Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Two more of my girls!

The weekend came and went and Mom and Dad were no where around. They said they went to NY; lame excuse. I had my heart set on loads of love from mom, and rough play with my dad. They left me and Ollie at Grandma and Grandpa’s. We had a good time; grandma and grandpa are good to us and give us lots of love and treats, but I still was excited when mom and dad finally came home.

Aren’t these two girls hot? They are two of my many girlfriends. The one on the top is Bella and the one on the bottom is Pheobe. Aren’t they pretty? Phoebe and Bella share their home with their daddys’, Rich and Ken. My mommy really loves them. She says all the time that they have really good hearts. They must be good- mom says they love dogs as much as she does. Phoebe is Rich’s little girl and Bella is Ken’s little peanut. They also have a brother, J.J. who is also nice, but doesn’t get along with his sisters all that well. Boy do I understand that! Ollie and I used to not get along either, but things seem better now that he knows that I’m the boss.

Anyway, I just want to say I hope all my friend, especially out west get some relief from the heat soon. Doggies are staying inside all the time because it’s too hot for them and their owners. So, have a cold one on me! (Frosty Paws, of course!)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hot, hot, hot!

Boy has it been hot here. I know it sounds hot when I say it has been almost 100 degrees here. But, if you lived here you would understand the other curse we have- humidity. There is not even any air outside to breathe. For those of you who live out west, you may not understand what I’m saying, but all of you locals will know. This is HOT! I haven’t even wanted to be outside chasing squirrels. I will go out and chase them, but then I come right back in.

I have an Airedale friend, Linus who caught and killed a raccoon last night. Wow! A coon! You know of course that I’m almost as big as an Airedale, right? I could get one of those things too! (Mom, says not, but she’s wrong!)

I want everyone to know that our buddy Axel hasn’t been feeling too well lately. His mommy and daddy (aka Daniella and Ron) went out of town and when they came back little Axel had severe itchies! Daddy Ron took him to the doctor, but he still isn’t feeling better yet. He has to go to a different Doctor tonight. Poor Ax.; bad enough one Doctor, but two? Here’s to you buddy, we hope you feel better soon.

Also, mom and I want for everyone to pray for our dear friend, Sue. She lost here little sheltie friend Holly last week at 14 years old. Mom had to make that decision too, to let her dear friend go a few years ago. She says it was the hardest thing she’s ever done. So, we should all keep Sue in our thoughts and prayers and while we are at it he wires Gwyn and C.D. lost their sister too, so we should think of them also.

I hope everyone stays cool!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Oh, no! Why do people do these things?

I want to tell you about a terrible story I've just heard about. I want to warn you’s bad, very, very bad. A lady in Bristow, Oklahoma, Paula Joseph Johnson wrote to the Fox Terrier Rescue to tell us about this terrible thing that has happened to more than 100 dogs. Yes, there are WFT's involved also, but when it is this kind of cruelty, it doesn't matter the breed of dog. Here is what she says:

Dear All,

I'm coming to you with hat in hand.

A cousin of mine and his wife founded a rescue organization a few years ago, in memory of his brother, who loved animals. They've done great work and have accomplished so much in not only rescue but also education and clinics. Their spay-neuter clinic has become a model for small, low-budget rescue groups all over the country. Just this month, they have begun converting a section of warehouse space into an adoption center, capable of holding 30 dogs.

Last Friday, although the adoption center isn't even finished, Sherry received a call about a puppy mill bust in the
Oklahoma City area, involving more than 100 dogs. She went up on Friday night and came back with 30, the absolute maximum she could handle.

The story of these dogs would nauseate even the most jaded rescue worker. Rooms looked like slaughterhouses. In some cases, mama-dogs were cut from chin to tail and their pups removed when the puppy mill operators realized they were going to be shut down. The dogs were then left to die an agonizing death while their too-young pups were spirited away. There were decapitations. There were piles of decomposing animals. The atrocities go on and on. Of the 30 brought back to Bristow, three have been sent to
Rainbow Bridge, as their afflictions were too great. Another two, when the vet trimmed away hair from their eyes, found that maggots had eaten their eyes, leaving only the sockets. These dogs have been treated and are beginning the healing process. One other (a Sheltie) has tick fever. That leaves 27 to be cared for. The facility doesn't yet have outdoor runs, and the dogs must be not only exercised, but socialized. Most of the dogs are small, other than the Sheltie and three WFTs. My own children know what their job is for the rest of the summer -- walking dogs and cleaning kennels. Business people are likewise stopping by morning and evening to take their turns with the dogs.

This is a small town (4000 population) and an even smaller group of rescue volunteers. The enormity of this is already putting a strain on resources, even with our wonderful veterinary affiliations and the services they provide.

