for blood or anything, but was just showing off for Grandpa. Mom was not happy with him, and I don’t think she has spoken to him since. I understand too, because he’s just a little tike and like mom says, he’s just a baby. Anyway, Mom and Dad still say that Ajax needs a new home. I think I’ll miss him if he goes away, but then again, I’ll get my spot back on the sofa!!!


Thursday, August 31, 2006


Friends this contest ends TONIGHT (11:59 pm Pacific time).

This is our last chance to help get $1000 for Fox Terrier Rescue.

As some of you may already know, Christine Downs, from the Wirefoxterrier list has entered her WFT, Dean-O in an online contest to win $1000.

Christine and Dean-O hope to win the $1000 with your help and donate it to the Fox Terrier Rescue.

Now the hard part. The website, seems to make people jump through hoops to vote.

Go to the site at and register you and your pet.

Submit a profile and a picture of your pet for the profile to be able to vote. (We know not everyone has a digital camera to do this, so I suggest that you save a picture from the web of a dog like yours) and save that to the profile). Remember to do this for all your animals, cats, dogs, etc.!

If you go to the website and click on MY ACCOUNT at the top of the page it should come up with a BIG grey box in the middle of the page. It has a check off section that tells you what steps you need to complete. It will show a green check once it is completed and a red x when it has not been completed. Part of what it says is :

-Edit your profile and upload at least one photo
-Add at least one pet to your kennel with a photo

Both of these must have a green check next to them to be able to cast a vote. If they don't follow the link. I still had to add a pet to my kennel to get to vote.

· Just as a note, you do NOT have to invite 5 friends to join to be able to vote!

Now you can vote for Dean-O! To do this go to and scroll down to “ Communicate With Kingaire’s Rosedale Valley Boy” in that list it says "cast your vote".

You are able to cast 3 votes per week, but only one per dog. So your vote REALLY, REALLY counts.

Like I said, we know that this site really puts you through the ringer to be able to vote, but the money will go to a worthy cause!

If you have any questions, you can email Christine at This has been posted tot he wirefoxterrier list on yahoo and the FTN list on yahoo. Christine has given permission to crosspost or forward this info to others you may know who will help.

Monday, August 28, 2006


I have no idea what to think. You'll never guess what I came nose to nose with when mom let me out of the house Friday night when she came home from work. Stumped? Another Wire Fox Terrier of all things. He was a tiny little guy, dressed in lots of matted and stinky hair. Mom put a leash on me and one on him so as to grab us should any fight break out, but things worked out okay. Then mom scooped him up and into the basement he went. I knew what was in store for him because our wash sink is down there and out grooming table is too. It was just a minute before I heard the familiar sound of the clippers going. The little dude was getting a hair cut..heheheh! Serves him right for getting anywhere near my mom while he was stinky and needing a bath. My dad always jokes that a dirty dog doesn't have a prayer around mom. It won't be but a few minutes before mom scoops it up and washes it.
Anyway, he came back upstairs with a new haircut and smelling good. He was a skinny little thing under all that hair. Mom let us outside and the little brat decided he would try to mount me. You see he still has his, ahem, nads and he thinks he's hot stuff. I tried to tell him I don't work that way and that I am HIS boss. He was really getting on my nerves, but I kissed the little fella and welcomed him to our home. Mom and Dad are calling him Ajax because my grandpa called me Ajax once and mom thought it was cute. I thought they called him that because mom used about a whole bottle of cleaner to get him clean! hehehehe!
Anyway, so little Ajax is here until mom can find him another permanant home. He's a nice little guy and wants to pal around. I don't mind him except when he gets near my mom. She's mine darnit....paws off.

Ps....everyone, please dont forget to vote for Dean-O! again this week! The contest is close!

Friday, August 25, 2006

A note from my Aunt Michelle

I just wanted to share with all my friends a nice note my Aunt Michelle wrote. Most of you know that my Aunt Michelle was the victim of a fire this past weekend. My friends have been so wonderful about praying for her and sending positive thoughts her way. Here is what she has had to say after reading many of your emails.

Mackie's Aunt Michelle said... "Mackie's proud Aunt Michelle would like to thank everyone so much for the immense outpouring of love and prayers. I'm healing beautifully as a result. It has touched my heart tremendously and I will be forever grateful. Mackie and his sweet Mom are surrounded with a special and very spiritual group of friends, and for this we are all blessed. Thank you all-and God Bless!"

So thank you all for your prayers- they are working!!!

Also, please don't forget to vote for Dean-O! (Link is above in the banner). The $1000 would be a wonderful gift to Fox Terrier Rescue.

Thanks again everyone!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Help raise $1000 for Fox Terrier Rescue! No money needed!

As some of you already know, Christine Downs, from the Wirefoxterrier list has entered her WFT, Dean-O! in an online contest to win $1000. Christine and Dean-O! hope to win the $1000 with your help and donate it to the Fox Terrier Rescue.
Now the hard part. The website, seems to delight in making people jump through hoops to vote.
Here's how:

  • Go to the site at and register you and your pet. You can also click on the banner above!
  • Submit a profile and a picture of your pet for the profile to be able to vote. (We know not everyone has a digital camera to do this, so I suggest that you save a picture from the web of a dog like yours SFT, WFT or other) and save that to the profile)
  • Now you can vote for Dean-O! To do this go to and scroll down to “ Communicate With Kingaire’s Rosedale Valley Boy” in that list it says "cast your vote".

