Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holiday's!

Just wanted to wish all my doggie pals and their families a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and Happy New Year!

My mommy and daddy have off the week between Christmas and New Year’s so I am happy that we will have a lot of family time, but we have a very busy week planned.

Mommy picks up a new foster doggy on Saturday, Gabby and we think we have her only a few days before they are going to transport her to western PA to meet her new family. This is Gabby-

And of course, many of you already know that Daniella, Ron and Axel are already “keeping” a little boy wire for us, named Boomer. We will need to go to Philly and get Boomer and bring him home this week too. Finnegan is happy to think he has a wild puppy to play with since he is a wild puppy himself! Anyway, mommy is working hard to find a good home for Boomer too and it looks really promising. This is Boomer-

Anyway, I hope you all have a blessed holiday season!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's my birfday!!

IT'S MY BIRFDAY!!! hahahahha! I'm 8 years old in people time today. Mom says sometimes I act like I'm 50 and sometimes I act like I'm 2.
This morning I'll go to grandma and grandpa's house (my daily routine during the week) to be spoiled and then tonight I'll come home to be spoiled by mom and dad. There better be presents...and Ice cream...oh, yeah, and Pizza....and maybe a squirrel---now THAT would be a fun birfday! heheheh!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Sorry I've been so bad about writing lately. Let me try a quick update. Little Missy who I wrote about has gone to her new home and things seem to be working out well there. She lives with a nice woman in Wilmington, Delaware (home of Joe Biden by the way!) and has a welsh terrier brother named Truman. Isn't that great? Finnegan missed her like crazy for a week. Mom says she thinks that having foster dogs is hardest on poor Finey cause he loves to romp and play with all that come through here.
On the "prayers needed" side, do you all remember the sweet puppy we had here over the spring named Basil? Of course you do! Basil was a great lil' pup and quickly became my dad's favorite of the litter. Here are a few pics of Basil.

Anyway, Basil is 11 months old and we got a call that he has something called Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease (LCP) which is a disorder of the hip joint. He is scheduled for surgery on Monday, November 24. The surgery is fairly serious and severe so I ask everyone to please join us in praying for our dear little Basil.

Monday, October 06, 2008

The Best Day of the Year?

Yesterday Mom and Dad and Finnegan went to the Montgomery Kennel Club Show outside of Philly. Mom says it's her favorite day of the year! (Can't imagine that it is better than my birthday, but whatever.)
Mom and Dad were particularly happy to meet Finnegan's father for the first time. He is Dalriada's The Boss, they call him Bruce.

Boy, is he ever a handsome fella and Mom says she thinks the Finnegan has his daddy's expression. Dad says that Brice and Finnegan behaved similarly and says it was funny to watch Bruce jump into his momma's arms just like Finney does with our Dad. Bruce's breeders are Cara Campbell and Mike Doleski and they were there and shared a lot of info with mom and dad. Mom says that they were very nice and that Finney's breeder, Mary Raggett from Edenshire was there too and it was so nice to see her again.

Mom and Dad also got to see Casey and Bebe---you may remember that Casey was a rescue dog that was here with us for a very short time. Mom and Dad said he is doing really well and that he and Bebe (who I think is the cutest little girl I've ever seen) get along really well. Bebe hasn't been feeling real great lately, so it was nice to see her well.

Below is a picture of some of the Fox Terrier Network and WireFoxTerrier group friends. The dogs from left to right are Finnegan with my dad, Lucy with her mom, then it's Bebe being held by her mom, Casey led by his daddy, and Abby in the Eagle's jersey with her mommy.
You probably can't tell form the picture, but my daddy has a Fox Terrier Network T-shirt on..heheheh! Good promotion dad!!

Anyway, they all had a wonderful time there at the show and Finney came back struttin' his stuff last night showing off. Brat! Dad says that Finnegan's registered name should be Edenshire's Moving Violation...heheehehhe!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Introducing Missy

I wanted to introduce everyone to the latest temporary addition to the househould. Missy is a little girl wire who was pulled form a breeder in Ohio and we've had her for a few weeks now. She is a pretty little girl, and has a nice, very loving personality. She was a breeding dog and we've had her spayed so she doesn't have to worry about having little babes any longer.

