Monday, January 24, 2011

Mackie is out of surgery

From Mackie's mom--Mackie had to have surgery this morning...Thank you for your prayers! I just got the call that Mackie is out of surgery! The doc said he is doing okay. His intestine was a bit more comprimised than he had hoped, but he pulled out a baby sock from him so i can put the fear of a mass or tumor aside. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND PRAYERS!! He had left those blasted socks alone for hte past few years and I guess he is back at it. I will have to gate off the laundry room!
Now our boy is on the road to recovery. Thank you ALL!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Prayers for Mackie

Finnegan here---just wanted to let you all know that my big brother mackie is in the hospital tonight and sure could use some prayers. He was vomiting yesterday and was slowly going downhill today when mom and dad called the vet and asked her to meet them to check him out. They did and xray which looks good. His pancreas looks good too (whatever in the heck that thng is..) but his white bloos cell count is high. They have him on fluids and antibioticss tonight and have kept him despite mom and dad begging to find someway to let him come home (see Mackie has anxiety and hates to be crated or kenneled and doesn't do well in strange places expecially without my mom or dad) The doc siad something about sedating him some so he isn't fully awake all the time, but mom and dad are worried and it sure feels wierd around here without him. So if you are praying pups, how about a shout-out for my brother Mackie. Pretty sure he can use all the help he can. oh, and mom could probably use a valium too...just sayin'

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Well, you asked!

Mackie's mom here---
I just wanted to share with you all the scene here this morning. I had Emme in her high chair in the kitchen having her breakfast. Mackie is sitting next to her chair because Emme has started eating those puffs and many of them make their way to the floor to him (he's no dummy!)
Anyway, I feed the baby and when she is done, I put my hands out to ask her if she is ready to get out---"Up?" I ask. "Up?" So Mackie stands up on his rear legs and puts his arms in the air. You just have to love and old, wise dog!!!