Monday, October 16, 2006

Abigail the wonder dog!

I’d like to tell you about Abigail. Abigail is a beautiful little girl Wire Fox Terrier who just came into rescue, but Abby has a unique story.
Here’s her story:
“In October 2006, a number of Fox Terrier Rescue volunteers received and email pleading for help for a young female fox terrier with a broken leg. She was at a vet clinic, but needed to move on to rescue. Not wanting to put her in a shelter, (after all, who would adopt a dog with a broken leg?), or to have to amputate her leg, her family reached out for help from Fox Terrier Rescue.
Terry Cerisoles of South East Fox Terrier Rescue, and Jeanne Sanders and Cheryl Collins of Midwest Fox Terrier Rescue jumped at the challenge and began working on getting Abigail moving on to a new life.
Chuck and Patricia Bigelow, who had previously adopted 2 darling fox terriers from Cheryl Collins, were contacted and asked to help. You see, Chuck is an Airline Pilot with Delta Airlines. They live in Atlanta, and it just seemed like they would be able to help in ways no one else could!
Kathy Lauer of Midwest Fox Terrier Rescue in Minneapolis was then contacted to see if she could get her contacts at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Teaching Hospital to agree to look at Abigail. Abigail needed a good orthopedic surgeon to look at her poor leg - and Kathy knew just the guy..
On October 11th, Abigail made her way to the U of M Vet Hospital to meet with the talented Dr. Roberto E. Novo, the Medical Director and Head of the Department of Small Animal Surgery at the University of Minnesota. (You may remember him from our last special needs crew -
Rebel the Missouri puppy mill dog that needed facial reconstruction. Dr. Novo and senior vet student Nate Rose gave Abigail a physical and looked over the numerous x-rays to determine the best course of action for Abby. All the while, Kathy crossed her fingers that they could save the leg.
Good news came when Dr. Novo decided that the best course of action was insert more stabilizing screws into the rod in Abby's leg, brace it, get her to use it more to promote bone and muscle growth, and wait for a full recovery. And so, on October 12, 2006, Abigail underwent surgery to stabilize her leg, and came through with flying colors.
On Saturday, Kathy and her good friend Diane went to the University, loaded with clippers and scissors to get Abigail cleaned up. If she has to live in a cage for the next few weeks, the less hair to collect dirt and smell, the better. She was matted to the skin in most places, so they had to cut her hair short. Abby was not very happy with the hair cut idea, but she put up with it like a trooper. She is so thin that clipping her became an interesting endeavor because the clipper couldn't really "glide" as there is no fat between her skin and her bones.
Kathy reported "We got to talk to 'Abby's vet student', Nate, and when she saw him, her tail about wagged off! She seems to be a favorite there - she's got a sparkle in her eye and is a doll. Seeing the hardware on on the outside of the leg with the screws going into her leg was a little shocking at first, but by the end of the 3 hour haircut event (we had to take a lot of breaks!), I hardly noticed it anymore."
She will stay at the U of M for a few more days, then move back to Compassionate Care Animal Hospital for a week. And then it's off to her new foster home with Cheryl Collins in Iowa.”

Abby is a mere 10 lbs. Poor little girl, but thankfully she is in good hands now and will be well cared for. If you are able to help Abby, either though a small donation toward her medical care, or if you would like to adopt her, please contact American Fox Terrier Rescue.


fee said...

thanks for sharing dear abby's story with us, mackie. i can't believe your parents actually went to the dog show without you and were even so bold as to come home smelling of other people!

they must be punished with a few strategically positioned indoor pee!

always on your side,

Anonymous said...

Abby is one lucky girl to have all the caring people around her to ensure her leg heals properly.

Sending all the Aire-Zen over to Abby for a speedy recovery!

Lots of looove,
Miss Sunshade

Anonymous said...

We just fired up the paw-pal account and made a donation!

Maybe if Luna doesn't work out Abby can come live with us!

Bussie Kissies

Wired for Mackie said...

Bussie- You rock! Good luck with Luna too!
I'd like a sister!

Fu Fu said...

Poor Abby, I'm sure she's in better care now. ;)

~ fufu