Monday, March 30, 2009

It's getting busy around here!

Now that you all have had a chance to meet Ozzie (who by the way is NOT living with us) you can all meet little Miss Dottie Sue who IS living with us.

Dottie Sue is staying with us until Mommy can find her a new family to live with. She came from a breeder in PA and was lucky to have lived in a nice home with people who loved her. Mom says she is a nice little thing, but Finnegan told me that sometime she growls at him and is a bit nasty. I've come to figure out that those female wires can be a bit bossy! Mom doesn't let me ever visit with the foster dogs since I am not too nice to other dogs so she keeps them safely away from my bite!! heheheh!

Anyway, Dottie Sue is a petite little 14 pound cutie. I've seen her go by when mom has been taking her outdoors and she is a cute little thing. She has cried when mom leaves her by herself and I feel bad for her, but we have to have mom to ourselves some too.
Momy says that Dottie Sue has to go to the vet on April 7 to get 'fixed'. I asked mommy what that means and she says they will make it so she can't have little WFT puppies.
I had to go to th vet last Friday cause my ear infection is back and mommy tried everything to get rid of it. The vet says it was a sesspool of bacteria in there and has given me a slew of medicine to take which is icky, but I hope my ear feels better soon!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Meet Ozzie!

Hi all! You all know my mommy is involved with American Fox Terrier Rescue, so she asked me to tell you all about a fella named Ozzie who needs a home. Ozzie is an 11 year old wire and is a perfect gentleman. Unfortunately, his parents got divorced and now Ozzie'a life isn't what it used to be. He lives with his mommy, but she works all the time and Ozzie is always alone. So, Ozzie's mom has decided that he needs a new family. I know that 11 may sound like an old dog, but first of all, look at that dude! He's a stud! I wish I were in that kinda shape! And besides, we just start getting good at about 8 years old (my mom always says that and it makles me feel good since I'm 8 now!)
Ozzie is crate-trained, perfectly behaved, gets along with other dogs, cats and all people.
If you or someone you know may want to open your home and heart to a sweet senior boy, please contact my mommy at

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Please help Fox Terrier Rescue!

Do you see the link on right of the screen that says please vote for Zazoo?? Well, please do it! If Zazoo wins, American Fox Terrier rescue could win up to $10,000 and believe me we really need the money AND your help to win! So, please vote and spread the word!

Thank you!!