Friday, October 14, 2005

Sock Eater....

Seems these days Mom is not as happy with me as she usually is. I think it all goes back to Wednesday night when I ate that sock. Now, you have to understand that I've eaten several socks in my time, sometimes with success and they pass on through, and once, as a puppy they had to surgically remove it. Mom is paranoid. I have managed to pass socks since I've been an adult. She doesn't understand just how good they are. They are all smelly with the scents of the people I love.
I have gotten over my other bad habit of biting people when they try to take socks (or undies or washcloths) away from me. I used to just rip into them. That clearly made everyone understand that I have ownership of the cloth item now. It's mine; find your own stinking sock. Anyway, I used to bite people pretty hard. I'm pretty sure that was what got me sent to the vet to be put to sleep. Thankfully the Dr. recognized what a great boy I am and found me a new home with my mom and dad. I ripped into them a few times too, but now they just ask nicely and say "please", and I give them up. Wednesday night I managed to get one down before mom could get to me. I hadn't had a sock in so long and I thought I was going to go into withdrawl. Now, mom is threatening to take me to the Dr. to have my belly cut open again. Sometimes people just don't get it, and I hate mom to be disappointed in me. I know she says she’s worried…but why?

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Ozzie said...

Hey Mackie!
My secret is to just chew and enjoy the chase. My mom ties big long soccer socks in knots together to keep me occupied, but I always like the "fresh off the foot" kind the best. What about you? Hope everything come out "in the end"!
--Ozzie in Colorado