Sunday, September 28, 2008

Introducing Missy

I wanted to introduce everyone to the latest temporary addition to the househould. Missy is a little girl wire who was pulled form a breeder in Ohio and we've had her for a few weeks now. She is a pretty little girl, and has a nice, very loving personality. She was a breeding dog and we've had her spayed so she doesn't have to worry about having little babes any longer.

Despite the fact that Missy is very loving, she is very scared of men, which, of course makes things pretty difficult around here, with the fact that I have a daddy living here and all. She has really come out of her shell and will run in the basement or backyard with Finnegan and play hard and she's pretty good at playing with him too.

Mom says she is very, very smart and has a keen desire to please, so she is making really good headway on her housebreaking skills--now if we could just get her to deal with daddy's! She turned 6 years old on Tuesday, and I was happy for her that she got to have her birthday in a good place.