Friday, December 09, 2005

Maybe there is a Santa Claus?

We Wires must be the cutest things alive. I'm sure of it, besides mom tells me so all the time and mom is always right. This is a picture of Agatha a new baby girl wire owned by Diane Grobman who also is mom to baby boy Archie.

There is some good news to report. The wire terriers from the Montreal puppy mill disaster are getting some help. Thanks to the SPCA and a great group of rescuers the pups got out of the hell they were living in. Many of them are now living in foster homes with families who fell in love with them instantly. It is amazing how they report that these WFT's are so sweet after living in those deplorable conditions. Now the folks on the Wire Fox terrier list are working hard to get other help to them. Daniella Slon really heroined the cause and worked tirelessly to get the word out and to try to get help from pet organizations. Daniella even got PetSmart to commit to helping these wires. So, I am asking everyone who reads this post, who has a dog or god forbid a cat, to shop at PetSmart and let them know by emailing and tell them you are buying from them because they supported the Puppy mill Wire Terriers in Montreal. This is really important. They need to know that they are doing good so that they will continue to do so.
The next thing YOU CAN DO is to send Cristmas gifts to these dogs. I can't tell you how lucky I am to live with my mom and dad and how lucky my cousins are too, but there are dogs all over the world who are in need of help. Here is one situation where you can make a difference without spending too much money or taking in another dog... SEND PRESENTS! SEND A SWEATER! This wires are in dire, dire need!

This is another effort that Daniella organized...OPERATION HOLIDAY CHEER!

If you would like to send a holiday gift to the Montreal Foster Wires, Daniella organized with Christine Downs to receive the gifts and then distribute them to the SPCA/Elizabeth Pierce. Thanks to Christine for generously offering to take this on! Christine lives in a doorman building so there is always someone there to sign for parcels saving shleps to the PO. Not only is Christine offering to collect the gifts, she will also get them to the SPCA (no small feat as Christine is awaiting foot surgery and the shelter is a good drive away) and "I will take the digital camera so everyone can see the doggie joy." You rock Christine!

To avoid incurring custom duties etc, please make sure you do the following:
1. Mark it as a GIFT with a low value e.g. $10 (Any value above $40 incurs customs)
2. Make sure that you put the recipient phone number on the package. Christine's number is 514-680-8487
3. Remove all price tags!
Christine's Mailing Address is:
Christine Downs
1745 Cedar Ave., #303
Montreal, QC H3G 1A7
Daniella says, "I am sure many of our dogs have zillions of toys, some which they ignore, so feel free to send second hand ones too! "
One smart cookie that Daniella is. I think I have a few toys at home and maybe mom can take me shopping this weekend.
I can't wait for Christmas, I know I'll get a lot of toys, but won't it be nice to know that 101 dogs have been rescued and will have a nice Christmas for the first time ever? Maybe there is a Santa Claus afterall.