Monday, June 30, 2008

Nice when things work out!

I am pleased to say that all four of the puppies mom had to place are all doing well in their new homes. The new families have all kept us up to date, and one puppy, Eddie, has even come back to visit us on his way to the beach. Mom says he has grown up a lot-but is as cute as ever.
Here is a picture of Eddie now.

And a picture of Eddie with his new brother, Corkie.

Mom says she also hears from the folks who adopted Ike and that Ike is doing really well. Last weekend Ike even got to go to a vacation home in the mountains, that spoiled little fella!

Mom says that Basil who went all the way to Buffalo is doing well too and that he is enjoying having a real boy brother to play with.

She also got a great video of Huck (Huck used to be called Archie when he was living here). In this video, Huck is learning how to play fetch and is doing a great job of it too, I must say!

Anyway, it is always nice to hear how the pups are doing. Meanwhile, mom got another female wire named Bonnie who came to stay with us for a few days until she went to her new home nearby. Bonnie met her new daddy, Raymond just before her 5th birthday and apparently is doing pretty well. I didn’t get a chance to meet little Miss Bonnie, cause mom said she was sort of afraid of other dogs so she didn’t want her overwhelmed and scared by us boys. Mom said she was a pretty little girl too, and that although she was scared a lot, she is doing really well in her new home and has a really nice new daddy. Here is a picture of Bonnie.

Don’t you just love it when it all works out?

Monday, June 02, 2008

Puppy free!

Well, that's that. The last WFT puppy, Ike went to his new home last Saturday and we are puppy free.
Mom says while she is really glad to have more time to spend with us, she will miss those silly puppies. Basil went to a wonderful home outside of Buffalo, New York with a great family who has a little boy named Michael. Michael is seven years old and now has a little "furbrother" to play with and grow up with. My daddy was really fond of Basil and said that if he had to leave Easton, he could never have wished for a better home for him to go to than where he went. That's saying something too! Those nice people drove all the way from Buffalo to Easton (9 hours) to come get!!
And Ike, who mom had grown very fond of left just this past weekend. He went to a great home just outside of Philadelphia so mom says she hopes she will get to see Ike again. It was pretty neat- when the new parents came to pick up Ike, the new daddy had an "I like Ike" pin on that was back from when Eisenhower ran for President. Mom liked that and she also liked that both Basil and Ike got to keep their names.
So we are back to having full-time parents!! No more sharing mom and dad!
By the way, I am still battling my ear issues and mom is keeping on top of my skin issues so far this year. I hope it remains this way. The new shampoo and conditioner the doctor sold us works well and mom has been giving me omega 3 (or fish oil) too so no telling what is is that's helping, but I'm glad it is anyway. Now if we could just get my ears all better!!