Despite the fact that Missy is very loving, she is very scared of men, which, of course makes things pretty difficult around here, with the fact that I have a daddy living here and all. She has really come out of her shell and will run in the basement or backyard with Finnegan and play hard and she's pretty good at playing with him too.

Mom says she is very, very smart and has a keen desire to please, so she is making really good headway on her housebreaking skills--now if we could just get her to deal with daddy's! She turned 6 years old on Tuesday, and I was happy for her that she got to have her birthday in a good place.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thanks guys!

Just want to say thank you to everyone for sending such nice emails to my blog and to mommy about my ears.

Mom has been doing a lot of reading about special allergy diets for me and has a call into my doctor about it. She is also going to talk to him about putting me on long term steriods- won't I be the big beefy dude then! heheheh!

Mom has already had me tested for low-tyroid, but it came back normal. Well, on the low side, but not low enough for medication according to the docs. Anyway, this really surprised mom cause she was sure I was a thyroid dog- whatever THAT is suppsed to mean.

Mom and dad are leaving on Saturday to go to San Diego for a week and me and Ollie are going to be staying with grandma and grandpa. Mom said something like I should enjoy it, cause I may not get to go back to grandma and grandpa's for awhile. Mom seems to think she needs to have complete control over my diet for awhile to try to get my allergies in check and she says she thinks I eat all kinds of stuff at the grandparents. It's not true, I say! I pleaded and pleaded, but mom says unless the doc has something really good up his sleeve, things might be changing for me for a few months. Now how is that fair? mom and dad go to California and I at the edm I don't get to go to grandpa's? Geez.

Finnegan is going to go to doggy camp while mom and dad are gone and he's looking forward to it. He always has so much fun there and we like it too cause he comes home so tired he sleeps all the time! Yes sir-ee---a tired Finney is a good Finney!

Anyway guys, thanks again for the nice emails. Mom says she is going to get to the bottom of this ear thing if it's the last thing she does!

Monday, August 25, 2008

So much for that...

Well, in my last post, I told you all that I was feeling a lot better, but I also mentioned that mom was wondering how I would do off my medication. We now have the answer and it's not so good. Three days off my medication and my ears are a mess again. Wish I could just stay on the stuff, but prednisone can cause liver damage, so that's no good and we all know the doc won't leave you on anti-biotics for too long. Mom has put the drops back in my ears to try to help, but that makes it even longer until I can get my next round of tests for Cushings or kidney problems. Oh well, I can't have my ears hurting like that again.
I kinda feel sorry for mom cause she is at wits end for what to do for me long term. She feels so good about it when I get a week or two worth of relief from pain, but then, when it comes bad she is as sad about it as I am.
Mom said we are going to try a grain free food and that I maight have to go on a really strict diet (which means I can't got to grandma and grandpa's either cause they sneak me stuff!) Bummer and sigh....

Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's a good day in the neighborhood!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to say thank you to you all for the prayers and well must have worked cause I'm feeling so much better these days! I've only been off of my medication for a few days now and I am getting itchy and stuff, but my ears don't seem to hurt me and I pray they never get back to hurting me like that.
By the way, other great news- William Tell gave me the "Best Blogging Friend" award! Yippee!! Now that it pawsome!! I'm feeling better AND I get this great award!

Seems I should pass this award on to some more friends, but there are some rules applied:
1. Only five friends allowed.
2. Four have to be dedicated followers of your blog.
3. One has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. You must link back to whoever gave you the award.
Okay, so that means I'll pas it on to my best buddies:
Butchy and Snickers, Lenny, Jackson in England, Agatha and Archie, and the Barkalotboyz. How fun! Thanks William Tell! And thanks to everyone for the prayers again!

Friday, August 08, 2008

I can't hear you!!

