Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I've been working so hard you just wouldn't believe,
And I'm tired!
There's so little time and so much to achieve,
And I'm tired!
I've been lying here holding the grass in its place,
Pressing a leaf with the side of my face,
Tasting the apples to see if they're sweet,
Counting the toes on a centipede's feet.
I've been memorizing the shape of that cloud,
Warning the robins to not chirp so loud,
Shooing the butterflies off the tomatoes,
Keeping an eye out for floods and tornadoes.
I've been supervising the work of the ants
And thinking of pruning the cantaloupe plants,
Timing the sun to see what time it sets,
Calling the fish to swim into my nets,
And I've taken twelve thousand and forty-one breaths,
And I'm TIRED!.

That is a poem by Shel Silverstein. Boy! Can I relate! Mom and Dad wore me out this weekend, and then mom took off on Monday and did more to wear me out. She took me for a ride, then a walk and then we came home and played ball. And I'M TIRED!


Anonymous said...


Your mom is right you sure are cute. My mom says I'm adorable when I sleep too.


Rita & Bentley said...

Mackie I just wanted to say your adorable! My mom is calling me Scruffy these days, I think thats rude since I'm just a puppy! But as long as she keeps the treats coming and calls me for dinner I'll let her slide. She says I exhaust her, gee she must have no idea what we go through putting up with these humans!
Keep up the good work!
Your puppy friend,

Rita said...

This site is great and I love all the pictures!

Wiry Axel said...

And I'm so tired
that if you tap me while I sleep
I will bite your toe!

Poet in training

Wired for Mackie said...

Axel- What in the heck was that toe doing over on MY side of the bed anyway? The nerve!

Rite, Bentley, and Jack- Thank you for hte nice comments. I would really love to see a picture of Bentley. Maybe you can be on my blog, buddy?!

Your pal, Mackie