Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Just say NO!

I'm sure you remember the "Just say NO!" campaign, right? Well, I think my momma needs to be reminded of it. She has put me back on drugs and I don't think it's fair.

The drug is called Clomicalm and it helps dogs with anxiety issues...that couldn't be me! I don't suffer from separation anxiety or anything, but I do stress myself out about stuff and then I get grouchy. Mom has been threatening to put me back on the stuff (I was on it several years ago...right after mom and dad adopted me and I was on it for over a YEAR!). Anyway- she's been threatening because she says I'm really grouchy again. I guess the last straw was biting dad on Saturday night. Yes, I admit, I'm a biter. I just can't help myself....I snap! But mom and dad are just too touchy!
Their answer to this is to drug me. (note from mom: Its not the "answer" Mackie, but it does help you understand what you are doing a bit better so we can strengthed your training and it makes you less grouchy).
So now I'm running a lot slower than usual and things seem to bother me a bit less (although I did growl at Dad last night because I thought he was going to make me go to bed and I didn't want to). I don't like drugs and I hope that mom and dad get over being so touchy soon!!