You are able to cast 3 votes per week, but only one per dog. So your vote REALLY, REALLY counts.
Like I said, we know that this site really puts you through the ringer to be able to vote, but the money will go to a worthy cause! Comon' you can help raise $1000 and with no money from your pocket! Please help!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Looks like I’m in trouble again. I’ve been caught cheating. I posted a picture of my new girlfriend, Sunshade and forgot that Opy, my other beautiful girlfriend in Australia might see it. Opps! Opy, please forgive me! I’m a stud, I can’t help it. I really like the girls. You are in Australia and Sunshade is in British Columbia, Canada. Can’t this work out? I hope I can be forgiven.

I have some good news and some bad news to report. The bad news is that something terrible happened to my Aunt Michelle over the weekend. Someone set off a firework near her and it caught her on fire. She was even sitting on her own screened in porch minding her own business when it happened. She is hurt pretty badly and that really makes me and mom and dad sad. Thankfully she is alive and is doing better since all of my mom’s friends have been praying for her. Sheez, people are stupid. Even I know that fireworks are not toys. They really hurt people. I want to say thank you to all of my good friends who have been praying for my Aunt Michelle. My mommy told her that so many people were praying for her and she said she can feel it. That’s really good! Keep it up! We want her well again soon. Thanks everyone!

To the good news- Tilly is home and doing well! That's Tilly in the pictures. She was unable to walk has finally been released from the hospital to her mommy Brenda and son Robbie. Tilly has to walk in a sling to help keep her balance, but mom Brenda says she is eating now and they will be able to have the feeding tube removed. Yippee! Tilly is being a feisty little WFT girl and is snapping and biting at people! That’s my girl! Tell them you still have WFT spunk! Keep it up Tilly! We love to hear that you are getting better.

Friday, August 18, 2006

I have a new girlfriend- Sunshade

I have a new girlfriend and she's a beauty. Sunshade is a big beautiful Airedale girl that has her own blog too. The call her "Sunshadethesuperdale ". She is a 6.5 year old superDALE. She says "the reason I'm a superDALE is because I am extremely smart and am always there for my mom (ie, when she locked me and the car keys in the car, I unlocked the car door for her)! Mom got me as her 16th B-Day present from grandpa and we've been inseparable ever since."
Sunshade's registered name is Loc Aire's "Sunshade" and she was born November 25th 1999. Our birthday's are really close as my birthday is November 20, 2000. Just under a year apart.
Sunshade likes to swim and run and chase squirrels and mice too. Visit her blog hen you get time. She has a really nice video on it of her trying to get a mouse. A girl after my own heart.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A very busy day

I’m exhausted. I admit it. I know that some of my fox terrier friends would never understand because I know what it is to be tired and some of my friends just don’t They are those balls of energy all the time. Don’t misunderstand me; I’m an active boy…after my nap. I love to run and play ball and chase squirrels, and then come inside and hit the sofa. Yesterday I hung out with mom who was home because she’s had this terrible headache. Then low and behold, my grandma (who lives 100 miles away) knocked on the door and surprised us. If that wasn’t enough of a surprise, she also had my great-grandpa with her (my mom’s grandpa). They were in town because yesterday was my Aunt Michelle’s Birthday – Happy Birthday Auntie Michelle! I really love my Aunt Michelle and I LOVE to give her my rape kisses. She just laughs and laughs which of course, just eggs me on more. Anyway I got to go with grandma and great-grandpa to his house and play and go for a ride. Then when I came home mom thought it was a good idea to give me a bath. I was a little mad at her for that and refused to sit with her last night. I hope she got the point. With all that running around yesterday and visiting, I am totally exhausted today. I wouldn’t even go downstairs to go pee in the morning. Mom almost had to drag me out. I need a good masseuse and some sleep!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Fee tagged me and now I tagged five more!

I tagged Axel (can you believe Axel wasn't tagged yet?), Banba, Bogie, Gus ( ) and Bev and the Super 6

I've been tagged by Fee!

Looks like I’ve been tagged by Fee! You don’t know what that means? Well apparently, its kind of a confessional. You tell everyone five five weird things you've done/five weird habits of yours and then you tag five more people, and so on and so on.
So five weird things about me, or that I’ve done….I can’t even imagine, mom says I’m perfect. Okay, I confess:

1. I eat socks. Some of you already know that, but I have been known to eat a sock or two. My mom and dad adopted me and when they read my vet records they saw that I had a sock removed from my tummy when I was a mere babe. I have eaten at least two socks since. Hehehehe.
2. I only eat or drink out of the left side of the bowl.
3. Sometimes my tail goes bad and I’m too stiff to reach it so I go round and round in circles trying to see what is happening back there and sometimes my poop takes too long to come out and I get exaserbated waiting for it and I look back at my butt and sigh.
4. After I have pooped or peed I do this weird winding up thing with my left paw where I wind up and then do this little hop. My mom loves it and applauds and gives me a lot of praise, but when she first saw me do it she took me to the Doctor telling him that I was having a seizure. I am so misunderstood.
5. I like to give frantic kisses to girls and I will hold them down and give them all the kisses I want. My Aunt Amy says I give Rape kisses. Ouch.

