Monday, April 14, 2008

One flew over the cuckoo's nest...or two flew over the dog house...

It has officially happened…Mom and dad have gone over the edge of reason and sanity and there may not be hope for them ever to return to it....
Saturday me and Finnegan and Ollie loaded up in the car with mom and dad under the premise that we are going to the beach. Only, we stopped in a town on the way, and mom and dad got out to go into a store. They came back to the car, started talking about “springing them” and went back into the store and came back with nothing….no packages, nothing. Then we turned around and headed home where mom and dad put us inside the house and drove off again. I’d thought they’d lost their minds, but I knew it was so when they came home later with 4 (yes, FOUR) WFT puppies.

We've gone from having 3 dogs to having 7 dogs in the house...and all of them are MALE…are they NUTS???

Apparently mom and dad said that they are going to find new homes for all of them - I sure hope they are right…last time a puppy came into the house, it was Finney and he’s not left yet!! Heheheheh!

Mom and dad won’t let us anywhere near the puppies cause they are afraid we’ll do something to hurt them (which, I admit is highly likely) and they are only 3 ½ months old and can’t play with us big dogs anyway. Mom has been spending lots of time with them and I’m getting a bit jealous too!!

Mom and Dad have named them all

This is Edgar.

Edgar is the big one and is sweet and the most submissive (mom says the other pups pick on him a bit...even the little runt!)Edgar is my daddy's favorite!!

This is Basil.

Basil is the friendly one. He loves people the most and likes to play with the other pups too. He is also the one who humps Edgar all the time--heheheh!

This is Archie.

Archie is a tough little guy, but is very loving and sweet and mom says he has pretty little eyes.

This is Ike.

Ike is the smallest of them, but is the scrappiest of them all. He is also the shyest around people but mom says he's coming around.

Here are a couple of pictures of them playing in the backyard (AKA...MY yard!)

Aren't they just the cutest??? I mean, except for me that is!!!