Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Two wires need a ride! Can you help?

Hi All! Mommy is working with other rescuers to get two little boy wires from a shelter in Alabama to Maryland. We need help! If you or anyone you know could maybe help with a leg of the transport, please email mommy at wiredformackie@yahoo.com

Here is the proposed route which is flexible..they are hoping to do this the weekend of October 24 and 25. There would need to be an overnight stay along the way probably somewhere near the Tennessee/Virginia line or so...again this is flexible!!

Tuscaloosa, AL to Birmingham, AL- 58 miles

Birmingham, AL to Gadsden, AL- 63 miles

Gadsden AL to Trenton, GA- 70 miles

Trenton, GA to Prospect, TN- 53 miles

Prospect, TN to Farragut, TN- 70 miles

Farragut, TN to White Pine, TN- 59 miles

White Pine to Bristol, TN- 74 miles

Bristol, TN, to Wytheville, VA- 70 miles

Wytheville, TN to Roanoke, VA- 73 miles

Roanoke, VA to Lynchburg, Va- 56 miles

Lynchburg, VA to Farmville, VA- 51 miles

Farmville, VA to Richmond, VA- 64 miles

Richmond, VA to Fredericksburg, VA- 57 miles

Fredericksburg, VA to Washington, DC- 52 miles

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Finnegan is fat?

Sunday mom and Dad took Ollie and I to grandma and grandpa's and headed off with Finnegan to Pennsylvania to see the Montgomery Kennel Club all terrier show. Mom raves about this thing all year long...it's kinda annoying- mostly because I never get to go. Mom always says something like "There are hundreds of dogs there and you aren't friendly"...sheez...how rude.

Finnegan gets to go every year because he's "friendly" and his breeders are there. I have to say I find myself flat out laughing my head off about this year's report. Most of you know that I'm a big boy, right? I'm pushing 40 lbs...that's right---just more of me to love. I was always a big boy but with the predinosne every other day, I really got big.

Anyway, Mom and Dad took Finney to the show and both of his breeders said he's fat! Heheheehheheh! HE'S FAT!!! I rolled around laughing when I heard this! Mom was less than thrilled... Finney is about 25 lbs and pretty tall for a wire but I've never thought of him as fat. Anyway, mom says that Finney and I are going to have to get back to doing the long walks with her...it's good for her too as she could loose some too--hehehehe!

Here is Finney enjoying the show.

Mom and Dad and Finney got to meet a lot of wires and their people- Vicki with Samson the Agility wire- Lucia Hackett with Bella the beautiful show dog who was headed off to earth dog the following day, a nice souple with Megan the ginger little girl, Dot and her hubby and Crystal, got to see Kathy Barger who has Lucy (although Lucy wasn't there) and many more. They got to meet some of the rescue adopters and got to see Finnegan's breeder, Mary Raggett who had Finney's mom and Cara and Mike from Dalriada who has Finney's dad. It was really a nice day and mom and dad and Finnegan came home really tired....wish I could go....I would have gotten a kick out of them telling mom that Finnegan is fat! heheheheeh! Made my week...