Friday, January 06, 2006

The after Christmas blues....

Christmas was pretty good. My grandma gave me the greatest gift; my very own squirrel. Now, mind you it’s not a real squirrel, and I know that despite these humans’ attempts at trying to trick us canines, but it has a really good tail that is almost like real. It was a really good gift. I got other gifts that were pretty good too, like my new tug of war toy that you see me and my dad playing with. Dad likes it if I play with him pretty hard.
One thing I didn't understand was when mom and dad came home with big bags of what I could easily smell were dog toys and they kept them from me. Later, I saw mom putting them in boxes and dad taking them off to the post office. Mom said they were going to needy Wires that live in Montreal. Come-on already...I am a needy wire. I need those toys. Geez. But, mom said those other dogs had it really bad and needed for us to show them that we love them, so off went my toys. I guess its okay.
The best part about Christmas was that mom and dad stayed at home with me for a whole week. Mom was around for naps and kisses and dad was available for play at almost any time. I did have a few busy days running to my grandparents, so I was glad when mom and dad headed off to the train museum in Pennsylvania so I could catch up on my rest. They are so high maintenance.
So, now mom and dad are back at work and I am back in my routine of being alone during the day. Yesterday I was feeling a bit grouchy about it. I liked it better when they were off and home with me. It kind of gives me the after Christmas blues.
I hope that all my family, friends and wiry friends had a wonderful holiday and happy New Year.

Slainte'. (Pronounced slahn-chuh is Irish for Cheers!)


Anonymous said...

So you think you had it bad? Those toys arrived at my house & were immediately whisked to the top of the armoire. Even with my superior jumping skills, I have not yet got that high...but I practice daily!
I did, however, get to enjoy the box. It was VERY interesting...lots of good sniffing for me.
your pal,

Wiry Axel said...

I am really upset Mackie. Your parents came to Philly and didn't pop in and say hi to me! Grrr

PS A train museum? My grandpop is a your Dad ?