Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Move over Snoopy!

That's right! Move over Snoopy...us WFT's are taking over and we are starting in the air!!

Meet Stanley, he is a four month old wire fox terrier who lives in Leigh, Essex, England and he loves to go for "walks" in his miniature Spitfire.

Apparently Stanley's family, Phil and Sharon Cook made the miniature plane for a Halloween party and Stanley loved it! Mrs Cook said: 'Stanley loves it. We decided to go for a Spitfire as a nod towards Remembrance Day. 'He is content to sit in the cockpit and watch the world go by.'

He's all dressed up and ready to go too, with his bomber jacket, goggles and hat- wouldn't you say? How dapper!

(note from mom: I am amazed daily by the antics of these little fox terriers!! How they LOVE life and go at it with everything they've got! What an amazing breed of dog---and how comical they all are too!!)

That's right mom! We are amazing and Stanley is only 4-months old...wait till he get's a little more opportunities to astound to world!!! hehehe!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Help us save a friend!

My mom and I wrote this post about a good friend of ours, Janie who got sick while being fostered. They though Janie had pancreatitis, but turns out that Janie ate a bunch of stuff that she shouldn't have gotten into. Thankfully Janie will be okay. She is being return to rescue and will still look for her forever home.

Thanks to all our friends who helped with Janie!

Friday, October 19, 2007

My routine and a chase around the tree bench

I'm a creature of habit. I admit it. I like routine and I like what I'm used to. If I have too much new stuff, I get a bit overwhelmed, and let's just suffice it to say I get a bit grouchy.
My routine is that mom wakes me up in the morning (I'm usually a late sleeper and everyone around here gets up early) and gives me kissies and sings me the "It's the I love Mackie Hour song". That's a song mom made up for me just because she loves me so much...it gos to the Howdy Doody tune. Sometimes I'm in the mood to go outside and pee and sometimes I'm not,bout that's neither here nor there. Once up, I wow mom and dad with all the stretching moves I can do. I stretch the front legs, the back legs, the back and occasionally, I throw them a bone and give them a nice loud yawn....they LOVE that and I get all kinds of applause...again, neither here nor there. I get up, get my medication wrapped in a half-slice of cheese, get my 2 tablespoons of yogurt..yummy, and then get my leash on an head out with daddy to go to grandma and grandpas...I get into the back seat and then stand on the center console so as to get a good view pont to navigate Dad there (I really don't think he can go anywhere without me!)Then I have a whole day at grandma and grandpa's (full of a whole different set of routines, incluing my breakfast at 11am, routine walkies and routine snacks!) and at about 3:40pm I sit by the door and wait for daddy. I always know when he's comin'. Then I get loaded back up in the backseat, get back on the console to show daddy the way home. About 3 or 4 blocks away from home, I start to get excited...which of course gets Ollie all in an uproar and he starts barking. (Mom says she feels bad for dad having to drive along with all that noise in the car. Mom hates loud noises...and bight lights, but again, I digress....) Once home, I fight dad to get to the back gate; he opens the gate and I tear off to chase and destroy and vermin that dares be in my yard while I was away. I spend a lot of time then telling them what I'll do to them if they just had enough nerve to come out of the trees. Dad lets Finnegan out and we start to play. Once of the fun things we do is to play chase around the big tree bench in our backyard. Boy, does this get mom and dad laughing, so , of course, we keep it up! Check out the video...mom says that we do this for 5 minutes at a time, but sh never has the camera at the right time!

Anyway, then Dad puts us inside while he gets ready to ride his bike and I wait patiently at the door for mommy. She come through the door, waggles all around! (She loves that and says I have the best tail!) Then back outside with Finnegan and Ollie for some romping, then dinner, then back outside to play with the other boys and mom. Once it's time to some inside I like to lay on the sofa and rest. I really like it if mom sits down too, so I'll lay with her...best yet is when she has a blanket too! Then once it's bedtime (someitmes I have to remind the old folks its time to go to bed) I head for hte back door to go pee one last time before I settle in for the night...then the whole day start again tomorrow!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Do you want to help us foxies, or what?

Just want to tell you all about a chance to help Fox Terriers in need all around the country.
The Fox Terrier Network (FTN) formed a Crafters' group that is raffling off it’s first quilt to help with its work for Fox Terriers. The first quilt is a beautiful antique quilt. The design is called "Dresden Plate." The squares were found in a chest by the grandaughter of the woman pictured. This lady lived in Arkansas and it appears the blocks were made from used flour sacks. During the depression, these flour sacks often became first clothing and then quilts.
One of our members found the coordinating fabric and put the quilt together, then hand quilted it. The quilt back is muslin. The finished size of this beautiful quilt is approximately 64 inches X 80 inches. This is a great chance to get a brand-new Antique quilt just in time for Christmas!

All tickets, which are $5.00 each, can be purchased from the FTN website. Click on the ad and buy your tickets! Once you have paid, your ticket and number (or tickets and numbers!) will be e-mailed to you. Ticket sales close December 10, 2007! Get your tickets now! The drawing will be on December 14, 2007.

Thanks for helping FTN help our fox terriers and those that love them.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Quite the gentleman

Mom and Dad have still been pretty busy and mom says her job has been a pain lately. So, that pretty much means that I have little if any blogging time. As it is I've had to sneak this time early in the morning while mom is in the bath to catch up with my blogger pals.
Life's been pretty good although I still have some itchies. They are much better, but still there nonetheless. I've switched food again to Ollie's precription science diet food for allergies. Mom's not sure if that's why I am getting better, but she's doing everything she can to help. Which includes lots of baths (which I like) and lots of gunk in my itchy ears..which I don't like. Oh, well, I'm hoping the fall weather helps.
Anyway, I wanted to show my friends what a complete gentleman I am when I eat.

Sometimes mom feeds me from a fork and I an so easy and neat about everything. Guess mom didn't realize how special this trait was until she tried to feed Finnegan and Ollie from a fork and they just don't get the concept. They paw it, or try to lick it off. Dummies. Mom says her schnauzer, Chancellor ate off a fork too so she didn't know it was a special thing (of course he could eat off a fork..mom brags about him all the time...Chancey was SO SMART she says, Chancey was so HANDSOME she says, Chancey, Chancey, Chancey...well, bah humbug....I'm just as good as stinky ol' Chancey) (Note from mom: Mackie- you ARE a wonderful boy and yes, as good as Chancey. You both are just very different, that's all and I don't love you any less.)
Glad she got that straight, but she should have said I LOVE YOU MORE! But at least I have it in print...I AM AS GOOD AS CHANCEY!!! Hah!