Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Meet Cecil

I want you all to meet our new foster dog; his name is Cecil. His name was Skeeter, but he told mom and dad that he didn't like that name much!

Anyway, do any of you know why his name is Cecil? It's because the meaning of Cecil of "blind" and low and behold, this fella is!

Cecil (formerly Skeeter) has a pretty unfortunate story. Seems Cecil, who is 6 years old had a family of his own once and when his mom and dad didn’t get along any longer and decided to divorce, seems poor Cecil got stuck in the middle of it all. He was left chained in a garage, sometimes for days upon end until he became a malnourished ball of mats and sores. Just look at the pictures of poor Cecil still locked in that terrible garage before he came to rescue. Under all that fur, he was covered in terrible sores and he was underweight. Imagine that! Me, big Mackie boy that I am cannot imagine being under weight-hehehe!

Anyway, the man in the family knew that Cecil wasn’t being cared for and when he was approached, he agreed to release him to rescue. Cecil needed lots of cleaning and they had to shave him down to get all the mats off. He had to have prednisone and other meds to take care of all the sores on his body and his ear infections due to malnourishment. With all his vaccinations updated, a good round of medications and some good food for a change, Cecil is the picture of health these days. His skin is almost completely clear (mom is still giving him medicated baths and some topical spray for some redness in his armpits) but he looks great- don’t you think?

Problem for poor Cecil is that he’s blind. Well, he has about 10% vision total- he can see light, but pretty much can’t make out shapes or faces or anything. He walks into everything and mom guides him when they are walking---she’s his seeing eye person! Heheh!

The good news for Cecil is that it’s only cataracts which are keeping him from having eyesight. The bad news is that it looks like the surgery is about $3000 to get him “repaired.” Urgh! No way mom and dad can swing that! So, mom would like to ask all my doggy pals and their families to help if you can!

We really think that baby Cecil should have a shot at a normal life. He’s already had it so bad and he’s only 6 years old, as you all know is pretty young for a WFT. And Cecil is a really great boy! He’s housebroken, crate trained, gets along with other dogs (as a matter of fact, he loves other dogs!) loves kids, all people, walks well on a leash, is really gentle and loving and mom says is one of the sweetest WFT’s she’s ever known.

If you can, will you help us get Cecil’s eye’s fixed? Please donate in Cecil’s name directly to American Fox Terrier Rescue or to the Fox Terrier Network's Rescue Fund
Both of those links have info about where to send donations and have a paypal button for instant help! But please remember to mark it for Cecil or he may not get it. Thanks so much for any help you can give! It means all the world to Cecil and to all us wires!