Friday, February 23, 2007

Sleepy, clean boy!

True to her word, mom sent me for grooming on Wednesday. Boy am I tired from it! Grandma and grandpa laughed because when I came home I collapsed on the ottoman and didn’t get up until dad came to get me.
Anyway, mom says they did a good job on me, but she thinks they did a better job on my face last time. She says I look a bit like a schnauzer or a Lakeland Terrier. Oh well! As long as she doesn’t send me back!
I want to say special prayers for my new friend, Jackson. Jackson’s mommy said he has cancer on his parathyroid gland and that he gets surgery for it next week. The great news about this is that the cancer is very treatable, so we expect a full recovery for Jackson! Anyway, we’re praying for you buddy! I think that Jackson and I look a lot alike he could be the other long lost brother of me and Gussie!
Also, I wanted to say welcome back to my one and only WFT gal, Banba! I see on Banba’s blog that her mommy left her at home and made up for it by getting her a great big beef bone. I notice that I had to get bathed twice in a week and didn’t event get a beef bone. Urgh!

Have a good weekend everyone!!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

There is something to be said for being TOO clean!

I had a nice weekend except that mom gave me a bath again. I swear that woman is obsessed with my cleanliness. I kept telling her that my girlfriends Sunshade, Opy and Maggie would want me to smell all manly and stuff, but alas, she insisted and into the tub I went. Actually, I like being in the tub and playing with the water, its just the stupid shampooing I don’t like. Mom says I am a really good boy when I get groomed because I like water, I love to be brushed and I like the hair dryer thingy too. Oh, and she likes it how I run around the house like a mad man when I’m all wet. She chases me saying, “Mackie, don’t get on my bed!” Heheheh! The bummer of it all is that I have an appointment to be groomed on Wednesday. Two baths in one week, mom? That's overkill! (note from mom: Mackie was VERY dirty and smelly...he HAD to have a bath or sleep somewhere else!!)
A pal of mine has joined us in bloggerland. His name is Jackson and he lives in Britain. Jackson is a 7 year old WFT and mighty handsome too.
Mom found this old picture of two lovely little WFT girls. Aren’t they a hoot? I keep telling mom that I need a WFT girlfriend. I’m a real lover so I think I need a little girl to cozy up to when I’m lying around in sun puddles during the day. Kinda like Butchy and Snickers! Everytime Butchy and Snickers post a picture of them lying together I get a little closer to getting a little girl of my very own! Keep it up, Butchy!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Pippin's Mighty Tail

Its been very cold and snowy in New York and my pal Pippin decided he was going to dig out! I've been waiting for him to dig all the way to Maryland to visit me! Isn't that just the funniest picture? Mom says us WFT's have the cutest little tushies! Stay warm, Pip! I wish I had some snow to dig in!

I want to say Happy Birthday to my long lost brother, Gus in Arizona! Happy Birthday dear pal!

I also wanted to tell everyone that our sweet Banba is back! Her computer was down and she finally is back to blogging, so stop by and say hi to her!

Oh, and I want to send many sweet kisses to my girl Sunshade since she sent me the loveliest Valentine's Card! (Of course, I still send kisses to my girl Opy and to my newest girl, Maggie!) Awwwww- girls! Sweet smelling kissy girls! Life is just hte best!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

I want to wish all my friends Happy Valentine's Day, especially my special girls Sunshade, Opy and Maggie! I hope they will be my valentine! Oh, what pretty girls! Kisses, kisses, kisses to you all!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Brrrrrrrrrr! Baby, its cold outside!

Wow is it cold! It is 18 degrees right now and I even have my sweater on inside the house. How do you like that jacket on me? Butchy and Snickers momma made it for me and I wasn't sure if it was ever gone to get cold enough this year to wear it- boy was I wrong! Its a cool jacket though- denim with a fly boy collar! Mom says I lok very handsome in it. Of course I do! I always look handsome!

All this cold weather makes me very glad for my mm and dad and warm house and makes me very sad for all the doggies out there who don't have homes and worse yet, whose families choose to chain them outside in the frigid cold. I bet a lot of doggies will go to the rainow bridge in this cold. There is a great group of people called Dogs Deserve Better who work really hard to educate people about chaining us dogs. Mommy and I appreciate all the work they do.
Oh, hey, did I tell you tat we had a weekend of birthday's at my house? Saturday was my Daddy's birthday and Sunday was Ollie's birthday. Ollie turned 5 years old. As you may remember I turned 6 years old last November. Sometimes mommy says it worries her that Ollie and I are so close in age. She always seems to bring it up everytime she is talking about getting another dog.I don't see what that has to do with anything! Besides, who needs another dog around here? We had Ajax for a while and just as I grew to love him, they found a new home for him. What is THAT all about? (Mommy note: Mackie, Ajax was a foster dog. That means he is only here for a short time until we found him his forever home.) Whatever, mom. I think the woman would have a kennel of wayward dogs around here if dad would let her. Stand firm dad!