Sorry its been so long since I've written. Its been a crazy busy summer. Mom has been working so many overtime hours and weekends that she hardly wants to do anything when she's home. Its been made worse by the fact that we've had two more foster dogs through here in the time since we had the puppies. She's crazy, I know, but she loves us wires!
Anyway, just wanted to give you all an update about my ears. Mostly that they are still rotten. It's been a hard road lately and I've been seeing the vet a lot. I have been in constant pain and it makes mom cry sometimes. My last visit to the vet on Monday was better cause they really gave me loads of meds to make me feel better. I'm still not on top if it, but I'm certainly in less pain which is good cause I think if I could hear normally, I would hear mom and dad talking about sending me to the rainbow bridge. Sad, I know, but it's just that I've been in terrible pain 24/7and they can't seem to do anything for me...
Anyway, the bad thing that has come from my recent vet visit is that Mom and Dad collected my urine on Tuesday morning and took it to the vet to have me tested for diabetes. They are always complaining that I drink too much and pee too much---not that it is any of their business mind you. So mom finally got to talk to the Doctor today and he said that I don't have diabetes (yippee!!) but it I could be having general kidney failure or failure caused by my adrenal glands. Great. This sounds a lot like more tests to me. Anyway, the vet said that they can't do much while I'm on the steriods for my ears, but that they will test me for Cushing's Disease in a few weeks and do blood work to see if it's cushings or what is happening with my kidney's. Sigh.
This being sick stuff sucks, but I know it could be worse. Mom and I have been doing a lot of praying for our pal, Jackson too.
Sure hope all the rest of you are doin' okay!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Nice when things work out!

I am pleased to say that all four of the puppies mom had to place are all doing well in their new homes. The new families have all kept us up to date, and one puppy, Eddie, has even come back to visit us on his way to the beach. Mom says he has grown up a lot-but is as cute as ever.
Here is a picture of Eddie now.

And a picture of Eddie with his new brother, Corkie.

Mom says she also hears from the folks who adopted Ike and that Ike is doing really well. Last weekend Ike even got to go to a vacation home in the mountains, that spoiled little fella!

Mom says that Basil who went all the way to Buffalo is doing well too and that he is enjoying having a real boy brother to play with.

She also got a great video of Huck (Huck used to be called Archie when he was living here). In this video, Huck is learning how to play fetch and is doing a great job of it too, I must say!

Anyway, it is always nice to hear how the pups are doing. Meanwhile, mom got another female wire named Bonnie who came to stay with us for a few days until she went to her new home nearby. Bonnie met her new daddy, Raymond just before her 5th birthday and apparently is doing pretty well. I didn’t get a chance to meet little Miss Bonnie, cause mom said she was sort of afraid of other dogs so she didn’t want her overwhelmed and scared by us boys. Mom said she was a pretty little girl too, and that although she was scared a lot, she is doing really well in her new home and has a really nice new daddy. Here is a picture of Bonnie.

Don’t you just love it when it all works out?

Monday, June 02, 2008

Puppy free!

Well, that's that. The last WFT puppy, Ike went to his new home last Saturday and we are puppy free.
Mom says while she is really glad to have more time to spend with us, she will miss those silly puppies. Basil went to a wonderful home outside of Buffalo, New York with a great family who has a little boy named Michael. Michael is seven years old and now has a little "furbrother" to play with and grow up with. My daddy was really fond of Basil and said that if he had to leave Easton, he could never have wished for a better home for him to go to than where he went. That's saying something too! Those nice people drove all the way from Buffalo to Easton (9 hours) to come get!!
And Ike, who mom had grown very fond of left just this past weekend. He went to a great home just outside of Philadelphia so mom says she hopes she will get to see Ike again. It was pretty neat- when the new parents came to pick up Ike, the new daddy had an "I like Ike" pin on that was back from when Eisenhower ran for President. Mom liked that and she also liked that both Basil and Ike got to keep their names.
So we are back to having full-time parents!! No more sharing mom and dad!
By the way, I am still battling my ear issues and mom is keeping on top of my skin issues so far this year. I hope it remains this way. The new shampoo and conditioner the doctor sold us works well and mom has been giving me omega 3 (or fish oil) too so no telling what is is that's helping, but I'm glad it is anyway. Now if we could just get my ears all better!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Two and counting....

