Friday, December 09, 2005

Maybe there is a Santa Claus?

We Wires must be the cutest things alive. I'm sure of it, besides mom tells me so all the time and mom is always right. This is a picture of Agatha a new baby girl wire owned by Diane Grobman who also is mom to baby boy Archie.

There is some good news to report. The wire terriers from the Montreal puppy mill disaster are getting some help. Thanks to the SPCA and a great group of rescuers the pups got out of the hell they were living in. Many of them are now living in foster homes with families who fell in love with them instantly. It is amazing how they report that these WFT's are so sweet after living in those deplorable conditions. Now the folks on the Wire Fox terrier list are working hard to get other help to them. Daniella Slon really heroined the cause and worked tirelessly to get the word out and to try to get help from pet organizations. Daniella even got PetSmart to commit to helping these wires. So, I am asking everyone who reads this post, who has a dog or god forbid a cat, to shop at PetSmart and let them know by emailing and tell them you are buying from them because they supported the Puppy mill Wire Terriers in Montreal. This is really important. They need to know that they are doing good so that they will continue to do so.
The next thing YOU CAN DO is to send Cristmas gifts to these dogs. I can't tell you how lucky I am to live with my mom and dad and how lucky my cousins are too, but there are dogs all over the world who are in need of help. Here is one situation where you can make a difference without spending too much money or taking in another dog... SEND PRESENTS! SEND A SWEATER! This wires are in dire, dire need!

This is another effort that Daniella organized...OPERATION HOLIDAY CHEER!

If you would like to send a holiday gift to the Montreal Foster Wires, Daniella organized with Christine Downs to receive the gifts and then distribute them to the SPCA/Elizabeth Pierce. Thanks to Christine for generously offering to take this on! Christine lives in a doorman building so there is always someone there to sign for parcels saving shleps to the PO. Not only is Christine offering to collect the gifts, she will also get them to the SPCA (no small feat as Christine is awaiting foot surgery and the shelter is a good drive away) and "I will take the digital camera so everyone can see the doggie joy." You rock Christine!

To avoid incurring custom duties etc, please make sure you do the following:
1. Mark it as a GIFT with a low value e.g. $10 (Any value above $40 incurs customs)
2. Make sure that you put the recipient phone number on the package. Christine's number is 514-680-8487
3. Remove all price tags!
Christine's Mailing Address is:
Christine Downs
1745 Cedar Ave., #303
Montreal, QC H3G 1A7
Daniella says, "I am sure many of our dogs have zillions of toys, some which they ignore, so feel free to send second hand ones too! "
One smart cookie that Daniella is. I think I have a few toys at home and maybe mom can take me shopping this weekend.
I can't wait for Christmas, I know I'll get a lot of toys, but won't it be nice to know that 101 dogs have been rescued and will have a nice Christmas for the first time ever? Maybe there is a Santa Claus afterall.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Mean people suck!

This week mom and I learned about a terrible, terrible thing that has happened in Montreal, just to find out about more atrocities in Missouri. Mom and I learned, through the WireFoxTerrier list that the SPCA and police in Montreal raided a puppy mill where they found 101 Wire Terriers living, dying and dead in the most deplorable conditions. I mean, you can't even imagine anything this bad. The SPCA says, “The inside of this home was filled with an overwhelming stench, resulting from an elixir of excrement and decomposing dog carcasses. The waste was so prevalent within the home that it was piling-up into heaps." The SPCA was able to take 25 of the dogs, 22 of the 101 had to be put to sleep immediately due to their poor health. The good people at the Montreal SPCA worked hard to clean and shave the dogs and are trying hard to find new foster homes for them until they can release them after the trial. The thing that makes me sick is that anyone would even consider giving these dogs back to this sicko...or for that matter not sending him on the fastest train right off this earth to where his soul will end up..straight to hell. The SPCA there has been able to find some great people to foster some of these WFT's. Others are still in vet care or awaiting a nice home. The SPCA says it is overwhelmed with Vet costs, grooming costs and the costs of fostering and transporting these dogs. I hope everyone will find it in their hearts to send a donation, no matter how small to the SPCA in Montreal to help with these dogs. Paypal donations can be sent here or mail to:
The Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty against Animals-
5215, Jean-Talon
West Montreal, QC
H4P 1X4

By telephone:(514)735-2711 ext. 224

Also, a lady on the WFT list is hosting an EBAY auction where all the proceeds would go to the Montreal SPCA...what a great idea!