Okay, I’m done! Now off to find five more friends to tag!

Good news!

I have some good news to report about our dear friend Tilly. Tilly’s mom wrote to say that they went to see Tilly on Sunday in the hospital. She says, “The good news is that if she continues to feed through the tube ok we can bring her home Thursday afternoon. There is no treatment for what she has , just dedicated nursing care. 60 – 70 % recover apparently. She has Distal denervating disease.” She went on to say that, “When we went in she wagged her tail and Robbie (Tilly’s son) went berserk jumping up and down and barking. When he’d calmed down he lay beside her and they licked each other’s faces. It was so sweet.” The good thoughts and prayers are working! Keep them up, okay? We really want Tilly to pull through 100%.

Do you all remember me talking about my pretty girlfriends, Bella and Phoebe? Well, they have a nice Doxie brother, JJ, pictured to the left. JJ’s daddy, Ken sent my mommy the picture of him because we don’t want him to get jealous that I had his pretty sisters on and not him. JJ was also a rescue doggie. Isn’t that wonderful?

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. The weather finally broke here and its been beautiful. I've been spending a lot of the day outside waiting for squirrels.
I’m at home today, not feeling my best because I have yet another ear infection. What the heck? Mom insists on giving me Benedryl which makes me zonk out. She says at least I don’t scratch my ears when I’m asleep. She is so paranoid after one day when she came home to find that I have scratched my ears bloody while she was at work. That will show her! She should stay home with me, and not go to work!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Get well soon, dearest Tilly

Finally, the weather has broken and its cool outside. I wasn't sure if it would ever happen. Mom and Dad even took Ollie and I for a walk this morning. It's been too hot for me to do that.

I want to tell you that a good friend of mine is sick. Tilly lives in England and is a new mommy. Her human mommy let her keep one of her litter so she has Robbie. She is lucky to have her own son to play with. Anyway, apparently Tilly took a spill or something and is having a really rough time of it. She can't stand or eat and has had some trouble breathing. It is really scary. Her human mom and dad have had to take her to a vet college and leave her there so that they can run all kinds of tests on her. How terrible. I know my mom would be really sad and scared if she had to leave me somewhere when I was sick. Anyway, mom and I will be praying for dear Tilly and her human mom, Brenda- not to mention her son Robbie who really misses his mum. Take care dear little Tilly and be strong.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Dogs with Blogs

I want to tell you about a new friend, Opy from Sydney, Australia. Opy not only has a blog, he also has a website about dogs with blogs! When Opy was asked what the dogs with blogs site is all about, he said, ” The idea is to bring dog blogs together into one place - sort of a one stop shop for K9 wackiness. Dogs are so much fun to have around. They really have a unique outlook on life. The joy and love they bring should be shared. So by bringing the blogs together, I hope to create a community of Dog Lovers posting photo's and stories on blogs.” How totally cool you are Opy! Opy saw my last blog about how hot it is here and asked if I’d like to come to Austraila. Apparently it is their winter there. Mom said that winter in Austraila is still wonderful, so I think I’d like to go. We get terribly hot summers and dreadfully cold and icey winters. Its nice here, but why put me though these stupid weather changes? My mom and I keep telling dad we need to move to San Diego, but he isn’t on board yet. Sheez, dad. Sandiego or Austraila. Whadda say, guys?

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hot as... well, you know.

I told you that it was hot here, but that was before hell sat in and it got even hotter. I didn't think it could, but it did. It's been 100+ degrees here with 85% humidity. Awful. Mom and Dad said when they were out last night at 9pm the bank sign still showed 91 degrees. Can you believe that? It's hot! My friends on the west coast have finally gotten some relief fromt he heat, but now its here so me and my friends onthe east coast are suffering. All I want to do is sleep on the sofa in front of the air-conditioning.
I hope all my friends are staying cool.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Two more of my girls!

The weekend came and went and Mom and Dad were no where around. They said they went to NY; lame excuse. I had my heart set on loads of love from mom, and rough play with my dad. They left me and Ollie at Grandma and Grandpa’s. We had a good time; grandma and grandpa are good to us and give us lots of love and treats, but I still was excited when mom and dad finally came home.

Aren’t these two girls hot? They are two of my many girlfriends. The one on the top is Bella and the one on the bottom is Pheobe. Aren’t they pretty? Phoebe and Bella share their home with their daddys’, Rich and Ken. My mommy really loves them. She says all the time that they have really good hearts. They must be good- mom says they love dogs as much as she does. Phoebe is Rich’s little girl and Bella is Ken’s little peanut. They also have a brother, J.J. who is also nice, but doesn’t get along with his sisters all that well. Boy do I understand that! Ollie and I used to not get along either, but things seem better now that he knows that I’m the boss.

