Monday, February 28, 2011

Another Update--A PIPER SIGHTING!!!

There has been a confirmed Piper sighting!
It was last Thursday, which is many days past, but at least we know that she has been seen now. And it goes exactly with what the tracking dogs picked up today.

The red line in the middle of this picture is where the tracking dogs smelled Piper's scent. This is along a ravine headed north. Tomorrow they will continue where they left off. The yellow markers are where she has checked for scent, but there was none...

Please continue the prayers!

Just added--3/1/11
Friends--I just got he word that our money is running out to pay Karin. We got together the money to get her to Galena and keep her there the past few days (paying hotel, etc). Today is her third day and the final day we have money to pay her...we are so close! Can you help by donating to WFTRM and by spreading the word??This is day three and Karin won't stay out with her dogs more than 5 anyway...but we may just need to keep her there another day..we are SO CLOSE and don't want to give up now! Please HELP if you can!

Piper Update

Thank you to all my friends for helping to get the word out about little Piper, the rescue dog lost in Galena, Illinois.

We've heard from Karin Tarqwyn today a few times. The people in Galena don't seem to care much about Piper being missing. Most businesses won't let her put up signs or flyers. My mommy has sent out dozens of emails to businesses asking for their help in putting up signs and just forwarding the email picture of Piper for get the word out--but only one--the Museum and Historical Society said they would help. No one else is interested. Kind of makes you wonder what is wrong with these folks, doesn't it?

Mommy also called the Galena Gazette today to let them know that a nationally recognized tracker was in town doing an investigation...wouldn't you be interested in finding out about it if you lived in that town and someone like Karin Tarqwyn were there with four tracking dogs? But no, they don't want to do a story--they just want $100 for a small advertisement instead. Karin even went there herself, but they aren't interested. Makes mommy want to cuss..

Here is an update from Karin---

"The going is tough here... deeper snow down in the ravines and it is very hilly.... and where Piper's scent is... it is very remote. I have to track in... then walk out and then take another tracking dog in (to learn more as they each have different skill sets that add to what I can learn). I think in all I walked about 4 miles today... trudging through the snow... I am tired.This morning I thought I had paw prints in the snow from a very small dog... thought it might be Piper but Mason... the foot step tracker said no. Now I think it may have been a coyote pup. However... Piper's scent continues deeper into the woods. Tomorrow we will begin work to the north of where we ended today hoping to pick up her scent up n ear Powder House HIll Rd... going towards the river. As yet... we have not found Piper's scent near any streets or inhabited areas other than where she escaped from. "

We just have to keep the faith everyone. Please keep praying for Piper and pray for Karin and her tracking dogs. Please pray that God uses them to find Piper.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

America's Most Recoginized Missing Dog Expert

We've done everything we know how to do to help find little missing Piper in Galena, Illinois. Well, short of one thing. Calling a professional who is trained in finding missing dogs. Someone who could come in with scent dogs and track her. So that's exactly what's going to happen. Karin TarQwin is America's most recoginized missing dog expert. Tomorrow morning she leaves her home in Nebraska with 4 scent dogs headed for Galena Illinois to try to help us find little Piper.

I'll be honest folks--the K9 PI is expensive. We are all pitching in whatever we can--$10, 20, $30, $50 or whatever to get the very best shot we can at her return. Please click HERE to go to the Wire Fox Terrier Midwest website if you can help at all and please share the news with your friends.

No worries if yoiu can't help monitarily right now--many folks are strapped--but please share to word. More people who are aware of her, the better chance we have.

It was 17 degrees in galena last night--20 degrees tonight. It snowed there today and calling for a bit more tonight. If she has any chance at all, we have to act quick.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Piper needs your help!

Friends--we need your help!

There is a little girl wire fox terrier who is LOST and really, really needs help.

Piper was recently rescued from a Missouri puppymill. She was adopted on Tuesday, Feb 22 and the new adopters stopped for something to eat and when they went to get her out of her crate, she got loose. They were in Galena, Illinois (just southeast of Dubuque, Il.) She has a collar on with tags and is chipped, both have the Rescue's phone #

Piper is very timid and small. She is very curious – when no one is looking – and will come to you but cowers all the way. She gives your hand some loving licks and then quickly backs up. Piper is 4 years old and weighs 16 pounds.

The Rescue can be contacted at if you hear anything at all about her or live nearby and can offer to help in anyway by posting fliers, etc.

You can read more about Piper on the Wire Fox Terrier Rescue Midwest site. Click HERE!

Please help us get the word out. This baby girl needs desperately to be found.
Thank you!!!!