Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Help raise $1000 for Fox Terrier Rescue! No money needed!

As some of you already know, Christine Downs, from the Wirefoxterrier list has entered her WFT, Dean-O! in an online contest to win $1000. Christine and Dean-O! hope to win the $1000 with your help and donate it to the Fox Terrier Rescue.
Now the hard part. The website, seems to delight in making people jump through hoops to vote.
Here's how:

  • Go to the site at and register you and your pet. You can also click on the banner above!
  • Submit a profile and a picture of your pet for the profile to be able to vote. (We know not everyone has a digital camera to do this, so I suggest that you save a picture from the web of a dog like yours SFT, WFT or other) and save that to the profile)
  • Now you can vote for Dean-O! To do this go to and scroll down to “ Communicate With Kingaire’s Rosedale Valley Boy” in that list it says "cast your vote".

You are able to cast 3 votes per week, but only one per dog. So your vote REALLY, REALLY counts.
Like I said, we know that this site really puts you through the ringer to be able to vote, but the money will go to a worthy cause! Comon' you can help raise $1000 and with no money from your pocket! Please help!

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Dean-O! & Christine said...

Thanks! Your support is really appreciated. Dean-O! is moving up the ranks (now #2 with 13 votes) for the weekly award, but the prize is for the most accumulated monthly votes & we need to pass Rowdy, sho now has 52 votes. I believe that you can vote weekly for the same pet, so it would be good if everyone would vote this week & again next week. The contest ends at the end of the month.