So, while I know each of us already donates whatever is possible, I am asking -- begging -- you to help if you can. Any small amount will help the group help these dogs. And know the animals who created this tragedy are being pursued and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

If you can help in any small way, please send your donations to:
c/o Main Street Bristow, Inc.
109 N. Main Street
Bristow, OK 74010

If you cannot donate funds, please give of your thoughts, your prayers, your healing energy.

Thank you,
Paula Joseph-Johnson

If you want more information, Cheryl Collins (Rescuer Extraordinaire) provided this info:

Just in case anyone is interested in this Puppy mill bust. Here is the news story. There are WFT’s involved. Go to In the left-hand column there is a link for E-Clips. Click on it and look for the Wednesday, July 12, 10 p.m. news stories. There should be one titled "Puppy Mill Bust". Warning: It's pretty graphic. My understanding is Channel 9 in OK City (also a CBS affiliate) has picked it up. Update should run tonight on KOTV here in Tulsa. Hope that helps those who need further verification

Cheryl is taking in four of these dogs. She can always use financial help. She has rescued and saved hundreds of our best friends.

If you want to help Cheryl and the Fox Terrier Rescue:

Fox Terrier Rescue
c/o Lee Eckholm
AFTR Treasurer
430 East Grant Street
Appleton, WI 54911

What a terrible thing. How awful! Mommy and I sent a donation this morning. I hope that everyone who reads this will join in with us and make a donation to help them. It doesn't have to be much, but they need our help!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Let us pray...

I haven’t been feeling really well lately. A couple of weeks ago mom and dad took Ollie and I to the Doctor to get out yearly shots. That wasn’t so bad (except for hearing Ollie scream like a girl). But then last week I really started to feel pretty crummy. I’ve been sneezing and coughing and wheezing and mom was so scared she took me back to the Doctor last Saturday. I don’t hate doing to the Doctor, but I just don’t understand why they have to poke and prod me like they do. The Doctor said I have an upper respiratory virus and he gave mom medicine for me. The Doctor also said that he didn’t like to see me feeling poorly since I have so much personality. Smart guy that Doc. So, mom came home and commenced to putting drugs down my throat. I started to feel better right away even though I am still not myself yet. I still sneeze and wheeze a little, but not enough to warrant those stupid pills. One of them is the size of the space shuttle- no really, I swear.

Mom gives me my pills usually with some sort of special treat like chicken and then gives me some yummy yogurt to keep my tummy well. I don’t really care why she gives it to me so long as it keeps coming.

Anyway, I wanted to let you all know that I’m on the mend, but I wanted to ask you to pray for my cousin, Hunter. Hunter is a golden retriever and we love him a lot. Hunter is the big brother to my Uncle’s other dogs, Cracker (a white Pit-bull), Penny (a rescue beagle), Bean (a rescue beagle/JRT mix) and a few kitties too. Hunter has been diagnosed with a Mass Cell Tumor on his right rear leg. He went in on Monday to have it removed and the Doctor did a fantastic job in the surgery. Hunter’s tumor has to be sent away so we can find out just how sick he is. Pray for him, okay guys? He really needs it.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy 4th!

What a nice weekend! Mom and Dad were home with me and Ollie for the whole weekend plus a few days! On Saturday, Mom wasn’t home much because she was in Cambridge having lunch with her family. Not sure why she didn’t take me, but she keeps saying it’s too hot. Hello, mom. We have air conditioning in the car. Sheez.

Since mom and dad were busy on Saturday, they made it up to us later that day. Dad drove Ollie and me to Oxford, a town nearby and we got to walk around. Then mom said we were going to go to the work because they were having a Big Band concert there. The drive from Oxford to St. Michaels is about 25 miles, but there is a ferry that goes across the water. It is very close that way. So, Dad drove us all onto the ferry and we went across the water in our car on a boat. I had a great time. Dad rolled the windows down so I could hang out pretty far and get a good whiff of everything around. What fun! Then we parked and walked into the museum where a big crowd of people were there to listen to music they played during WWII. Everyone loved me, and some people loved Ollie too. I think a lot of those people already knew me since they would come up to my mom saying “So, these are your boys?” A lot of people said they had a wire fox terrier when they were kids. Mom told them that there are still plenty that need adoption if they are interested. Anyway, then there was a lot of loud booms and flashing in the sky and mom and dad walked really fast to get us out of there. I was sorry too, because I was having a great time. Only thing is that Ollie is really afraid of loud sounds and especially thunderstorms. I think this was a little different than thunder and lightening, but Ollie was still afraid. There was more of it last night, but Mom gave Ollie medicine to help him relax, so even though he was scared, he didn’t shake so badly. Mom says that people in the U.S. do this to celebrate their freedom. I hope that all of my friends had a good, safe time celebrating!