Monday, November 28, 2005

My new Gorilla rocks!

November 20 was my 5th birthday and I think the best birthday I have ever had. Mom loves me so much I got extra hugs and kisses, if that is even possible. I had been sick since Friday, so mom said I would have to wait for my cupcake, what a bummer. But, mom and dad made up for it by all the presents I got...tons! All of my presents were pretty good but I especially loved my new gorilla. It yells and squeals and it only took me about ten minutes to chew its little heart into pieces. I made it stop yelling at me! I was pretty happy with myself!
Monday after my birthday Ollie decided he wanted to play with my new Gorilla. I didn't want to share any of my new toys, but i especially didn't want to share my new Gorilla. When he took it, it made me very angry and I went to get it. He gave it up to me, but not easily. Then, Ollie took another one of my toys and when I went to get that from him we got in an all out fight. This made mom and dad really mad and mom took all of my toys away from me and put them in the closet. BUMMER! What a crappy day after my birthday. Ollie always manages to get me! Regardless of this, I think Mom and Dad are pretty good to me since I got so many gifts. i just wish it were like this everyday. I can't wait for Christmas.

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Butchy & Snickers said...

Hi Mackie, I was just looking back at your older posts and realized that we have the same PURPLE GORILLA! Did your mom get your's at Walmart? That's where mine came from. He's getting pretty tattered though, Mom keeps sewing him up for me and has put 3 new squeakers in him (I broke the gorilla noise maker in the first hour!) and last night, I finally chewed his nose up. Mom was not happy! Catch ya later!
Butchy Lamb