Thursday, November 29, 2007


I know, I know...I've been bad about writing! Know why?? My mom has completely and utterly lost her mind. That's right...she took in a foster dog...can you IMAGINE THAT?? Now there are FOUR of us...and if that were'nt bad enough there are THREE wire fox terriers living under the same roof. (Note from mom- Now, Mackie- don't make that sound all that bad- you all get along and besides, Finnegan and Kelsi love one another) Did you hear that? Yes, she said Kelsi and Finnegan love each other. Is that a reason that I should have to put up with another dog here??? Is that a legitimate reason I should have to share play time with Finn? Love time with Mom? Playtime with dad? My food? My bed? (Note from mom: Now Mackie! Don't you let these people believe that you have had to share your food or your bed..sheez you are spoiled!) Well, I guess she's right-besides, Kelsi is a cute little thing anyway- don't you think?? Mom says she thinks they have a great home already found for Kelsi and they are doing all these checks- vet checks, reference checks and home visits and then maybe Kelsi will go to her new forever home. I think it's harder to get a foxie from mom than it is to adopt a kid!! heheheh~!!