We are down to just the two pups now, Basil and Ike. Mom and Dad have grown very fond of the two of them, but mommy says she is still looking forward to getting our old life back. Apparently mom has really good potential homes for both Basil and Ike, but she is trying to follow all the rules and get a home visit done on them before they come to pick them up. Seems both of the pups may go a bit of a distance away- Ike to NJ and Basil to NY. Mom says she is really happy about both of these homes and really hopes it works out for both of the little guy's. I do too---I want my mommy back!!
By the way, thank you for you guy's who've been asking about my ear. It's still a mess and mom has been working hard to pull every trick out of her cap that she can. She says she refuses for me to have surgery and I'm with her!!! I'm getting a lot of baths and special stuff for my itchy skin and aam taking a lot of pills too. I don't like it much and try to run and hide from mom in the mornings now, but I do know shes just doing it cause she loves me....I just wish she'd love me without all those stinking pills!!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

We are down to three!

Many of you have been asking about how the puppies are...well we are currently one less. Edgar, now Eddie went to his new forever home last weekend. His new family are wft experienced and he even has a wft brother named Corky who is a nice guy.

We still have Basil-

And we still have Archie

And we still have Ike

Aren't they just the cutest?? Mom says even though she really loves them, she is pretty tired and is looking forward to them all finding their forever homes. I'll be pretty glad too---ever since they've come, mom hardly has time t sit around with me and love on me and stuff. Hope this ends soon!!

By the way, Mike's Mom from NY--when you posted before, my mom doesn't get an email address for you...can you send it to her please? Just email mom at

Mom and Dad took Finney and Ollie to a dog walk today and left me at home saying something to the effect that I "don't get along well with other dogs"- no that is ridiculous! I do's just I get a bit upset when one comes near me...or acts silly near me...or stands near me, or mom, or dad...but other than that, they are okay...or not...anyway, Finney got a microchip and mom said he cried (I didn't cry when I got mine..heheheh!) but I guess this means that if Finnegan gets lost, we'll get him back one way or another...geez, and all this time I was holding out hope! hahahah!

Monday, April 14, 2008

One flew over the cuckoo's nest...or two flew over the dog house...

It has officially happened…Mom and dad have gone over the edge of reason and sanity and there may not be hope for them ever to return to it....
Saturday me and Finnegan and Ollie loaded up in the car with mom and dad under the premise that we are going to the beach. Only, we stopped in a town on the way, and mom and dad got out to go into a store. They came back to the car, started talking about “springing them” and went back into the store and came back with nothing….no packages, nothing. Then we turned around and headed home where mom and dad put us inside the house and drove off again. I’d thought they’d lost their minds, but I knew it was so when they came home later with 4 (yes, FOUR) WFT puppies.

We've gone from having 3 dogs to having 7 dogs in the house...and all of them are MALE…are they NUTS???

Apparently mom and dad said that they are going to find new homes for all of them - I sure hope they are right…last time a puppy came into the house, it was Finney and he’s not left yet!! Heheheheh!

Mom and dad won’t let us anywhere near the puppies cause they are afraid we’ll do something to hurt them (which, I admit is highly likely) and they are only 3 ½ months old and can’t play with us big dogs anyway. Mom has been spending lots of time with them and I’m getting a bit jealous too!!

Mom and Dad have named them all

This is Edgar.

Edgar is the big one and is sweet and the most submissive (mom says the other pups pick on him a bit...even the little runt!)Edgar is my daddy's favorite!!

This is Basil.

Basil is the friendly one. He loves people the most and likes to play with the other pups too. He is also the one who humps Edgar all the time--heheheh!

This is Archie.

Archie is a tough little guy, but is very loving and sweet and mom says he has pretty little eyes.

This is Ike.

Ike is the smallest of them, but is the scrappiest of them all. He is also the shyest around people but mom says he's coming around.

Here are a couple of pictures of them playing in the backyard (AKA...MY yard!)

Aren't they just the cutest??? I mean, except for me that is!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

My ear huwrts!!

