Monday, February 19, 2007

There is something to be said for being TOO clean!

I had a nice weekend except that mom gave me a bath again. I swear that woman is obsessed with my cleanliness. I kept telling her that my girlfriends Sunshade, Opy and Maggie would want me to smell all manly and stuff, but alas, she insisted and into the tub I went. Actually, I like being in the tub and playing with the water, its just the stupid shampooing I don’t like. Mom says I am a really good boy when I get groomed because I like water, I love to be brushed and I like the hair dryer thingy too. Oh, and she likes it how I run around the house like a mad man when I’m all wet. She chases me saying, “Mackie, don’t get on my bed!” Heheheh! The bummer of it all is that I have an appointment to be groomed on Wednesday. Two baths in one week, mom? That's overkill! (note from mom: Mackie was VERY dirty and smelly...he HAD to have a bath or sleep somewhere else!!)
A pal of mine has joined us in bloggerland. His name is Jackson and he lives in Britain. Jackson is a 7 year old WFT and mighty handsome too.
Mom found this old picture of two lovely little WFT girls. Aren’t they a hoot? I keep telling mom that I need a WFT girlfriend. I’m a real lover so I think I need a little girl to cozy up to when I’m lying around in sun puddles during the day. Kinda like Butchy and Snickers! Everytime Butchy and Snickers post a picture of them lying together I get a little closer to getting a little girl of my very own! Keep it up, Butchy!


Gus said...

Hey Bro! too many baths are preferable to sleeping on the floor! Maybe if your mum tells the groom about your bath, she won't have to give you another.

ps. Girl dogs are a pain. Maybe if Teka was really a wirey girl, I would like her better, but she's awful bossy.

That said, I'd take Miss Snickers any day, any way, any where hehehe

Maggie said...

awwwww Mackie! I can't imagine that you were that stinky! Have your mom post a pic of you all clean and lookin' real fine. I'm going to sit right here and wait for it, okay? You're such a hunk!

Love ya lots,

Jackson said...

Hello Mackie, Thank you soooooo much for linking to my blog. I'm going to link to yours too. Us WFTs have got to stick together, right? Can't wait to chat more soon. Jackson

BLU and Comet said...

Two baths in the same week? That's just not right. We usually only get two baths in one year!

Our girl yells at u sfor wanting to get on the bed when I am wet too. What is wrong with people? Don't they realize that their bed is the best place to roll and dry off?

Hope you survive your next bath.
Comet and BLU

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Mackie,
Mama says those girl wires are just too cute! Snickers had to have a bath today too, but I lucked out and didn't have one, hehehehe! We'll have Mama get some more pictures of us together to show your Mama, tee hee!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Boo said...

oh mackie,

you actually like grooming, brushing and hair drying all that stuff? wow, you are MAN! as much as i hated those stuff, i have no choice. they always put me high up and pretty rough hand on me. :-(

wet wet licks


Oscar Airedale said...

Yeah, I like baths too! Not the girly shampoo though.

Get an Airedle baby sister, she'll be GREAT fun!

Oscar x

Murphey said...

I don't like baths, I wiggle and splash my lady, then I shake and spray wter everywhere. But she STILL gives me baths.

Murph the Dog

The Latshaws said...

Hi Mackie! Great picture! Guess what - I ALWAYS have two baths a week. I have itchy skin and they have to put smelly shampoo on me. I hate it! My humans have no mercy!

Your friend,

Joe Stains said...


Dean-O! said...

Oh Mackie, isn’t it just like the muzzers to forget that the letter ’B’ is for Biscuit --- NOT the dreaded BATH! Personally, I know when I smell good, I feel good. And it is good to smell like a dog!

Fu Fu said...

Woh Two baths in one week.. I bet you smell really nice to the humans now Mackie. :)

~ fufu

Wee Wiggly WFT said...

Mackie, you handsome scoundrel, you! You look absolutely dashing! Mum and I just wanted to say hello and let you know that we do actually still exist. We've been MIA for a bit! We hope that you, Ollie, mom and dad are doing well! What a great day today, huh? Felt like spring!!! WOOOHOOO!
Derby & Sue

Liberty said...

Mackie! Mum says that I smell like Oatmeal cookies after a bath! I prefer showers over baths though. It's much more fun when mum has to get in there with me! heh!

Terrierka said...

Mackie sugar,
I thought I was your Valentine and sweet WFT main squeeze. Forget those WFT girls in the picture, I'm the real deal and here for you whenever you need ... Hey, waut, what's that smell? Baby powder? Mackie, say it ain't so--you didn't let your Mom bathe you AGAIN, did you??

I like my WFTs all-natural, smelling like real dogs!

Maybe another time...


Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

Water's fun except when the human's put that nasty smelly soap in it. xxx Asta