Anyway, I just want to say I hope all my friend, especially out west get some relief from the heat soon. Doggies are staying inside all the time because it’s too hot for them and their owners. So, have a cold one on me! (Frosty Paws, of course!)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hot, hot, hot!

Boy has it been hot here. I know it sounds hot when I say it has been almost 100 degrees here. But, if you lived here you would understand the other curse we have- humidity. There is not even any air outside to breathe. For those of you who live out west, you may not understand what I’m saying, but all of you locals will know. This is HOT! I haven’t even wanted to be outside chasing squirrels. I will go out and chase them, but then I come right back in.

I have an Airedale friend, Linus who caught and killed a raccoon last night. Wow! A coon! You know of course that I’m almost as big as an Airedale, right? I could get one of those things too! (Mom, says not, but she’s wrong!)

I want everyone to know that our buddy Axel hasn’t been feeling too well lately. His mommy and daddy (aka Daniella and Ron) went out of town and when they came back little Axel had severe itchies! Daddy Ron took him to the doctor, but he still isn’t feeling better yet. He has to go to a different Doctor tonight. Poor Ax.; bad enough one Doctor, but two? Here’s to you buddy, we hope you feel better soon.

Also, mom and I want for everyone to pray for our dear friend, Sue. She lost here little sheltie friend Holly last week at 14 years old. Mom had to make that decision too, to let her dear friend go a few years ago. She says it was the hardest thing she’s ever done. So, we should all keep Sue in our thoughts and prayers and while we are at it he wires Gwyn and C.D. lost their sister too, so we should think of them also.

I hope everyone stays cool!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Oh, no! Why do people do these things?

I want to tell you about a terrible story I've just heard about. I want to warn you’s bad, very, very bad. A lady in Bristow, Oklahoma, Paula Joseph Johnson wrote to the Fox Terrier Rescue to tell us about this terrible thing that has happened to more than 100 dogs. Yes, there are WFT's involved also, but when it is this kind of cruelty, it doesn't matter the breed of dog. Here is what she says:

Dear All,

I'm coming to you with hat in hand.

A cousin of mine and his wife founded a rescue organization a few years ago, in memory of his brother, who loved animals. They've done great work and have accomplished so much in not only rescue but also education and clinics. Their spay-neuter clinic has become a model for small, low-budget rescue groups all over the country. Just this month, they have begun converting a section of warehouse space into an adoption center, capable of holding 30 dogs.

Last Friday, although the adoption center isn't even finished, Sherry received a call about a puppy mill bust in the
Oklahoma City area, involving more than 100 dogs. She went up on Friday night and came back with 30, the absolute maximum she could handle.

The story of these dogs would nauseate even the most jaded rescue worker. Rooms looked like slaughterhouses. In some cases, mama-dogs were cut from chin to tail and their pups removed when the puppy mill operators realized they were going to be shut down. The dogs were then left to die an agonizing death while their too-young pups were spirited away. There were decapitations. There were piles of decomposing animals. The atrocities go on and on. Of the 30 brought back to Bristow, three have been sent to
Rainbow Bridge, as their afflictions were too great. Another two, when the vet trimmed away hair from their eyes, found that maggots had eaten their eyes, leaving only the sockets. These dogs have been treated and are beginning the healing process. One other (a Sheltie) has tick fever. That leaves 27 to be cared for. The facility doesn't yet have outdoor runs, and the dogs must be not only exercised, but socialized. Most of the dogs are small, other than the Sheltie and three WFTs. My own children know what their job is for the rest of the summer -- walking dogs and cleaning kennels. Business people are likewise stopping by morning and evening to take their turns with the dogs.

This is a small town (4000 population) and an even smaller group of rescue volunteers. The enormity of this is already putting a strain on resources, even with our wonderful veterinary affiliations and the services they provide.

So, while I know each of us already donates whatever is possible, I am asking -- begging -- you to help if you can. Any small amount will help the group help these dogs. And know the animals who created this tragedy are being pursued and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

If you can help in any small way, please send your donations to:
c/o Main Street Bristow, Inc.
109 N. Main Street
Bristow, OK 74010

If you cannot donate funds, please give of your thoughts, your prayers, your healing energy.

Thank you,
Paula Joseph-Johnson

If you want more information, Cheryl Collins (Rescuer Extraordinaire) provided this info:

Just in case anyone is interested in this Puppy mill bust. Here is the news story. There are WFT’s involved. Go to In the left-hand column there is a link for E-Clips. Click on it and look for the Wednesday, July 12, 10 p.m. news stories. There should be one titled "Puppy Mill Bust". Warning: It's pretty graphic. My understanding is Channel 9 in OK City (also a CBS affiliate) has picked it up. Update should run tonight on KOTV here in Tulsa. Hope that helps those who need further verification

Cheryl is taking in four of these dogs. She can always use financial help. She has rescued and saved hundreds of our best friends.

If you want to help Cheryl and the Fox Terrier Rescue:

Fox Terrier Rescue
c/o Lee Eckholm
AFTR Treasurer
430 East Grant Street
Appleton, WI 54911

What a terrible thing. How awful! Mommy and I sent a donation this morning. I hope that everyone who reads this will join in with us and make a donation to help them. It doesn't have to be much, but they need our help!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Let us pray...

