Monday, May 08, 2006

Meet Derby!

I've had another busy weekend and I'm exhausted. Since it has been so nice outside, I have had lots of time to chase squirrels and go for walks. It’s really made me tired, but I am going to try not to be so grouchy. I still haven't made it back in the bed with mom and dad since the infamous "toe" incident. You'd think that mom would be quicker to forgive me than this. I have even pulled out all the stops. I have cried and cried and tried to make her regret kicking me out of the bed. I have even overheard her saying how pathetic it was to hear me cry myself to sleep. Yet, this has not gotten me back into the big bed yet. I'm hoping for a change soon.
Hey, I want to introduce you to a friend of mine. Everyone, meet Derby! Derby is one handsome guy- I think he looks a lot like me! Derby and his mom Sue also live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I am told that they may be getting another dog soon. I told them; whatever they do- don't get a Bearded Collie or another herding dog. I don't think that Derby would like to be pushed around either. I think that we should get Ollie in the backyard and Derby and I should herd him! Wouldn't that be a blast? (Okay, mom...I was just kidding!) I am hoping that since Derby is close by (in round about terms) that he and I will meet nose to nose one day soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the summer and stay handsome!

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Ozzy said...

You like chasing squirrels those are fun but I love robins! Now those pesky things are fun to chase. I have also found ducks! Have you tried ducks yet? They get away from you by going into the water and swimming away. If only mom let me off the leash I know I coulda gotten them both! Have fun on your walks!

Your friend,