Friday, September 15, 2006

...and then there were two....

Last night mom and dad left with Ajax and came home without him. I thought maybe mom’s mind is slipping and they accidentally left him somewhere, but mom says they did it on purpose. What? Why would they do such a thing? Ajax was a great little boy and I was really growing to love the little fella. Mom said they found a new home for him and that he was my foster brother which meant he was only here temporarily. Mom and Dad said that Ajax went to a home with really great people who seemed to love him already. Mom said the daddy; a man named Warner had grown up with Wire Fox Terriers and that he and his wife, Sharon had rescued a couple of WFT’s themselves. Apparently he and Sharon had recently lost one of their boys and the other dog there Toby was lonely so they adopted Ajax. Dad said that Toby and Ajax ran and ran in the backyard like they were old pals. I can see that since Ajax was such a nice little guy and really fun he will do well in his new home.
Even though mom and dad said that they were really happy that Ajax went to such a wonderful family, I could still tell that they were sad about him being gone. I think we all miss him already. Crazy, eh? Anyway, Ajax, buddy, we love you little fella.


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey lover boy,

So glad that Ajax found his "furever" home - that's great news !

I bet you will miss him - do you need me to come on over and cheer you up :-)


Wired for Mackie said...

You bet, Opy! That would be great! Buyt since we are so far apart, I'll be happy just seeing your pictures and getting your mail!

Thanks for the cheering, Opy!

Gus said...

Mackie: We hope that Ajax is very happy. Give your mom lots of kissies so she won't feel so bad, we know she misses Ajax too

Gussie and his muzzer

Life with Ozzy said...

Mom said to say she's glad to hear Ajax got his new furever home and wanted to know do you guys know if they kept that name for him?
Also I've tagged you to name 5 things that are great about being a four legged friend. Drop by mine or Butchy & Snickers blog to get a better description.

Wirey hugs,
Ozzy & and his mom Jen

Sunshade said...

Ohhh Mackie, I wish I could be there to cheer you up....... Chin up my man, you gotta be strong for your mommy and daddy ok?? Tell them they did great finding Ajax a loving home!!!

MUAH and lots and lots of Love nibbles to you and your parents!

Yours only,
Miss Sunshade

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

If my mom "fostered" wires, there would be like 20 living here cuz she could never give em up!

Bussie Kissies

Gus said...

Tag again. Tell us five great things about doggy friends. See my blog, or Axel's or Ivy's for hints.


Sunshade said...

Dear Mackie,

I got my new pink fleece jumper suit from Butchy & Snickers' mom. I took lots of pictures to show you your girl "all dressed" up, go have a look ok?

ps. if you like my blog, please vote for me at D.W.B Bone Zone for the Awesome DogBlog Award!


Yours only,
Miss Sunshade

fee said...

o, goodbye ajax. will you be visiting him often? i'm sure he will miss you!


jaffeboy said...

Good luck Ajax. Mackie, you make sure you visit him often!!!

Sunshade said...

Mackie my man, where have you been? I miss you!!

Anyway, you are tagged by me, so check out my blog to see what you have to do ok?

You are not out "flirting" with other girls are you?

Yours only,
Miss Sunshade