Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy 4th!

What a nice weekend! Mom and Dad were home with me and Ollie for the whole weekend plus a few days! On Saturday, Mom wasn’t home much because she was in Cambridge having lunch with her family. Not sure why she didn’t take me, but she keeps saying it’s too hot. Hello, mom. We have air conditioning in the car. Sheez.

Since mom and dad were busy on Saturday, they made it up to us later that day. Dad drove Ollie and me to Oxford, a town nearby and we got to walk around. Then mom said we were going to go to the work because they were having a Big Band concert there. The drive from Oxford to St. Michaels is about 25 miles, but there is a ferry that goes across the water. It is very close that way. So, Dad drove us all onto the ferry and we went across the water in our car on a boat. I had a great time. Dad rolled the windows down so I could hang out pretty far and get a good whiff of everything around. What fun! Then we parked and walked into the museum where a big crowd of people were there to listen to music they played during WWII. Everyone loved me, and some people loved Ollie too. I think a lot of those people already knew me since they would come up to my mom saying “So, these are your boys?” A lot of people said they had a wire fox terrier when they were kids. Mom told them that there are still plenty that need adoption if they are interested. Anyway, then there was a lot of loud booms and flashing in the sky and mom and dad walked really fast to get us out of there. I was sorry too, because I was having a great time. Only thing is that Ollie is really afraid of loud sounds and especially thunderstorms. I think this was a little different than thunder and lightening, but Ollie was still afraid. There was more of it last night, but Mom gave Ollie medicine to help him relax, so even though he was scared, he didn’t shake so badly. Mom says that people in the U.S. do this to celebrate their freedom. I hope that all of my friends had a good, safe time celebrating!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mackie, I am glad you enjoyed the Fireworks! I am so sorry that Ollie is scared, but, you are the big brother when it comed to noisy things. I hope to see you soon. Grandma

Mango & Party said...

Hello Mackie,

Does Ollie have medicine to cure him of his fear of thunder/fireworks? oh my... Mango is scared silly of them too, but she did not get any medicine for it. Lucky Ollie.

Our annual fireworks is coming up in August and I am just counting down to the day when Mango will be going all wired-up and scared.

Hope to see you around in bloggerland!

Party & Mango

Life with Ozzy said...

It sounds like you guys had a terrific time on your holiday with your parents. My mom says that too about it's too hot to go in the car. I don't get it other.
Take care,

fee said...

dear mackie,


i've been glued to your blog reading all your old posts for the last hour; did that sock (and the others) really go into you? and did you ... that squirrel...?

you're cool man! so far, i've only managed to swallow bits of moist soil and trample on a cockcroach.

are you finally brothers with your brother ollie? my wft parents (party & mango above) and i, we have this really weird kiss-n-nip relationship. i wonder if they will ever sober up from their post natal blues and finally be more lovey-dovey with me.

you must tell us more about your adventures! everything!

a fan,

fee said...

PS: i've added a link to your blog from mine so i can scoot in here double quick in future!

PSS: and i love shel silverstein too!