Monday, February 28, 2011

Piper Update

Thank you to all my friends for helping to get the word out about little Piper, the rescue dog lost in Galena, Illinois.

We've heard from Karin Tarqwyn today a few times. The people in Galena don't seem to care much about Piper being missing. Most businesses won't let her put up signs or flyers. My mommy has sent out dozens of emails to businesses asking for their help in putting up signs and just forwarding the email picture of Piper for get the word out--but only one--the Museum and Historical Society said they would help. No one else is interested. Kind of makes you wonder what is wrong with these folks, doesn't it?

Mommy also called the Galena Gazette today to let them know that a nationally recognized tracker was in town doing an investigation...wouldn't you be interested in finding out about it if you lived in that town and someone like Karin Tarqwyn were there with four tracking dogs? But no, they don't want to do a story--they just want $100 for a small advertisement instead. Karin even went there herself, but they aren't interested. Makes mommy want to cuss..

Here is an update from Karin---

"The going is tough here... deeper snow down in the ravines and it is very hilly.... and where Piper's scent is... it is very remote. I have to track in... then walk out and then take another tracking dog in (to learn more as they each have different skill sets that add to what I can learn). I think in all I walked about 4 miles today... trudging through the snow... I am tired.This morning I thought I had paw prints in the snow from a very small dog... thought it might be Piper but Mason... the foot step tracker said no. Now I think it may have been a coyote pup. However... Piper's scent continues deeper into the woods. Tomorrow we will begin work to the north of where we ended today hoping to pick up her scent up n ear Powder House HIll Rd... going towards the river. As yet... we have not found Piper's scent near any streets or inhabited areas other than where she escaped from. "

We just have to keep the faith everyone. Please keep praying for Piper and pray for Karin and her tracking dogs. Please pray that God uses them to find Piper.

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