Wednesday, January 18, 2006

There are worse things to eat than socks..want proof?

I've taken a lot of slack off of folks for my refined sock eating habit. We can't really call it a habit, but I have eaten a few socks in my days. I just want to say to everyone to get off my back! I'll tell you why. my good friend Axel has proven that there are worse things to eat. Axel told the story-
"Yesterday Mom and Dad took me to Lemon Hill and I saw this tasty looking thing on the ground, so I put it in my mouth, gave it a chew and down it went. Dad was waving his arms and Mom was positively wretching! They didn't seem to want me to enjoy this particular snack. I heard them call it a condom - don't have clue what that is, but it had a good rubbery taste. Mom and Dad told me I couldn't lick them for at least 24 hours! What could all the fuss be about?"
See what I mean? that's worse than a smelly sock. Besides, mom never said that I couldn't give her kisses after the sock. I do hope that Ax coughs up his find up soon and that he is okay. Yesterday the poor fellow lost his manhood- you know, those little fellows back there that let us make pups.
Fear not, dear Ax, things will get better soon!

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