Then mom and I found out from the wonderful people at the American Fox Terrier Rescue that there are several WFT's in Missouri that are to be rescued from a puppy mill there. Although they can't get all the dogs they are getting a few, and some who have lost their legs and ears to meanness. These dogs are very aggressive from living on top of on another three or four to a crate and ever, ever getting out. The miller said he didn’t care if they came to get them because they were just to be "hammered and burned". This is how they get rid of dogs; they clobber them in the head with a hammer and throw their bodies in a pit to burn. As one miller said “A bullet is cheaper than a vet". I truly cannot understand why we cannot seem to stop these people from doing things like this, and worse yet, they when we do find them, they get some small fine and sent on their ways to do it again. these people should be made to suffer. We need strict laws.
My mom always says that she does not understand why it isn't understood that a society that won’t punish for abuse of its weakest members (animals, children, and the elderly) can think for a minute that they are civilized or can prevent murder and such. If we can’t protect our weakest, how can we protect anyone at all? This really is a sad world we live in.

Monday, November 28, 2005

My new Gorilla rocks!

November 20 was my 5th birthday and I think the best birthday I have ever had. Mom loves me so much I got extra hugs and kisses, if that is even possible. I had been sick since Friday, so mom said I would have to wait for my cupcake, what a bummer. But, mom and dad made up for it by all the presents I got...tons! All of my presents were pretty good but I especially loved my new gorilla. It yells and squeals and it only took me about ten minutes to chew its little heart into pieces. I made it stop yelling at me! I was pretty happy with myself!
Monday after my birthday Ollie decided he wanted to play with my new Gorilla. I didn't want to share any of my new toys, but i especially didn't want to share my new Gorilla. When he took it, it made me very angry and I went to get it. He gave it up to me, but not easily. Then, Ollie took another one of my toys and when I went to get that from him we got in an all out fight. This made mom and dad really mad and mom took all of my toys away from me and put them in the closet. BUMMER! What a crappy day after my birthday. Ollie always manages to get me! Regardless of this, I think Mom and Dad are pretty good to me since I got so many gifts. i just wish it were like this everyday. I can't wait for Christmas.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Squirrels and birthdays and other good stuff!

Next Sunday is my birthday. Actually, it will be my 5th birthday. Mom says she has a hard time believing that I will be 5 and I think that is because I didn't live with my mom and dad the first 2 1/2 years of my life. I know that mom and dad are planning something for said so. So, I am hoping that mom has gotten me plenty of new toys since most of my toys are looking pretty bad these days. I also hope that I get some special treat. Mom told me about Amy and Jeeves on the WFT list. Amy got Jeeves a butterscotch cupcake for his birthday....yummy! Mom has to figure out a way to top that (I hope!) Chocolate would do just nicely, but mom says I can never, ever have it. Sometimes people suck. Actually, the thing I am most hoping I get is my dead squirrel. Oh, I forgot to tell you, I killed a squirrel last week. Dead. Did it all by myself too. I finally caught one of those dang varmits and shook it to death. I think that is an appropriate way for it to die. These darn squirrels get up in the huge Pecan trees in my yard and throw the pecans at me. They have even hit me in the head once or twice. That makes mom angry with them too. So, I killed one, and no sooner did I kill it then Dad came out to steal it. I told him, "Get away from my squirrel and get your own". I think that came out as a growl. Anyway, dad didn't seem to find it funny since he hollered at me and mom came to scoop me up. That was only after I bit his foot. He had crossed the line and gotten too close to my squirrel. Mom brought me inside and calmed me down. When I went back outside, there was no squirrel...Dad had STOLEN IT! So I have asked for my squirrel back for my birthday. I know it must be good and smelly by now, just the thing for a good terrier like me. Maybe mom will get me one of these shirts.

Monday, October 31, 2005

The sock comes forth, and other news about the banging...

