Wednesday, September 20, 2006

True doggie friends!

Sorry I've been away from the computer lately. My mom has been really busy and she hasn't let me have my time on the laptop. Selfish, I tell you. I haven't even been able to communicate with my beautiful girlfriend Sunshade. I told mom that I'd had enough and that I needed to get online before Miss Sunshade gives up on me and finds another hunk to call her beau. I think mom really has just been sad about giving Ajax away and that's been her problem. I even heard my dad tell her that she gave away his dog but then mom said she got a nice email from the wonderful people who adopted Aax and they said he is doing really well. They said that Ajax and his new brother really like each other and have even been playing tug-o-war with their toys.
Anyway, I see that I've been tagged and the topic is "What makes for a true doggie friend", so here goes.
5. True doggie friends will play chase with me in the back yard. I'm it and then you're it.
4. True doggie friends share their nylabones.
3. True doggie friends will join in with me to hunt and chase the squirrels. You go to one side of the tree and I'll go to the other. (Ollie is finallly getting the hang of it!)
2. True doggie friends wouldn't even think of jumping into my mom's lap. She's mine, get that straight.
1. The best thing that makes a true doggie friend is a doggie friend who selfishly helps other dogs even though they could have had unlimited treats for themselves. (I'm thinking about Dean-O! here!)

Now I'm off to see who I can tag...I'm so late I bet everyone has already been tagged!!
P.S. - Christine sent this wonderful picture and note about the Petster prize from Dean-O to the American Fox Terrier Rescue group. She says, "Jean & Jake stood in for us at Petster in Seattle toaccept the $1000 cheque for Fox Terrier Rescue. Congrats to everyone who worked so hard to get the votes in for Dean-O!" Way to go everyone and specail thanks to Dean-O! and his mom Christine for their generosity!


rvrg said...

No one told me about UNLIMITED TREATS!!! Still, I am really happy that we were able to help the doggies with NO treats at all...or love...or a pink froggie. We would not have won if Melissa & Mackie had not campaigned so hard to get us all those votes. You are true pals & I luv ya.


Sunshade said...

OH YOU'RE BACK YOU'RE BACK!!! Ok, I have to keep my composure.....

Dearest Mackie,

How could I ever give up on you? Especially when you are being a good son to your mama trying to cheer her up.

I just found out that I'm on Dean-O's rvrg web page, under the "Club House" page! I got a fleece jumper few years ago from Dean-O's mama and she put a photo of me wearing the suit in the Club House page!!

Your ONLY,
Miss Sunshade

Dean-O! said...

You are all invited to join the gang at the clubhouse