Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A very busy day

I’m exhausted. I admit it. I know that some of my fox terrier friends would never understand because I know what it is to be tired and some of my friends just don’t They are those balls of energy all the time. Don’t misunderstand me; I’m an active boy…after my nap. I love to run and play ball and chase squirrels, and then come inside and hit the sofa. Yesterday I hung out with mom who was home because she’s had this terrible headache. Then low and behold, my grandma (who lives 100 miles away) knocked on the door and surprised us. If that wasn’t enough of a surprise, she also had my great-grandpa with her (my mom’s grandpa). They were in town because yesterday was my Aunt Michelle’s Birthday – Happy Birthday Auntie Michelle! I really love my Aunt Michelle and I LOVE to give her my rape kisses. She just laughs and laughs which of course, just eggs me on more. Anyway I got to go with grandma and great-grandpa to his house and play and go for a ride. Then when I came home mom thought it was a good idea to give me a bath. I was a little mad at her for that and refused to sit with her last night. I hope she got the point. With all that running around yesterday and visiting, I am totally exhausted today. I wouldn’t even go downstairs to go pee in the morning. Mom almost had to drag me out. I need a good masseuse and some sleep!

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Sunshade said...

To the handsome little man,

To answer your question, YES YES YES, I love little men such as you!! Thanks for visiting my blog, hope to see you there often!!

Your new girlfriend,
Miss Sunshade