Friday, October 20, 2006

Anna Banna Bo Banna

I'm sure that everyone that reads my blog wishes that they wereblessed with their very own Wire Fox Terrier! Right? Comon', RIGHT?You all know what perfect guy I am. I didn't start out like that, butwhen my mommy and I found each other, I knew I was in the right home andI began to behave. Other WFT's are not so lucky. Some, like AnnaBanana are still looking for the right place. So, Anna is this prettylittle girl who is 18 months old who needs a new home. Anna's fostermom says this about her, "Anna is a handful now but if she could justfind a home with someone who understands the breed and will spend timewith her to teach her manners and give her lots of love. She is verytrainable but would do best in an only dog home. She is living with anolder male wire right now and he is getting sick of her wanting to playall the time." So lets get this straight- there's this little baby WFT girl whoneeds a new home because someone dumped her for being TOO PLAYFUL? Eek!Didn't they know that WFT's are playful? Didn't they know whattotal clowns we are? Didn't she come with a warning? (Note from mom:Mackie, dogs don't come with warnings, silly! They come with loads oflove, tons of kisses, lots of play, the ability to forgive you forwhatever it was you said, or did, or thought, but they don't come withwarnings!) Okay, mom, I got it. But, Anna sounds so good. Anyone outthere who wants a wonderful little girl to call their own and to loveand hug? Just email her foster mommy, Julie at


Anonymous said...

Anna is such a pretty little girl!! We sure hope she gets a new home fast!
Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Anonymous said...

Mom and I love Anna too (I'm just not willing to allow another Foxy bitch in the house!). Where is Anna located? My Mom works with UnderdogresQ here in Boston, maybe they can help with Anna?

Let us know,

Licks, Banba

e said...


We are in the DWB Xmas Card swap too so we just wanted to drop you a note and say GDAY!

Fei & E

mynameisboo said...

Mackie, mama was reading about Anna and she wishes she could get Anna home and make her my sister! After reading Butchy & Snickers, Buster and many other WFT blogs, mama fallen in love with the breed. She loves airedale too!

I hope Anna will find a good home soon.

Wet wet licks


Anonymous said...

Anna anna bo banna, fe fi fo fanna, Anna!

We sent her info to some lady that had contacted Mommy about getting a me dog. She liked the pictures!

Bussie Kissies

Wired for Mackie said...

Banba- Anna is in Texas with her foster mommy. He mommy is getting calls left and right about WFT's that need homes and there aren't even enough foster homes for them all.She needs help!

Your pal, Mackie

Anonymous said...

AnnaBanana is a cutie, and I hope she finds a home soon. I have also posted about Goldie the AmazingDALE who survived in the wilderness all by herself for 2 years. She is not as lucky as Anna because for some reason, her back legs were paralyzed, and yet she survived!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Bogart said...

Never possible to be TOO playful in my humble opinion... TOO cute, perhaps.