Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Easter!

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! I sure did! (Oh, and Happy Passover to all my Jewish friends!) On Saturday, my pal Daniel came over to play. Daniel is a 10 year old boy who used to live in my neighborhood, but moved away. Daniel was visiting and came over just to play with me. We played and played for almost two hours. I was so exhausted that mom was scared that I would keel over! Daniel would throw the ball for me and try to get to it before I would- but, tee hee, I am faster! I had so much fun! Then on Sunday, my mom and dad left me at my grandparents with Ollie. We had a good time although mom says she is sure we ate some stuff we weren't supposed to! Tee hee! I came home and collapsed, I was so tired. Then, this morning, mom could hardly get me to go outside. She may have to carry me...all 30 lbs of me!
He is a picture of my friends Butchy and Snickers. Remember them? I talked about them on my blog before. They live with their mom, Linda in Iowa. Linda and mom have become fast friends. Butchy and Snickers sent me this cool Easter card of them with bunny ears on. Funny, eh?

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