Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Squirrels and birthdays and other good stuff!

Next Sunday is my birthday. Actually, it will be my 5th birthday. Mom says she has a hard time believing that I will be 5 and I think that is because I didn't live with my mom and dad the first 2 1/2 years of my life. I know that mom and dad are planning something for said so. So, I am hoping that mom has gotten me plenty of new toys since most of my toys are looking pretty bad these days. I also hope that I get some special treat. Mom told me about Amy and Jeeves on the WFT list. Amy got Jeeves a butterscotch cupcake for his birthday....yummy! Mom has to figure out a way to top that (I hope!) Chocolate would do just nicely, but mom says I can never, ever have it. Sometimes people suck. Actually, the thing I am most hoping I get is my dead squirrel. Oh, I forgot to tell you, I killed a squirrel last week. Dead. Did it all by myself too. I finally caught one of those dang varmits and shook it to death. I think that is an appropriate way for it to die. These darn squirrels get up in the huge Pecan trees in my yard and throw the pecans at me. They have even hit me in the head once or twice. That makes mom angry with them too. So, I killed one, and no sooner did I kill it then Dad came out to steal it. I told him, "Get away from my squirrel and get your own". I think that came out as a growl. Anyway, dad didn't seem to find it funny since he hollered at me and mom came to scoop me up. That was only after I bit his foot. He had crossed the line and gotten too close to my squirrel. Mom brought me inside and calmed me down. When I went back outside, there was no squirrel...Dad had STOLEN IT! So I have asked for my squirrel back for my birthday. I know it must be good and smelly by now, just the thing for a good terrier like me. Maybe mom will get me one of these shirts.

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