Monday, August 14, 2006

Good news!

I have some good news to report about our dear friend Tilly. Tilly’s mom wrote to say that they went to see Tilly on Sunday in the hospital. She says, “The good news is that if she continues to feed through the tube ok we can bring her home Thursday afternoon. There is no treatment for what she has , just dedicated nursing care. 60 – 70 % recover apparently. She has Distal denervating disease.” She went on to say that, “When we went in she wagged her tail and Robbie (Tilly’s son) went berserk jumping up and down and barking. When he’d calmed down he lay beside her and they licked each other’s faces. It was so sweet.” The good thoughts and prayers are working! Keep them up, okay? We really want Tilly to pull through 100%.

Do you all remember me talking about my pretty girlfriends, Bella and Phoebe? Well, they have a nice Doxie brother, JJ, pictured to the left. JJ’s daddy, Ken sent my mommy the picture of him because we don’t want him to get jealous that I had his pretty sisters on and not him. JJ was also a rescue doggie. Isn’t that wonderful?

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. The weather finally broke here and its been beautiful. I've been spending a lot of the day outside waiting for squirrels.
I’m at home today, not feeling my best because I have yet another ear infection. What the heck? Mom insists on giving me Benedryl which makes me zonk out. She says at least I don’t scratch my ears when I’m asleep. She is so paranoid after one day when she came home to find that I have scratched my ears bloody while she was at work. That will show her! She should stay home with me, and not go to work!


Anonymous said...

halo mackie!

is your ear better now?

ok, you've been tagged by fee! let's play tag! come to my page and see how!


fee said...

oops, my comment didn't come out right.

it's me, fee!

Bogie said...

I'm a teeny, tiny bit under the weather, too. Lots of family was home last weekend and they took me for long runs. The pads on my feet aren't very tough since my folks take me for MUCH shorter walks and I got a blister. I'm hard at work licking and biting and trying to make it all better.

My hair is probably white because I've never been clipped. We just use the stripping knife and so do the groomers that I go. I don't have very much other color, though, like most of you wires. Sometimes my folks wonder if I'm all Wire or if I have some Westie mixed in. They bought me from a house with Westies but the lady said I came from Wire parents in New York City. They never gave us any "papers" to prove it but Mom and Dad don't really care any way.

JustMeCopper said...

I can so relate to the ear itching!