Friday, October 14, 2005

What's with all the banging?

I don't know what all the fuss is about, but apparently mom and dad have gotten some fancy rocks for the kitchen. Mom sat there for about an hour last night just looking at these stupid things and not paying me any mind. It's starting to irritate me. Besides, I got locked upstairs Wednesday all day and now again today so that some strangers can come into the house and mess with the stuff. This whole "kitchen remodel" is for the cats (he, he! Like that? No more of this its for the dogs crap!). I can't imagine why mom and dad would spend money on new stuff for the kitchen. The old stuff worked perfectly well. I think it was Ollie's idea. He always needs to be so fancy. He insisted on the stupid fence outside and I know I heard him insist on redoing the wooden floors downstairs. Now that was just stupid; if one of us try to play or run or just plain have fun, mom and dad yell and say "not on the floors!". Geez. Makes me wonder what limitations are in store for us in the kitchen. The only good thing I can say is that this new stuff in the kitchen really seems to make mom happy. I just hope that they stop running off to Salisbury to go to the home stores and stop leaving me behind at home with Ollie. It's just not worth all that. Oh, and stop locking me upstairs. This kitchen remodeling stuff stinks. I hope this is just planning for a big birthday party for me next month…then it would be worth it!


Anonymous said...

Counters look awesome!! I bet you are very happy!! Amy

Anonymous said...

Love the fancy new rocks Mackie-I bet they make your Mom and Dad very happy. They are beautiful!! Your Mom and Dad have very good taste-thats why they love you and your brother so much!! Aunt Michelle sends her love to you all.