Good news! I finally disposed of the infamous sock. My mom was terribly worried about me and to tell you the truth, I was starting to feel a bit under the weather. Anyway, I presented the sock on Wednesday. It's out of my tummy now and I am feeling much, much better - that of course, all save the incessant banging in the house. Mom and Dad have been busy working on the kitchen, and I must say that things are looking much better in there. I just wish they were finished. I hate to be in the house when they are banging on stuff, which places me outside or upstairs in the sleeping porch room. I would much rather be with my mom, but she seems busy helping dad work on the kitchen remodel. Hopefully they will be done soon. Here are a few pictures of the progression of the kitchen. I took these myself this morning...I'm pretty handy with a camera!

Friday, October 14, 2005

What's with all the banging?

I don't know what all the fuss is about, but apparently mom and dad have gotten some fancy rocks for the kitchen. Mom sat there for about an hour last night just looking at these stupid things and not paying me any mind. It's starting to irritate me. Besides, I got locked upstairs Wednesday all day and now again today so that some strangers can come into the house and mess with the stuff. This whole "kitchen remodel" is for the cats (he, he! Like that? No more of this its for the dogs crap!). I can't imagine why mom and dad would spend money on new stuff for the kitchen. The old stuff worked perfectly well. I think it was Ollie's idea. He always needs to be so fancy. He insisted on the stupid fence outside and I know I heard him insist on redoing the wooden floors downstairs. Now that was just stupid; if one of us try to play or run or just plain have fun, mom and dad yell and say "not on the floors!". Geez. Makes me wonder what limitations are in store for us in the kitchen. The only good thing I can say is that this new stuff in the kitchen really seems to make mom happy. I just hope that they stop running off to Salisbury to go to the home stores and stop leaving me behind at home with Ollie. It's just not worth all that. Oh, and stop locking me upstairs. This kitchen remodeling stuff stinks. I hope this is just planning for a big birthday party for me next month…then it would be worth it!

Sock Eater....

Seems these days Mom is not as happy with me as she usually is. I think it all goes back to Wednesday night when I ate that sock. Now, you have to understand that I've eaten several socks in my time, sometimes with success and they pass on through, and once, as a puppy they had to surgically remove it. Mom is paranoid. I have managed to pass socks since I've been an adult. She doesn't understand just how good they are. They are all smelly with the scents of the people I love.
I have gotten over my other bad habit of biting people when they try to take socks (or undies or washcloths) away from me. I used to just rip into them. That clearly made everyone understand that I have ownership of the cloth item now. It's mine; find your own stinking sock. Anyway, I used to bite people pretty hard. I'm pretty sure that was what got me sent to the vet to be put to sleep. Thankfully the Dr. recognized what a great boy I am and found me a new home with my mom and dad. I ripped into them a few times too, but now they just ask nicely and say "please", and I give them up. Wednesday night I managed to get one down before mom could get to me. I hadn't had a sock in so long and I thought I was going to go into withdrawl. Now, mom is threatening to take me to the Dr. to have my belly cut open again. Sometimes people just don't get it, and I hate mom to be disappointed in me. I know she says she’s worried…but why?

Friday, October 07, 2005

The proceeds should go to me....

Yesterday mom got to see one of her favorite people...Rich. Rich is a lot like mom in that he and Ken are dog crazy. Mom really likes that. Anyway, Rich tood mom about the greatest new thing. The post office will now let you print your own stamps with the photo of your choice. Mom, of course, has to have a sheet of stamps with my beautiful picture on it. The only thing is that I think that instead of charging more for these stamps, the post office should realize how lucky they are to have my face gracing their otherwise ugly stamps and they should start paying me! Don't they know that I am a star?
Today isn't such a bad day; Dad is staying home with me today. It's a rainy mess outside, so I like to curl up on my favorite blanket and get some much needed rest. I like to be all bouncy when mom makes it home. She has come to expect my bouncing head up and down in the front door glass when she comes up the stairs. Somehow she just can never get enough of that!
I think this weekend is pretty busy for Mom and Dad. Can't say that I am pleased about it though. Usually when they are busy, that means they aren't home much. Dad has a 100 mile bike ride on Saturday. Now, I am a jock, but even Dad puts me to shame. Mom says that there is a big all Terrier dog show in Blue Bell, PA this Sunday that they are going to. I can't even imagine why. They have the world’s cutest terrier right here at home....
Aren't I just the most adorable thing you've ever seen?