I haven’t been feeling really well lately. A couple of weeks ago mom and dad took Ollie and I to the Doctor to get out yearly shots. That wasn’t so bad (except for hearing Ollie scream like a girl). But then last week I really started to feel pretty crummy. I’ve been sneezing and coughing and wheezing and mom was so scared she took me back to the Doctor last Saturday. I don’t hate doing to the Doctor, but I just don’t understand why they have to poke and prod me like they do. The Doctor said I have an upper respiratory virus and he gave mom medicine for me. The Doctor also said that he didn’t like to see me feeling poorly since I have so much personality. Smart guy that Doc. So, mom came home and commenced to putting drugs down my throat. I started to feel better right away even though I am still not myself yet. I still sneeze and wheeze a little, but not enough to warrant those stupid pills. One of them is the size of the space shuttle- no really, I swear.

Mom gives me my pills usually with some sort of special treat like chicken and then gives me some yummy yogurt to keep my tummy well. I don’t really care why she gives it to me so long as it keeps coming.

Anyway, I wanted to let you all know that I’m on the mend, but I wanted to ask you to pray for my cousin, Hunter. Hunter is a golden retriever and we love him a lot. Hunter is the big brother to my Uncle’s other dogs, Cracker (a white Pit-bull), Penny (a rescue beagle), Bean (a rescue beagle/JRT mix) and a few kitties too. Hunter has been diagnosed with a Mass Cell Tumor on his right rear leg. He went in on Monday to have it removed and the Doctor did a fantastic job in the surgery. Hunter’s tumor has to be sent away so we can find out just how sick he is. Pray for him, okay guys? He really needs it.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy 4th!

What a nice weekend! Mom and Dad were home with me and Ollie for the whole weekend plus a few days! On Saturday, Mom wasn’t home much because she was in Cambridge having lunch with her family. Not sure why she didn’t take me, but she keeps saying it’s too hot. Hello, mom. We have air conditioning in the car. Sheez.

Since mom and dad were busy on Saturday, they made it up to us later that day. Dad drove Ollie and me to Oxford, a town nearby and we got to walk around. Then mom said we were going to go to the work because they were having a Big Band concert there. The drive from Oxford to St. Michaels is about 25 miles, but there is a ferry that goes across the water. It is very close that way. So, Dad drove us all onto the ferry and we went across the water in our car on a boat. I had a great time. Dad rolled the windows down so I could hang out pretty far and get a good whiff of everything around. What fun! Then we parked and walked into the museum where a big crowd of people were there to listen to music they played during WWII. Everyone loved me, and some people loved Ollie too. I think a lot of those people already knew me since they would come up to my mom saying “So, these are your boys?” A lot of people said they had a wire fox terrier when they were kids. Mom told them that there are still plenty that need adoption if they are interested. Anyway, then there was a lot of loud booms and flashing in the sky and mom and dad walked really fast to get us out of there. I was sorry too, because I was having a great time. Only thing is that Ollie is really afraid of loud sounds and especially thunderstorms. I think this was a little different than thunder and lightening, but Ollie was still afraid. There was more of it last night, but Mom gave Ollie medicine to help him relax, so even though he was scared, he didn’t shake so badly. Mom says that people in the U.S. do this to celebrate their freedom. I hope that all of my friends had a good, safe time celebrating!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Rain, rain, go away!

I can't figure out what's happening around here. It's been raining and raining and I have hardly had any chance to play in the backyard with mom and dad and my ball. I've been watching television (yes, I watch TV), and the newsman has been saying that there has been a lot of flooding here. The pictures are bad, but things here at home are okay. I did notice that our basement is a little wet...that's my backup play area when the weather is bad outside. So, I have not gotten to do many of my WFT antics lately and I'm tired of being couped up. Its dry today, but dad says it may thunder again tonight. I don't mind the thunder too bad, but it sure scares Ollie. I don't like it when Ollie is that scared and I try to give him kisses and let him know it will be gone soon. He shakes a lot and that kinda scares me too. Ollie is hardly scared of anything.
Mom says that the 4th of July is coming and she knows that it will thunder all night that night. I'm not sure how she knows that. She also says that she will be home for 4 days in a row. That will be so nice! Anyway, I hope all of my friends have a great holiday!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Good News! Misty has a home! Now help Dash!

Good news! Misty, the smooth fox terrier who was at the kennel in Cecil County now has a home! The shelter said she went to a good home with people who had terrier experience. Still mom said she asked them to call her if they had any specific questions about us fox terriers.
Now we have one more fox terrier to help. Dash is a 91/2 month old Wire Fox Terrier. They say he is packed full of energy. He is dominant and should'nt be around other dogs. Dash is in Camden, Delaware. We need to find him a home! If you would like more information about Dash, please call 302-698-3006 or email

Friday, June 02, 2006

Aw, for the love of a girl...