I haven't been feeling real great lately. I've had a trouble with my ears now for quite a long time, but nothing like recently. Mom and Dad have been taking me to the Doctor's a lot and he's doing a lot to help me, but I still have an infection in there. Mom and Dad recently switched me to a new doctor and I like him....well, I don't lke him when he puts stuff in my ears when it hurts, but I always wag my tail through it all anyway, just to make him feel better awbout it.
The Doctor says I'm not making the progress that he's like to see in my ear and scared mom and dad and me saying that I may have to have ear surgery! Urgh..the surgery don't sound too good either...its called a Lacroix-Zepp procedure or a lateral ear resection where they would literally cut away part of my outer ear to give it a better spot to drain from...ick! Pretty serious stuff! I don't want no stupid ear surgery! So- everyone- do some praying or whatever you do to help me get better okay?

Thursday, March 06, 2008

California Dreamin'

Things sure have been busy since I wrote last. Mom and Dad went on vacation to California and left me and Ollie at Grandma's and Grandpa's (note: this is not a complaint about where we DID get to go, but rather a complaint that we DIDN'T get to go with them...we LOVE it at the grandparent's!)

Finnegan went to some place that they call CAMP. I don't know what CAMP is, but he had a great time there and came back so exausted that he slept for days!

Here is Finney with that exhausted look on his face...

Here is Finney showing how tired he is...

And here he is passed out. Take a good look because this is about as still as you'll ever see him!!!

Pretty cool to have an exhausted little WFT brother. He was even too tired to show off for mom, so I got a lot of lap time when they came home.

Mom and Dad said they had a great time in California. I watched the weather everyday and know it rained there a bit, but they said despite some wet days, they enjoyed the warmth and had a great time.

Here is one of the spots where they spent some time...

Doesn't it look wonderful? It is Carlsbad.

Here's is LaJolla...

Then the worst thing ever...Mom and dad tooks these pictures to humiliate me...

Here I am lying on the sofa minding my own business...

And then here is this poor critter in LaJolla that Mom and Dad took a picture of- they called him the "Mackie Seal"...

And if that weren't bad enough- they compared this humiliating shot of me...

to this...

And just think- I was excited that they came home....fooey...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Just say NO!

I'm sure you remember the "Just say NO!" campaign, right? Well, I think my momma needs to be reminded of it. She has put me back on drugs and I don't think it's fair.

The drug is called Clomicalm and it helps dogs with anxiety issues...that couldn't be me! I don't suffer from separation anxiety or anything, but I do stress myself out about stuff and then I get grouchy. Mom has been threatening to put me back on the stuff (I was on it several years ago...right after mom and dad adopted me and I was on it for over a YEAR!). Anyway- she's been threatening because she says I'm really grouchy again. I guess the last straw was biting dad on Saturday night. Yes, I admit, I'm a biter. I just can't help myself....I snap! But mom and dad are just too touchy!
Their answer to this is to drug me. (note from mom: Its not the "answer" Mackie, but it does help you understand what you are doing a bit better so we can strengthed your training and it makes you less grouchy).
So now I'm running a lot slower than usual and things seem to bother me a bit less (although I did growl at Dad last night because I thought he was going to make me go to bed and I didn't want to). I don't like drugs and I hope that mom and dad get over being so touchy soon!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pup Fest 2008

Yesterday was a busy day. People were here to visit the two little WFT's I told you about- Casey and Maggie, to see if they thought that they would like them to be a part of their family. First to come was one of my most favoritest WFT's, Bebe - and her parents. They came to meet Casey who is a 6 month old male wft. Mom said that Casey was the easiest WFT she had ever known- period- nevermind that he was only 6 months old. Me and Finney never met him cause he had been neutered and still had staples (whatever that is..but it doesn't sound good)so he could'nt handle how hard Finney plays and mom was afraid that I would be a grouch with him.

So anyway, Casey is pretty shy (I know..but mom assured me that he is all WFT and that he had just been bounced around a lot in the past few weeks which has made him kinda shy) but he loved little Miss Bebe. She was ever so gentle with him, which he really liked and she let him ease into getting to know her.

Here is a photo of Casey and Bebe- Casey is in the red and Bebe in the pink-

Soon, he was really to play. He would give her ear kissies and then she would give him ear kisses back. He would lay down and stretch out and then she would do the same thing- paws-to-paws. Mom said they were so cute. So Bebe's parents decided that Casey should be apart of their family and he went home to Philadelphia with them. Mom and Dad said they hope they can see them when they go to the bike race in June and the Montgomery show in October.

