Monday, January 23, 2006

Not another brother!!

Man! Did I have a busy weekend! Dad’s friends, Shawn and Elizabeth came to visit this weekend and they brought their dog Bart. Bart is a pretty good boy and didn’t try to start any fight or anything so I thought he was okay. Bart had just had surgery to remove some of his teeth- Ouch! You can see where they shaved Bart's leg to give him the sleepy juice.
Bart and Ollie really liked each other and I think Ollie was begging Shawn and Elizabeth to take me home and leave Bart with mom and dad. The only thing that Bart did that I didn’t like was get near my mom. I tried to tell him early on that she is my mom and not to even look at her. He tried a few times to steal her from me- but no way, man. I took action. A good growl and a few lunges let him know I was serious.
Sunday, Dad, Shawn and Elizabeth all went for a long bike ride. I was upset to see them go as you can see in the picture of me looking out of the window. I didn't care that they were leaving, but I did care that they seemed to leave and leave Bart. I was afraid I was getting another brother and God knows I don't need another brother!
Tonight is my first real night of Family Dog training. I get to show everyone the stuff I have been working on with mom. One of the stupid things is that I get a treat for touching my nose to her hand. I still have no idea where this is going and maybe I’ll find out more tonight. All I know is that mom prepares some very yummy treats for me. Chicken, scrambled eggs, and tuna fish you name it. I’m getting some good, good stuff. I’ll need to have a talk with this trainer lady to tell her that I don’t appreciate having to do these mediocre tricks to get a decent treat. I’ll let you all know how that goes.

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