Monday, April 17, 2006

Another Ollie! But this time a WFT named Ollie!

I wanted to tell you about a new friend of mine, Ollie. No! Not my brother Ollie. Another WFT named Ollie. Ollie is just a baby at 4 months old. He was saved by his mom Rachel after he apparently got into something toxic and was dropped off at the vets. Rachel and Ollie also share their home with several other dogs, two Border Collies: Zach who is 2 yrs old and Jessie who is 11 months and Picasso a 7 yr. old Toy Poodle, Tyke a 4 yr. old Boston Terrier mix, and Milo a 4 month old Great Pyrenees. This photo was taken with Milo, the Pyreees pup.

Rachel says this about Ollie. “The first day he arrived at the clinic they did not think he would make it. He pulled through and has been doing pretty well until this past Sunday when he took a turn for the worse. Once again, he somehow managed the strength to fight his way back. He is still far from well but he is better. He has started drinking on his own (I was having to force fluids down him) and is a little more active today. Even with being so sick, I can tell Ollie is going to be an exceptional dog. He is SOOOO sweet! He loves to give kisses and has to be touching me all the time. He sleeps on the bed with me and, when he was well enough to walk around, he followed me all over the house. Unfortunately, I have yet to see this feisty, impulsive, playful Wire Fox Terrier personality I have read so much about but I know it is in there somewhere. I keep telling him I am going to enjoy the moments I have snuggling with him right now because I am sure when he is well he is going to be a real little terror! :o) I look forward to that day! “

We are praying for Ollie to make a quick and full recovery. We can’t wait to hear stories of his antics with the other dogs. So, good luck buddy! We’ll be praying for you!

Happy Easter!

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! I sure did! (Oh, and Happy Passover to all my Jewish friends!) On Saturday, my pal Daniel came over to play. Daniel is a 10 year old boy who used to live in my neighborhood, but moved away. Daniel was visiting and came over just to play with me. We played and played for almost two hours. I was so exhausted that mom was scared that I would keel over! Daniel would throw the ball for me and try to get to it before I would- but, tee hee, I am faster! I had so much fun! Then on Sunday, my mom and dad left me at my grandparents with Ollie. We had a good time although mom says she is sure we ate some stuff we weren't supposed to! Tee hee! I came home and collapsed, I was so tired. Then, this morning, mom could hardly get me to go outside. She may have to carry me...all 30 lbs of me!
He is a picture of my friends Butchy and Snickers. Remember them? I talked about them on my blog before. They live with their mom, Linda in Iowa. Linda and mom have become fast friends. Butchy and Snickers sent me this cool Easter card of them with bunny ears on. Funny, eh?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

I am so loved!

I can't believe I forgot to show you the beautiful quilt mom had done of me. Helen Hart, a marvelous lady in Arizona that mom and I know from the Fox Terrier Network makes these beautiful quilts for people. I am a marvelous specimen and turns out, I look fantastic in fabric. Mom had me memorialized in fabric…does she love me or what?

Where's my fan mail?

Okay, I know I have been bad about getting online and writing, but I'm busy saving the world. Okay, maybe not the world, but Mom and Dad have been busy with other neighbors trying to fight a giant Wawa that they are trying to build in our neighborhood. They've already knocked down five homes and are trying to put this mammoth convenience store at the end of our street. This has really, really pissed mom off.
Anyway, we have had a few nice days here on the shore. I am really looking forward to spring and summer. The only bad thing is that mom has been trying to get me to go for a walk with her in the morning. Hope...nada. I am not walking off our block without dad and Ollie walking with us. What would happen if a giant dinosaur jumped out of the bushes? Mom couldn’t do anything at all to protect lil’ol’me. Dad is fearless and could take on any dragon. So I am only going to go to the end of the block in the morning with mom. She can wait to go on a walk until dad is home in the evening. Besides, only dad is strong enough to protect me against the throngs of admiring fans I have. Sometimes it’s hard to be so loved.