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

New Door

My dad has been working hard to build a new door for the house and I can't say that I'm very happy about it. Not that it's not a beautiful door- because it is, but he wasn't very thoughtful of me and my needs when he built it. All the windows are clear at the top of the door. How am I suppose to see out when I jump up? Besides, my mom thinks it is the cutest thing in the world to see my little head and ears pop up and down in the windows of our current door when she comes home. I always get extra kisses for that!
Dad has been working really hard on the door and mom says it is made of something called quartersawn white oak- whatever that means. I just know that when I do my jumping thing and scratch the door that dad won't have any sense of humor about it. Sometimes, when dad is upset with me - he mugs me. Once, he swore that I owed him ten dollars and he mugged me to get it back. He only pulls that stuff when mom isn't home. She never lets him beat me up. Mom forgets sometimes though that I am a tough boy and that I don't need her to protect me. It's just a game I play to make her feel good.
Anyway, check out dad's new door. Mom is really excited about it and we are all proud of dad.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Pool Hunter...

I keep telling my mom that it is still warm enough outside to let me swim in the pool. Sometimes parents stink...they put my pool away and I would love to still play in it. Have I mentioned how much I love the water? I have a cousin, Traveller and another cousin Hunter who are both golden retrievers and they love the water too, but I like more than just to swim in it. I love the hose! Especially if mom or dad aims it at me! I love to try to catch the water. It reminds me of a snake, and I like to attack anything that reminds me of a snake. This makes my grandma Eve happy. She hates snakes. I wish I could show her how I'd tear one up....Mackie the great white snake hunter....hmmmnnnn..

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I'm a star! I told everyone that I had potential!

Good Morning everyone! I see that some nice people got online and checked out my blog -yippee! My grandma and my Aunt Michelle are two of those people - I just love them so much! My Aunt Michelle comes to see me and lets me sit on her lap and give her my frantic kisses. My mom tries to stop me, but because my Aunt Michelle laughs and laughs, I know she likes it. I like to kiss people, especially the girls. My grandma is very nice to me. I got to spend a lot of time with her when I first came to live with my mom. Grandma is gentle with me and calls me a little lamb. Grandma knows that I am a very handsome boy and never forgets to tell me that.
I also got a message from Domino who shares her home with my Aunt Kelli. I only met my Aunt Kelli once, but I liked her and hope that she will come visit sometime so she can get some of my kisses too!
Today I've spent a bit of time looking at the big storm that is coming again. My mom and I are praying for the people in the south as I remember it was just a few weeks ago that a big storm hit and hurt a lot of people. The worse part is that there were so many dogs that were left to fend for themselves. Mom promises that that would never happen to me, but we are sad for the dogs that it has happened to. Hopefully, people will know to get out with their dogs this time. I decided to donate some money to the Humane Society for their role in saving those dogs. Maybe you'll help too!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Who I am...Who am I? You know what I mean...

Hi! My name is MacInturff and I am a nearly four year old Wire Fox Terrier. I live in Maryland with my mom and dad and my brother Ollie. I was named after a couple of brothers who are good friends of our family. See, mom says they don't have kids, so I am their namesake. (I hope that comes with an inheritance.) My friends call me Mackie - so feel free to call yourself my friend and call me Mackie!

My mom and dad took me in a few years ago from a nice woman who decided I was just too much for her. See, I had a terrible habit of putting my mouth on people when I had done something bad, but now I'm over that. My mom and dad made me change my ways and now I have found my sweet and loving nature. Well, that is except when my barking brother Ollie makes me mad. I'll tell you more about Ollie in a later post.

My dad says I am a total clown and I like that. Usually if I do something that gets a laugh, I try to do it over and over. My folks really like that!

I like to spend my afternoons sleeping in a sun puddle until dad gets home to let me out to torment the squirrels. That is my second favorite thing to do. I love tormenting the squirrels. I have yet to catch one, but they don't know that. My favorite thing to do is play with water, especially out of the hose - that is most definitely the best thing of all.

Anyway, I have a lot to say, and have big opinions about things for such a little boy. I hope you all will enjoy reading my thoughts and about my antics. Be sure to share!

Mr. Mackie