Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Who I am...Who am I? You know what I mean...

Hi! My name is MacInturff and I am a nearly four year old Wire Fox Terrier. I live in Maryland with my mom and dad and my brother Ollie. I was named after a couple of brothers who are good friends of our family. See, mom says they don't have kids, so I am their namesake. (I hope that comes with an inheritance.) My friends call me Mackie - so feel free to call yourself my friend and call me Mackie!

My mom and dad took me in a few years ago from a nice woman who decided I was just too much for her. See, I had a terrible habit of putting my mouth on people when I had done something bad, but now I'm over that. My mom and dad made me change my ways and now I have found my sweet and loving nature. Well, that is except when my barking brother Ollie makes me mad. I'll tell you more about Ollie in a later post.

My dad says I am a total clown and I like that. Usually if I do something that gets a laugh, I try to do it over and over. My folks really like that!

I like to spend my afternoons sleeping in a sun puddle until dad gets home to let me out to torment the squirrels. That is my second favorite thing to do. I love tormenting the squirrels. I have yet to catch one, but they don't know that. My favorite thing to do is play with water, especially out of the hose - that is most definitely the best thing of all.

Anyway, I have a lot to say, and have big opinions about things for such a little boy. I hope you all will enjoy reading my thoughts and about my antics. Be sure to share!

Mr. Mackie


Moira and Wizard said...

Hi Mackie,

I too love to play in the water. I have a wading pool that I share with my siblings and I like to sit in my water bowl in the house. My big brother Wizard won't drink out of the bowl after I sit in it. Personally I think that he is too finicky! I have learned that I can pretty much do whatever I want on walks as I can step under my big brother Wizard and giggle. My mom said something about - one of these days - Wizard is not going to allow me to tease and giggle!

Moira (I am 13 weeks old and life is good - I have trained human servants and an older brother that pretty much lets me do whatever I want.)

Anonymous said...


Domino said...

Hi Mackie,

My name is Domino and though we haven't met, your mom and I have. I remember many years ago I tried to set myself free. Your mom and my dad chased me everywhere. What a fun game that was. That is until my mom figured me out and brought on the squeeky toy. With age comes wisdom and now when I run out the front door the squeeky toy doesn't thrill me. Mom gets to take me for an R I D E instead!

I'll be eleven in November and I believe that my mommy loves me more with each passing year.

Anonymous said...

Hi mackie,
We love your blog!!!!! Niall says that you look like him. He is a little devilish and loves to eat leaves and then throws up on the good rug!!!
Ruffles chases squirrels all day also.
She's a Jack Russell. Tessa is a real lady and cries when her mother leaves because her favorite thing is to ride in the car.
Barbara, Rufles, Tessa and Niallg

Aunt Michelle said...

Mackie's aunt Michelle is very proud to see the sweetest boy in the spotlight he is due! I Can't get enough- just like Mackie with kisses!! Thanks for sharing such a love with many.

Anonymous said...

It is so nice to see my cousin Mackie has made it big. I think my parents are not realizing my own potential, seeing how I am the prettiest pit bull in the entire world. Daddy says that I should be in movies, but I haven't quite figured out what a "boovie" is. Anyway, I hope my cousin Mackie stays grounded and dosen't let the fame get to his head. I also hope Ollie dosen't get jealous of his brother's fame, but he should be okay. Afterall, my brother and my sisters seem to survive.
Lots of Love,