My mom has been talking about this pretty Wire named Kelsi who is looking for a new home. Apparently Kelsi is a great little girl, but her mom is just too busy for a very active Wire Terrier. Kelsi is 2 1/2 years old, the same age I was when I came to live with mom and dad. Anyway, mom has been telling me about Kelsi and then I saw her! She's a beauty! I've been on a campaign to get mom and dad to adopt her. After all, a guy needs a girl. My mom has been on the fence about! Everyone, please write to my mom and dad and tell them that Kelsi should come and live with me, I mean us. Hehehe, pretty girl!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The top 10 reasons my mom loves me....

The top 10 reasons my mom loves me:

10. The curls in my wiry white hair.

9. The shape of my spade-like head and my stiff little legs. (She thinks its funny that now she thinks other dog’s heads look short!)

8. How I only eat or drink out of the left side of the bowl and always clean up any mess; including Ollie’s. (I’m a little obsessive/compulsive like mom)

7. How I wind up my front left leg after I have done my outside business and then do a little hop. She especially loves that I always look to her for approval when I’m doing it!

6. How I rummage through my toy box for just the right toy that only I know and no other toy will do.

5. How I run to her if I think I can get dad in trouble for playing with me too hard. (she’s such a sucker- and dad hates that!)

4. How excited I am when I get a new toy, or when mom sews back up an old one I haven’t seen in awhile.

3. How I jump up and down at the door when I know she is on the other side.

2. My sweet kisses and that she knows if she gives me a kiss, I have to kiss her back.

And the number 1 reason my mom loves me- Because I get so excited when I see that she is going to lie down because I love to curl up with her and lay my head on her. (I’m so sweet!)

Monday, May 08, 2006

Meet Derby!

I've had another busy weekend and I'm exhausted. Since it has been so nice outside, I have had lots of time to chase squirrels and go for walks. It’s really made me tired, but I am going to try not to be so grouchy. I still haven't made it back in the bed with mom and dad since the infamous "toe" incident. You'd think that mom would be quicker to forgive me than this. I have even pulled out all the stops. I have cried and cried and tried to make her regret kicking me out of the bed. I have even overheard her saying how pathetic it was to hear me cry myself to sleep. Yet, this has not gotten me back into the big bed yet. I'm hoping for a change soon.
Hey, I want to introduce you to a friend of mine. Everyone, meet Derby! Derby is one handsome guy- I think he looks a lot like me! Derby and his mom Sue also live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I am told that they may be getting another dog soon. I told them; whatever they do- don't get a Bearded Collie or another herding dog. I don't think that Derby would like to be pushed around either. I think that we should get Ollie in the backyard and Derby and I should herd him! Wouldn't that be a blast? (Okay, mom...I was just kidding!) I am hoping that since Derby is close by (in round about terms) that he and I will meet nose to nose one day soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the summer and stay handsome!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Looks like trouble...

Looks like I have caused some trouble. You see, I told you all that I have been very tired lately, but what you may not know is that when I get tired I get very grouchy. I think that mom and Dad think it is funny because usually they just kind of snicker at me and leave me alone. But Tuesday night I had not really shown them just how grouchy I was before I went to bed. Apparently at some time in the middle of the night mom's foot made its way over to MY side of the bed and touched me on my rear end. I woke up snapping and mom stuck her toe in my mouth. (She of course, doesn't quite see it that way). She screamed bloody murder, which woke up Dad. Never good. Apparently that little bite resulted in blood and broken skin. (These humans are so frail). Dad went to clean up mom's toe while I tried to make up with her. Mom just ignored me! Can you believe it? It wasn't my fault! I was merely sleeping, minding my own business when she had the gaul to kick me (okay, she didn't kick me, but a guy's gotta tell a good story, you know!)
Now, I have been banished to the spare bedroom to sleep at night. Dad said no more Mackie and mom agreed! Do you believe that? I may be looking for a new home soon if they don't come to their senses. Geez.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I've been working so hard you just wouldn't believe,
And I'm tired!
There's so little time and so much to achieve,
And I'm tired!
I've been lying here holding the grass in its place,
Pressing a leaf with the side of my face,
Tasting the apples to see if they're sweet,
Counting the toes on a centipede's feet.
I've been memorizing the shape of that cloud,
Warning the robins to not chirp so loud,
Shooing the butterflies off the tomatoes,
Keeping an eye out for floods and tornadoes.
I've been supervising the work of the ants
And thinking of pruning the cantaloupe plants,
Timing the sun to see what time it sets,
Calling the fish to swim into my nets,
And I've taken twelve thousand and forty-one breaths,
And I'm TIRED!.

That is a poem by Shel Silverstein. Boy! Can I relate! Mom and Dad wore me out this weekend, and then mom took off on Monday and did more to wear me out. She took me for a ride, then a walk and then we came home and played ball. And I'M TIRED!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Another Ollie! But this time a WFT named Ollie!

I wanted to tell you about a new friend of mine, Ollie. No! Not my brother Ollie. Another WFT named Ollie. Ollie is just a baby at 4 months old. He was saved by his mom Rachel after he apparently got into something toxic and was dropped off at the vets. Rachel and Ollie also share their home with several other dogs, two Border Collies: Zach who is 2 yrs old and Jessie who is 11 months and Picasso a 7 yr. old Toy Poodle, Tyke a 4 yr. old Boston Terrier mix, and Milo a 4 month old Great Pyrenees. This photo was taken with Milo, the Pyreees pup.

