Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The original gruff puppy

Today we learned of the passing of the original gruff puppy and my sweetheart, Opy.

There are no words that will help her loving pawents now, but we are saying prayers for them, brooke and Greg and her new baby brother, Benson.

Rest in peace dear sweet girl. You will be missed by so many.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Missed me by this much...

I think winter has arrived on a massive gust of wind. Its very cold and blowing very hard here. For some reason today is the day that dad chose to get on a ladder and clean out the gutters and mom chose to climb out on the roof to put up the Christmas wreath. I would never be so foolish, but still, I seemed to be the one at risk today.
Mom coaxed Finnegan and I out into that wind to go pee and went inside to check on Emme who was fussing. I did my business and came to stand by the back door on the top two steps. In a few minutes, Dad came to let me in. I strolled in, dad called Finnegan who was playing his usual hard to get, dad called again and Finnegan came running just as hit hit the bottom of the stairs as large tree limb fell from high above (from our 100 year old plus pecan tree which is HUGE!) and it fell on the top few steps--just where I was standing a few moments before and where Finnegan was running to and next to where my Dad was standing (although he was covered by the porch.)
So thankful the big guy upstairs was looking out for us!

Saturday, December 04, 2010

The times, they are a changin'

Well guys, I'm not sure if any of my friends are left out there, but I'm still here and wanted to say hello! my mom finally let me get back on the confuser after almost a year. I think all of you know that my mommy was pregnant so I guess she had a good excuse, but geez--a guy needs to stay in touch with his friends and all.

Just to update everyone, we have a new family member. Mom and Dad call her Emme. Here's a picture of her.

(they say "Emmy" but spell it "Emme" and I say "stinky" and spell it "stinky!" hehehehehe)She was born in June and will be turning 6 months old next week. She is a cute little thing, but I'll tell you that she's taken just about all of my alone time with my mommy. Sometimes I like the little squirt because she seems to think that Finnegan and I are the best things on the planet and laughs her head off at our antics(and let's face it, the kid is on to something there), but then othertimes she makes loud noises and seems to want to be the center of attention all the time and I'm just not sure that I care for that. I mean come'on grow up already!

Finnegan is a real do-gooder because he is always doing things like laying his head in the baby's lap and making her giggle and stuff
and mom always gives him a big "awwwwww! Finnegan you are the bestest sweet boy!"
Yuck! I could lay my head in her lap and stuff too, but mom and dad won't let me get near the little squirt. They keep saying something about my record. (I know I can sing and all, but I've never even been in a recording studio so I have no idea what they are talking about.)

Anyway, we are settling in a bit more these days so I hope mom stops making excuses for why I can't get online. I hope all my friends and their people are doing well despite all that's going on in the world today.

Hugs to you all and Happy Holiday's!