Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Resolutions seem to mean "Don't do it!"

I know I’ve been awful about updating my blog. Have you ever noticed
that once you make a new year’s resolution to do something that it is
like cursing it? I resolved to blog more and now I blog less than I did
before even, besides, I haven’t been feeling too well lately. Both
Ollie and I caught some kind of flu and went to grandmas and got sick all
over the rugs. I’m sorry for that too, since grandma and grandpa are
so nice to let us come and stay with them during the day when mom and
dad are at work. Have I ever told you that before? Yup! Every morning
during the week Ollie and I get in the Rover with dad and head over to
grandma and grandpas. That way we aren’t left at home all by ourselves
during the day AND we get treats without mom saying we can’t or we
are on a diet or some silly stuff like that! I love to go to grandma and
grandpas! We get lots of treats, get to go outside each and every time
we ask and I get to sleep on the ottoman by grandpa’s feet when he
takes a nap. We are nap buddies!
By the way, I want to congratulate Bussie on his new sister, Janie and
tell him how proud mommy and I are of him for being so nice to Janie
since she came to stay with them. Great job, Bussie! Poor Janie hasn’t
had the best of lives, so I am so glad that she gets to live with
Bussie and his wonderful mommy!

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Everyone, meet Waffles! Isn't he a cutie? Waffles is a 3 year old wire who needs some help. He has been rescued from a shelter in Austin,Texas, but Waffles needs a home, or at very least he needs someone to take him and foster him until his forever home can be found. Can you help?
He's a good boy, seems to get along with other dogs and kids and has been neutered and is up to date on his shots. It wasn't his fault he was in the shelter as animal control took him from his previous owners.
If you can help by adopting Waffles- or by providing a foster home for him, please contact Julie Covey at coveyjulie@yahoo.com
SOmeone please take him before I end up with yet another brother! heheheheh!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'm starving!

So I haven’t been so good with all my New Year’s resolutions. I have not been real good about blogging more- in fact, I think I have blogged less since the start of the New Year. I’ve been busy- so sue me! I can tell you one thing though I was hoping that mom would forget about the New Year’s Resolution for me to loose weight- but NO! I’ve been half starved since the start of the New Year! If she keeps this up my pals are not going to recognize me! I’m going to need to be rescued! American Fox Terrier Rescue where are you? Starving dog here! Help! What? You would take me from my mommy? Oh! In that case, I’ll stay here!

Thursday, January 11, 2007


My mom found this poem and she said it reminded her of me (except for the not very smart bit!) Wha tis THAT supposed to mean anyway?


My dog must be blind
not to see
my wrinkles
graying hair
expanding belly
Or, maybe, she just doesn't care
and loves me anyway.
She's not very smart but
she's mine
and loves me anyway
And maybe,
just maybe,
Next time I feel weird about me
I can borrow
her eyes.

- Charlie Smith

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Resolutions!

Happy New Year Everyone! I'm hoping that 2007 is a wonderful year for all doggies and humans alike!

Ready to play a little game? I'm going to list my 5 New Year's resolutions and then tag five friends...then those friends will have to name their 5 New Year's Resolutions and tag five of their friends...get it?
Okay, my 5 New Year's Resolutions:

1. I had to go to the Doctor over the break because my tummy was upset and the Doctor said I have to loose weight...can you believe it? Apparently I'm an 8 on a scale of 1-10...It's all muscle of course! So, I guess I resolve to return to my pre-holiday studliness.

2. I resolve to blog more! My blog has been a great way to make new friends so I resolve to blog more an eat less!

3. I resolve to try to be nicer to any and all little rescue pups mom may bring into and through our house...after all, they won't be staying. Right? Right? Mom? Hello, they will be leaving, right? Sheez...

4. I resolve to make an effort to get Ollie in trouble more and me in trouble less! heheheheheh! (everyone knows he's to blame anyway!)

5. I resolve to talk to my agent to go on a world tour to visit my friends...Malaysia, Singapore, Australia- Here I come!

Now, I will tag my good friends, Butchy and Snickers, Buster, Gussie, Sunshade and Opy!