Rachel says this about Ollie. “The first day he arrived at the clinic they did not think he would make it. He pulled through and has been doing pretty well until this past Sunday when he took a turn for the worse. Once again, he somehow managed the strength to fight his way back. He is still far from well but he is better. He has started drinking on his own (I was having to force fluids down him) and is a little more active today. Even with being so sick, I can tell Ollie is going to be an exceptional dog. He is SOOOO sweet! He loves to give kisses and has to be touching me all the time. He sleeps on the bed with me and, when he was well enough to walk around, he followed me all over the house. Unfortunately, I have yet to see this feisty, impulsive, playful Wire Fox Terrier personality I have read so much about but I know it is in there somewhere. I keep telling him I am going to enjoy the moments I have snuggling with him right now because I am sure when he is well he is going to be a real little terror! :o) I look forward to that day! “

We are praying for Ollie to make a quick and full recovery. We can’t wait to hear stories of his antics with the other dogs. So, good luck buddy! We’ll be praying for you!

Happy Easter!

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! I sure did! (Oh, and Happy Passover to all my Jewish friends!) On Saturday, my pal Daniel came over to play. Daniel is a 10 year old boy who used to live in my neighborhood, but moved away. Daniel was visiting and came over just to play with me. We played and played for almost two hours. I was so exhausted that mom was scared that I would keel over! Daniel would throw the ball for me and try to get to it before I would- but, tee hee, I am faster! I had so much fun! Then on Sunday, my mom and dad left me at my grandparents with Ollie. We had a good time although mom says she is sure we ate some stuff we weren't supposed to! Tee hee! I came home and collapsed, I was so tired. Then, this morning, mom could hardly get me to go outside. She may have to carry me...all 30 lbs of me!
He is a picture of my friends Butchy and Snickers. Remember them? I talked about them on my blog before. They live with their mom, Linda in Iowa. Linda and mom have become fast friends. Butchy and Snickers sent me this cool Easter card of them with bunny ears on. Funny, eh?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

I am so loved!

I can't believe I forgot to show you the beautiful quilt mom had done of me. Helen Hart, a marvelous lady in Arizona that mom and I know from the Fox Terrier Network makes these beautiful quilts for people. I am a marvelous specimen and turns out, I look fantastic in fabric. Mom had me memorialized in fabric…does she love me or what?

Where's my fan mail?

Okay, I know I have been bad about getting online and writing, but I'm busy saving the world. Okay, maybe not the world, but Mom and Dad have been busy with other neighbors trying to fight a giant Wawa that they are trying to build in our neighborhood. They've already knocked down five homes and are trying to put this mammoth convenience store at the end of our street. This has really, really pissed mom off.
Anyway, we have had a few nice days here on the shore. I am really looking forward to spring and summer. The only bad thing is that mom has been trying to get me to go for a walk with her in the morning. Hope...nada. I am not walking off our block without dad and Ollie walking with us. What would happen if a giant dinosaur jumped out of the bushes? Mom couldn’t do anything at all to protect lil’ol’me. Dad is fearless and could take on any dragon. So I am only going to go to the end of the block in the morning with mom. She can wait to go on a walk until dad is home in the evening. Besides, only dad is strong enough to protect me against the throngs of admiring fans I have. Sometimes it’s hard to be so loved.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Awww! Ain't they cute? Don't get any ideas, mom!

Okay, I know I have been bad about writing lately. I can't help it. I'm a busy guy. Guy's like me are in high demand. As you know, I finished Family Dog training and Ollie was in Rally Dog. Well, Ollie and Dad decided that Rally was just too much for him and he quit. Hehehehe! Ollie is a drop out! Mom has decided that I did so well in my classes that I should be in Family Dog II class. Com'on now, mom! I just got some time off. Besides, I am perfect just the way I am!
I want to introduce you to two of my friends, Butchy and Snickers. Butchy and Snickers are two WFT's who apparently really love each other. Not like Ollie and I. Butchy and Snickers share their home with their mom Linda. They also have their own blog. It is really beautiful. You can see more pictures of Butchy and Snickers there. Photos like this makes Mom talk about getting another Wire Terrier. Can you imagine? Does she think she can replace me? I think not. Besides, if she brings home anything that she thinks she will love as much as me, I'll eat it. I keep telling Dad that he is walking on thin ground. He thinks that he should climb in bed with mom and kick me out....that really makes me mad and I growl. Somehow mom and dad don't think that is funny. I'm just trying to keep what is mine. That includes the house, the bed, all the food in the house, the yard outside, the squirrels outside, the cars, mom and anything else I lay claim to. What is so hard to understand about this? World domination....that's my goal. I already have mom in my hip pocket.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Mrs. Robinson.... here's Mackie!

