Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hot, hot, hot!

Boy has it been hot here. I know it sounds hot when I say it has been almost 100 degrees here. But, if you lived here you would understand the other curse we have- humidity. There is not even any air outside to breathe. For those of you who live out west, you may not understand what I’m saying, but all of you locals will know. This is HOT! I haven’t even wanted to be outside chasing squirrels. I will go out and chase them, but then I come right back in.

I have an Airedale friend, Linus who caught and killed a raccoon last night. Wow! A coon! You know of course that I’m almost as big as an Airedale, right? I could get one of those things too! (Mom, says not, but she’s wrong!)

I want everyone to know that our buddy Axel hasn’t been feeling too well lately. His mommy and daddy (aka Daniella and Ron) went out of town and when they came back little Axel had severe itchies! Daddy Ron took him to the doctor, but he still isn’t feeling better yet. He has to go to a different Doctor tonight. Poor Ax.; bad enough one Doctor, but two? Here’s to you buddy, we hope you feel better soon.

Also, mom and I want for everyone to pray for our dear friend, Sue. She lost here little sheltie friend Holly last week at 14 years old. Mom had to make that decision too, to let her dear friend go a few years ago. She says it was the hardest thing she’s ever done. So, we should all keep Sue in our thoughts and prayers and while we are at it he wires Gwyn and C.D. lost their sister too, so we should think of them also.

I hope everyone stays cool!

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