Friday, November 20, 2009

It's My Birfday!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to tell you all how excited I am about my birfday today! I'm 9 years old today and my mom is so happy about how happy and healthy and young acting I am. Mom promised that tonight I get to go to dinner with she and dad and then to Petsmart to pick out my birthday presents and then the very best part...I get to go get ice cream.
I'll post pictures tomorrow! AFTER ice cream! YUMMY!!!
Happy Birfday to me, Happy Birfday to me!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Prayers for the sick and for those who have left us...

We have recently lost two good WFT friends, Einstein was a true gentleman who lived in NC with his mom and dad and little sister Missy Pearl. Missy Peral was a puppy that mommy was taking in to foster and she never made it here because her mommy, Kate met her while transporting her and asked my mommy if she could adopt her right then and there! So Einstain lived out his days with a sweet little sister.
We've also lost Terrence, or T-Boy who was Jennie Bear's WFT and a loved one at that. Terrance was not even 7 years old and suddenly became ill and when rushed to the vet, it seemed he had a form of cancer that moved quickly and took his life.
We are sending prayers for Terrence and Einstein and their families. It makes mommy so sad to know what they are going through.
Now I have to ask you to put on your prayer hats or whatever people do to pray and help us pray for my dear friend Snickers who is gravely ill. We also want you to join us in taking part of a Worldwide Moment for Snickers. See more info below from Jake and Miss Fergi who have organized this moment for Snickers.....

As you may know

Miss Snickers is struggling


Along with her family.

(The best place to keep up with updates

is Gussie’s blog.)

Last night looked as if it might have been her last.

This morning she rebounded with improved symptoms.

She is far from out of the woods

But she and her family

Including her gentle and loving brother Butchy

Have been granted another day.

We can’t help but believe

that part of the improvement is because of

The support and love that have surrounded her

From all around the world

Thanks to the linked paws

Of her blogging friends.

The Power of the Paw

We are asking everyone to set your alarms

And at exactly 11:00 PM GMT on Saturday 14 Nov 09

(Go to this link to find what time that is for you)

5:00 PM Saturday evening in Iowa

as Snickers' family sits down to eat

Turn toward them (in the central USA)

And join together in a silent minute

Of prayer, meditation, contemplation, reflection

Whatever feels right to you.

Followed by whatever means of communication

You choose.










To wish and send Miss Snickers and her family

whatever is in your hearts

That will help them feel the Love and Support

They need right now.

Personally, we’ll be praying for a Miracle.


Blow a Kiss

and send your Love and Prayers and Best Wishes

to Miss Snickers and her Family

and they will feel their arrival

in the breeze.


We believe it will help.

And we'll do anything in our power right now

To help.


Jake, Fergi, MomaSally and NinaGirl

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

We are so close, but still not there...

Mommy has been working to get two wire fox terriers up to Maryland from an AL shelter. She was able to get one of them moved on the 25th..."JJ" is safe despite being fairly underweight and the vet considered him severly dehydrated.
Anyway, she has transport for the remainng dog, "Foxy" this Thursday if she can get him from Tuscaloosa to Atlanta. He has a ride out of Tuscaloosa, but still need help with the leg half way out from Tuscaloosa into Atlanta. He needs to be there Thursday to catch a ride on this transport north to get into foster and so we can find him a new home.
If any of you or someone you know can help, please let me"Foxy" really needs help and we are so close to getting him...