Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Two and counting....

We are down to just the two pups now, Basil and Ike. Mom and Dad have grown very fond of the two of them, but mommy says she is still looking forward to getting our old life back. Apparently mom has really good potential homes for both Basil and Ike, but she is trying to follow all the rules and get a home visit done on them before they come to pick them up. Seems both of the pups may go a bit of a distance away- Ike to NJ and Basil to NY. Mom says she is really happy about both of these homes and really hopes it works out for both of the little guy's. I do too---I want my mommy back!!
By the way, thank you for you guy's who've been asking about my ear. It's still a mess and mom has been working hard to pull every trick out of her cap that she can. She says she refuses for me to have surgery and I'm with her!!! I'm getting a lot of baths and special stuff for my itchy skin and aam taking a lot of pills too. I don't like it much and try to run and hide from mom in the mornings now, but I do know shes just doing it cause she loves me....I just wish she'd love me without all those stinking pills!!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

We are down to three!

Many of you have been asking about how the puppies are...well we are currently one less. Edgar, now Eddie went to his new forever home last weekend. His new family are wft experienced and he even has a wft brother named Corky who is a nice guy.

We still have Basil-

And we still have Archie

And we still have Ike

Aren't they just the cutest?? Mom says even though she really loves them, she is pretty tired and is looking forward to them all finding their forever homes. I'll be pretty glad too---ever since they've come, mom hardly has time t sit around with me and love on me and stuff. Hope this ends soon!!

By the way, Mike's Mom from NY--when you posted before, my mom doesn't get an email address for you...can you send it to her please? Just email mom at mdfoxterrier@yahoo.com

Mom and Dad took Finney and Ollie to a dog walk today and left me at home saying something to the effect that I "don't get along well with other dogs"- no that is ridiculous! I do so...it's just I get a bit upset when one comes near me...or acts silly near me...or stands near me, or mom, or dad...but other than that, they are okay...or not...anyway, Finney got a microchip and mom said he cried (I didn't cry when I got mine..heheheh!) but I guess this means that if Finnegan gets lost, we'll get him back one way or another...geez, and all this time I was holding out hope! hahahah!