Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Checkin' in!

Me and mommy haven't been so good about updating my blog lately. Seems mom is always really busy and these days, I prefer just to take it easy on the sofa.
We had a wonderful holiday and had two foster dogs through the holidays. We had the cute little girl Gabby who mom and daddy took to PA to live with a new family. She was a nice little girl and very petite maybe weighing about 13 lbs. Teeny by my standards! She is doing really well with her new family who reported to mom that they are "besotted" with her--whatever that is a picture of little Gabby in her seatbelt and bed in the car on the way to her new forever home. Doesn't she look happy?

Anyway, we also had Boomer here---you all remember Boomer from Axel's bog, don't you? Well, dear Axel and his folks were kind enough to open their homes to Boomer for us since we already had Gabby here. Boomer came to stay with us and finally ended up living with a wonderful family right here in Maryland. These are also really great people and truly love little Boomer and didn't mind that he was a little wild wire fox. Truly, Boomer was a beautifully behaved little guy for being a year old, but wires will be wires and we all are a bit high maintenance.

That's about it for now, but I do want to ask everyone to join us in praying big prayers for Bogart's daddy who is very, very ill and on life support. Bogart and his mommy really want him home soon, so please help us pray to the big dude upstairs!