Monday, April 30, 2007

The new puppy rocks!!

Sorry its been so long since I've updated, having a new brother is exhausting. It seems mom relies on Ollie and I to do some babysitting and I have to correct Finnegan occasionally when he misbehaves. But really, all and all, we all love the new fella. Actually mom says she never expected it, but I will wrestle and run with him. I have yet to allow her to video tape it though. She has caught Ollie playing with him and Finnegan playing with one of our cousins, Cracker.
Who would have guessed that we would have loved him so?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It's MY ball!

Mom decided that I should put some photos of me and Finnegan on the blog. So, she asked us to go outside and play and be nice to each other. Only thing is though that Finnegan is still a silly puppy. Nevermind sitting still, mom can't get him to stop messing with me long enough to get a decent photo because I constantly have to defend my turf. Here the silly puppy thinks its a good idea to take my ball. Can you imagine? I have killed for less. (note from mom: Mackie hasn't actually KILLED anything except a squirrel, a few moles and a few bugs.)

So here I am with MY ball.

Then here is Finnegan with MY ball.

Here is Finnegan realizing that I see HIM WITH MY BALL.

Then this is what happens when Finnegan gets MY ball.

Get the idea?