Here is Casey with Bebe and his new parents getting ready to leave for home.

And as if that wasn't enough excitement, then folks named Carol and Skip came to visit little Miss Maggie. You may remember that Maggie is the little girl I told you about she is 4 years old and only about 12 pounds. She is cute- cute!! She was a little ball of energy and loved to play with Casey. Mom out Finnegan out to play with her for a bit and mom said she thought that Finnegan played too hard so Finnegan came back in. Anyway, the folks who came to see Maggie live in Pokomoke City- down near Virginia on the Eastern Shore of Maryland- close to where Derby and his new sister Daphne live. They had never had a WFT before- but had Airedales, Scotties and even a Bearded Collie! Litle Maggie was very busy because of all the excitement and wouldn't settle down until Casey, Bebe and her parents left- so once they did, Miss Maggie showed what a god girl she was and she was getting so sleepy and fell asleep in mommy's arms. The folks decided that they were up to trying Miss Maggie and took her home with them too.
Here is Maggie getting ready to leave for her new home. Isn't she a cutie too?

All in all, it was a good day! Two wft's found new, loving homes!!! (I have to admit, I'm so glad too- God know's we don't need any more dogs- even WFT's around here to share in my treats and lovies!!!) ; )

Hugs to Bebe and her parents and to Carol and Skip for adopting these WFT's and giving them new homes and big ol' hugs to Maggie and Casey- you did it guy's! Now make us all proud!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

What? More dogs??

Mom let it slip that there are more dogs coming to "visit" this weekend. She says that neither of them are staying long because she thinks that they may have their forever homes to go to- but that they might be here a few days. There is a little girl named Maggie who is 4 years old and still really little at only 12 lbs and a little boy named Casey who is 6 months old and bigger than Maggie! Mom says that Maggie has had a hard life and is realy excited that she might be going to a home where she never has to move again. She says that Casey and his brothers and sisters where all rescued as puppies and now get new homes with terrier lovers! Mom says I have to be real nice to the both of them- especially Maggie since she is so small and that Finnegan will have to learn to play a bit easier to play with her.

This is Maggie-isn't she cute?

and this is Casey- he's a cute little fella too!

Keep your paws and pads crossed that both of them do get their new homes this weekend!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Tag Game! I'm it!

I'm starting a tag game...we'll answer the following questions and then tag three of your closest buddies asking them to do the same!

1.) If I were another kind of animal- I would be a _____ because__.
2.) My most-favoritest song is ____.
3.) If I could live anywhere in the world, I would live in____ because ___.
4.) If I were a famous movie star or personality, I would be ____ because ____.
5.) I should be the spokesman for ___(product name)___ because_____.

My answers are-
1.) If I were another kind of animal- I would be an elephant because I'm smart, I'm loving, I never forget anything, I take care of those I love and well- I'm big.
2.) My most-favoritest song is "The I love Mackie Hour" song my mon made up for me and sings to me in the mornings.
3.) If I could live anywhere in the world, I would live in California because it's warm there and I hate the cold...and I hate rain too.
4.) If I were a famous movie star or personality, I would be Heavy- D the rap star because, well, I'm big.
5.) I should be the spokesman for Gas-X because I'm a stinky fellow.

Finnegan's answers
1.) If I were another kind of animal- I would be a chimpanze because I'm a wild nut- a smart one, but wild nonetheless.
2.) My most-favoritest song is "You are my sunshine" that my momy sings to me.
3.) If I could live anywhere in the world, I would live in California because everyone else in my family would choose to and I don't want to be by myself.
4.) If I were a famous movie star or personality, I would be the scarecrow from Wizard of Oz because even though I look out of control I know whre every foot is and I forget I have a brain sometimes...
5.) I should be the spokesman for Jittery Joe's Coffee because, what was the question again??

Okay- doesn't this sound fun?? I'm going to tag my pals-
Butchy and Snickers
Gus Dagger
Agatha and Archie