It’s official; I am now a family dog…whatever that means. Last night was my final night of Family Dog I training and I graduated with flying colors. Mom has been working with me in the mornings after Dad and Ollie are gone so I can show off a bit in class. Although there were about 10-12 dogs that started the class, only five of us finished. Not sure why, I think that everyone was doing really well. I can sit, stay, heel, come, wait, stand and a bunch of other things. The only thing I don’t like doing is staying when mom is out of sight…that’s a hard one. Anyway, I am a graduate…so, where in the heck is my sportscar? Where is my silly cap? And where in the heck is Mrs. Robinson? (That's what I'm talking about!)

Mom says that she would like to sign me up for Family Dog II training. Can’t she give me a break or something? Can’t a guy take a vacation?

On top of everything else, Mom has decided to put me on a diet. (Check me out in my pics. Aren;t I just the picture of health and fitness? Mom really loves the one of me "pointing" as I looked for a squirrel.) She claims I’ve gained a lot of weight this winter (Hello, mom- have you looked in the mirror lately? You know the old saying, right? If your dog is fat, you aren’t getting enough exercise! Heheheheh! I just love that one!) My treats have been cut significantly, as has my kibble. Mom is still giving me some scrambled egg in my dinner, so that makes up for some of it, but I am thinking of staging a MUTINY! Okay, okay, I understand that we aren’t on a boat….how about a revolution? A revolt? An uprising? An insurrection? Now, who’s with me?

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I've been sue me!

It's been awhile since I've written. I have been so busy. I have been doing well in my Family Dog classes and mom is very proud of me. This past week though, mom chose not to take me to the class. She and Dad went without me. That was because she dragged me to Lynchburg to see my Uncle L.J. for his birthday. I had a great time there and really enjoyed seeing my cousins Bean (a Jack Russell/Beagle mix), Penny (a Beagle), Hunter (a golden retriever), Cracker (a Pit Bull) and all the kitties. Bean was the only one that they would leave out with me, although Cracker got to stay out fore a short while mom was concerned that if Cracker jumped on me that I would start a fight...geez. I did get to chase the kitties, but Uncle L.J. did not think that was funny at all and squirted me with a water bottle. Little does he know that I love squirting water- especially from a hose. That my favorite.
Anyway, the trip wore me out and I was not feeling too well by Monday afternoon when Mom and I got home. So, Mom decided I would be too tired and grouchy to go to class. I think she brought homework home though.
Mom and Dad have been taking Ollie to Rally class too. Ollie told me that he really likes Rally Dog classes. I'm not too sure that I would like it much. I think that Flyball is more my kind of sport! I would be kick-butt at Flyball!

Mom has been very tired lately as she and dad and fellow neighbors have been very busy trying to defeat Wawa from building a super store in our neighborhood. Not that Mom hates Wawa or anything, because she doesn’t – she is just trying to get them to see how bad it is to build a big commercial, busy gas station in a small historic neighborhood. The fight has been going on since June last year and she is really getting tired of it. I think things are coming to a head, but this Wawa fight has really cut into my valuable Mackie time!

Monday, February 06, 2006

A Super Bowl from a Super Friend!

There are a few of you who don’t realize that I have a lot of wiry friends out there (can you imagine that?). Mom and I are on the Wirefoxterrier list on yahoo groups and the Fox Terrier Network. Both groups are made up of folks who have very good taste and love Wire Fox Terriers (what else?!)

There are lots of beautiful girls and some fun boys on the list. One of my great pals is Axel. Some of you already know about Axel as he is a world famous WFT who has the best blog.

Axel is not quite a year old and lives with his mom, Daniella and dad, Ron in Philly. Axel is quite the busy WFT pup, lately stealing a brownie from mom Daniella’s purse and eating her cell phone, lipstick and eye liner. He is mischievous and always into something. Just my kind of friend!!

My dad says that Wire Terriers are like Jack Russell’s on steroids. Isn’t that great, and how true! We are a bit bigger (actually, I am a lot bigger at 28 lbs) but we have more muscle, jump higher, run faster and are generally more bouncy that a JRT. Mom always says we are what terriers were supposed to be before people calmed us down to live inside.

Anyway, my dear friend Axel has a couple of girls fighting over him and his bid for the SuperBowl winner. Axel really doesn’t care much about the SuperBowl (like me) but he sent me what his idea of a super bowl is! A giant bowl filled with kibble, dingo treats, a big bone, his mom’s cell phone and make-up and other stuff like that. Then Axel decided to add an edible sock and a very smelly squirrel to the bowl (much like the one that my dad stole from me).

Axel, my dear friend wrote on his blog, saying, “Speaking of Bowls - I had a request from Mackie to add another tasty treat to my SuperBowl Extra Large - a few chewable socks. You got it buddy! And I know you never asked, but because I dig you and your blog - I'm even going to throw in a dead squirrel, a real stinky one like the one your Dad confiscated last year. I'm such a generous fella, that I'm even going to share my Bowl with you!”

He is going to share his bowl with me - now that is one cool guy! Thanks Ax!
Mom says you can come share my house if you want to when your parents are off getting hitched. If you can share your bowl, than I can share my yard and house. (I probably won’t share my bed though, sorry buddy!)