Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I've been busy...so sue me!

It's been awhile since I've written. I have been so busy. I have been doing well in my Family Dog classes and mom is very proud of me. This past week though, mom chose not to take me to the class. She and Dad went without me. That was because she dragged me to Lynchburg to see my Uncle L.J. for his birthday. I had a great time there and really enjoyed seeing my cousins Bean (a Jack Russell/Beagle mix), Penny (a Beagle), Hunter (a golden retriever), Cracker (a Pit Bull) and all the kitties. Bean was the only one that they would leave out with me, although Cracker got to stay out fore a short while mom was concerned that if Cracker jumped on me that I would start a fight...geez. I did get to chase the kitties, but Uncle L.J. did not think that was funny at all and squirted me with a water bottle. Little does he know that I love squirting water- especially from a hose. That my favorite.
Anyway, the trip wore me out and I was not feeling too well by Monday afternoon when Mom and I got home. So, Mom decided I would be too tired and grouchy to go to class. I think she brought homework home though.
Mom and Dad have been taking Ollie to Rally class too. Ollie told me that he really likes Rally Dog classes. I'm not too sure that I would like it much. I think that Flyball is more my kind of sport! I would be kick-butt at Flyball!

Mom has been very tired lately as she and dad and fellow neighbors have been very busy trying to defeat Wawa from building a super store in our neighborhood. Not that Mom hates Wawa or anything, because she doesn’t – she is just trying to get them to see how bad it is to build a big commercial, busy gas station in a small historic neighborhood. The fight has been going on since June last year and she is really getting tired of it. I think things are coming to a head, but this Wawa fight has really cut into my valuable Mackie time!

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