Monday, February 06, 2006

A Super Bowl from a Super Friend!

There are a few of you who don’t realize that I have a lot of wiry friends out there (can you imagine that?). Mom and I are on the Wirefoxterrier list on yahoo groups and the Fox Terrier Network. Both groups are made up of folks who have very good taste and love Wire Fox Terriers (what else?!)

There are lots of beautiful girls and some fun boys on the list. One of my great pals is Axel. Some of you already know about Axel as he is a world famous WFT who has the best blog.

Axel is not quite a year old and lives with his mom, Daniella and dad, Ron in Philly. Axel is quite the busy WFT pup, lately stealing a brownie from mom Daniella’s purse and eating her cell phone, lipstick and eye liner. He is mischievous and always into something. Just my kind of friend!!

My dad says that Wire Terriers are like Jack Russell’s on steroids. Isn’t that great, and how true! We are a bit bigger (actually, I am a lot bigger at 28 lbs) but we have more muscle, jump higher, run faster and are generally more bouncy that a JRT. Mom always says we are what terriers were supposed to be before people calmed us down to live inside.

Anyway, my dear friend Axel has a couple of girls fighting over him and his bid for the SuperBowl winner. Axel really doesn’t care much about the SuperBowl (like me) but he sent me what his idea of a super bowl is! A giant bowl filled with kibble, dingo treats, a big bone, his mom’s cell phone and make-up and other stuff like that. Then Axel decided to add an edible sock and a very smelly squirrel to the bowl (much like the one that my dad stole from me).

Axel, my dear friend wrote on his blog, saying, “Speaking of Bowls - I had a request from Mackie to add another tasty treat to my SuperBowl Extra Large - a few chewable socks. You got it buddy! And I know you never asked, but because I dig you and your blog - I'm even going to throw in a dead squirrel, a real stinky one like the one your Dad confiscated last year. I'm such a generous fella, that I'm even going to share my Bowl with you!”

He is going to share his bowl with me - now that is one cool guy! Thanks Ax!
Mom says you can come share my house if you want to when your parents are off getting hitched. If you can share your bowl, than I can share my yard and house. (I probably won’t share my bed though, sorry buddy!)

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Wiry Axel said...

Wow, that is some coverage you gave me Dude, thanks!!! I won't charge you for your copyright infringement on my graphics! Heh heh, just kidding!!! More the merrier!
Remind me where you live, I'd love to make myself scarce around wedding time...but mom booked me into - looks cool, but visiting you would be a blast!!! And I don't want to share your bed either - I bet you have stinky expired squirrel breath!