Friday, August 21, 2009

Cecil's overnight update is not encouraging

Overnight update:

I called the hospital this morning at 6am to check on Cecil and it didn't sound like the news was very good.

Apparently the pressure in Cecil's eye spiked to 33 again last night and when the hospital called the eye specialist in the middle of the night she had them start him on a medication, Mannitol--(the same one from Wednesday night that brought the pressure down in his eye) but this time, it increased the pressure to 44. Another call into Dr. Hyman and she had the overnight Dr put drain fluid from his eye. This can't be good.

Dr. Hyman gets in at 9am and I will try to be patient at least until 10:30am if she hasn't called me, I'll call her.

Oh that poor baby boy. I really prayed this would work. Dear God, please.

On another note- I have a favor to ask of everyone. Can you please send a card to Cecil? I want to put them all together and give them to his new mommy next week when she comes to get him. Only thing is though that I have to have them by next Friday at the latest! I want to show her how many people have been praying and supporting him. Please send to:
Cecil Spielman
608 South Street
Easton MD 21601

Thanks all!


Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

OH NO!!!! We didn't know he was having all this trouble, poor Cecil!!! We will most certainly send a card for sweet Cecil...and continue to keep him in our thoughts and prayers...poor boy...this doesn't seem fair does it??? Oh my...

Hooge kisses to all of you who have been taking such good care of him and a huge hug to his new mom; she sounds like an amazing lady!!!!!

Love to all of ya Mackie and gentle kisses to Cecil!!!

Love, Laciegirlie and Stan and Stinky Scruffy!!!!!

Gus said...


and I am wearing my necklace..if muzzer can figure out the (new) flashie beast, I will post a picture

power to the paw!


Maggie and Mitch said...

We'll get our card out in the mail first thing tomorrow!
We're AireZenning like crazy for you here, Cecil!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Eric said...

Nooooo- poor Cecil this is so sad. Paws crossed that things get much much better andhuge love and kisses for him, his wonderful kind new Mam and Aunty and of course to you Mackie and your leggeds for all your caring. I'll send a card to but think it might take longer that that from over the big pee..will that matter if its a little later? It would so be wagging to send Cecil a card....

Wiry love and kisses and tons of zen for little Cecil.

Eric xxxx

Agatha and Archie said...

Oh dear....we are sooo sad.. it is in the mail..Love and gentle kisses to him A+A

Sally said...

Our hearts are breaking for poor Cecil - we hope the Vets can find the problem and make it right. After everything he has gone through - it isn't fair. We are sending all of our energies and love - we too will send a card but it might be a little late coming from over here

Biggest licks and Hugs

Sally and Paddy