Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Two more of my girls!

The weekend came and went and Mom and Dad were no where around. They said they went to NY; lame excuse. I had my heart set on loads of love from mom, and rough play with my dad. They left me and Ollie at Grandma and Grandpa’s. We had a good time; grandma and grandpa are good to us and give us lots of love and treats, but I still was excited when mom and dad finally came home.

Aren’t these two girls hot? They are two of my many girlfriends. The one on the top is Bella and the one on the bottom is Pheobe. Aren’t they pretty? Phoebe and Bella share their home with their daddys’, Rich and Ken. My mommy really loves them. She says all the time that they have really good hearts. They must be good- mom says they love dogs as much as she does. Phoebe is Rich’s little girl and Bella is Ken’s little peanut. They also have a brother, J.J. who is also nice, but doesn’t get along with his sisters all that well. Boy do I understand that! Ollie and I used to not get along either, but things seem better now that he knows that I’m the boss.

Anyway, I just want to say I hope all my friend, especially out west get some relief from the heat soon. Doggies are staying inside all the time because it’s too hot for them and their owners. So, have a cold one on me! (Frosty Paws, of course!)


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Hey, they are cuties! I like short girls....not that I can do anything with them!

Bussies Kissies

Luci & Raisin said...

Hi Mackie. Phoebie and Bella sure are hotties. Our Mom hasn't been letting us out as much because of the heat and I Luci don't like it at all. Raisin doesn't care because he's not real thrilled outside, but I miss it. Mom did let me out to swim in the pool today, but I started chasing our resident bullfrog and she took me in. Toodles.

fee said...

dear mackie,

o boy, how many more girlfriends do you have?

ps: how are the puppy mill dogs doing?